Wonderful encounter with Charu

I am a senior manager with a firm in Dubai. I am 37, well built though slim. Wonderful encounter with Charu I work out regularly to keep in shape. I was traveling to India on business when at the Dubai airport I met Charu in the waiting lounge. She was traveling to India alone too. She was a class mate of my younger sister and during my younger days she used to be a frequent visitor at our place. She had a boyfriend then, who she eventually married and moved to Dubai with him. Although I was in Dubai for past 3 years, I had never met and over the years we were out of touch. I was happy to see her and we began chatting and catching up on our lives. She had two children aged 11 and 9 and both, she and her husband worked in Dubai. She was on her way to India to settle some property matters while her husband stayed back as the children’s school was still on.

Our flight was delayed by nearly an hour but somehow time passed fast with us chatting. While sitting beside her and talking, I couldn’t but help admire her. Over the years she had gained some weight and now was generously proportioned. She had large boobs, maybe 38 or so and when she rose to visit the restroom, I could not help gawking at her bottom. It was nice and round and looked simply sexy in her tight stretch @jeans. She wore a close fitting white t-shirt through which I could see the outline of her bra. The neck of the t-shirt was a little low sitting beside her I had a nice view of the top of her cleavage. She wore a short necklace whose pendant stopped just above her cleavage.

When we boarded the aircraft, I found that our seats were a few rows apart; she had a window seat while I had an aisle. I requested the person beside her to exchange seats and he readily agreed. When the beverage cart came around, I asked for a beer and Charu asked me what I would recommend for her. I suggested a gin and tonic. The stewardess asked us if we’d like a second drink while serving the first one itself (probably to avoid having to bother serving another round). We sipped our drinks and chatted, at one time I was looking down her cleavage when she had turned her face for something, and she turned around and caught me looking at her boobs. I was a bit flustered but she just smiled. I told her that she was looking really nice and that her husband was really lucky to have such a gorgeous wife. She replied “how I wish that were true”. I asked “why?” She explained that her husband always complained that she had gained too much weight, although he too had gained weight. He spent too much time with his friends after work and she was left to tend to the household chores and the children’s needs. I told her that he is a fool, if she was my wife, I would not be able to keep my hands off her! She blushed when I said that. She then asked me how my married life was. Our drinks had loosened us up quite a bit by now. I confessed that I had a great marriage and that we simply could not get enough of each other. Without getting to details I told her that we devised various ways to keep our sex life interesting and full of fun. She told me that she envies my wife.

As we approached Bombay, I asked her about her connecting flight to Ahmedabad. It was in the morning and she would have nearly seven hours between flights. I asked her if she would be spending the night with any relatives in Bombay. She replied that she did not want to hassle any of her relatives so would be transferring directly to the domestic terminal as in any case she would lose an hour with customs and immigration formalities and would need to be at the airport for the next flight at least an hour earlier. I would be staying in Bombay at a hotel near the airport two days and I suggested that she spends the night there instead. She was hesitant and said “It would not look good if anyone knew that I spent the night at a hotel with someone other than my husband”. I replied “why does anyone need to know if you don’t want them to know?” I further told her that she could use the bed while I slept on the sofa. She agreed and we were out of the airport and on the way to the hotel in a short while. Since both were in India on a short visit, we had no checked in baggage and managed to get through the customs and immigration in a very short while. We checked into the hotel which was a short distance from the airport. In the room I asked her if she would like to have a shower first. She told me to go ahead and that she would have one after me. I had a shower and changed into my shorts and t-shirt. I asked her if she would like me to fill the bath tub for her but she said that she would prefer a hot shower.

Charu spent around 10 minutes in the shower while I waited for her. She came out of the shower dressed in a long white and pink sleepwear t-shirt which went down to her mid-thighs. She had her hair tied in her towel. She neatly placed her @jeans and white t-shirt on the back of a chair and sat down on the sofa and crossed her legs. I could see one of her bra straps from the neck of her t-shirt but I was not sure if she was wearing any panties. I had set the air-conditioning quite low and the room was cool. This had made her nipples erect and I could clearly see them jutting through the fabric of the bra and t-shirt. I fixed us two drinks from the mini bar and settled down on the same sofa a little away from her. We began talking and soon out talk got a little intimate. I told her how nice she looked dressed in this night wear and that she looked good enough to eat. She smiled back. I then lightly rubbed the back of my hand on her cheeks and then touched her ears and ran my fingers through her wet hair. When my hand returned to her face, she gasped and pressed it against her face with her hand. I then lightly ran my fingers over her lips. Charu shut her eyes and leaned back against the sofa. I feasted my eyes on her magnificent boobs that were straining against the t-shirt. When she opened her eyes, I asked her for a sip of her drink. She said “sure” and offered me her glass. I replied “not like that” Her eyes questioned me. I said “take a sip but don’t swallow”. When she did that I placed my lips on hers and I took a sip of her drink from her mouth.

She looked quite startled but quickly regained her composure and told me that it was nice and that she had never experienced something like that before. I asked her if she’d like to try it again. She said “sure, but we can skip the drink, I’m sure”. With that we began kissing passionately. She shut her eyes as I kissed her on her lips our tongues darted onto each others mouths. I had one hand on the back of her head while the other rubbed her back as we got into a passionate embrace. She grabbed the back of my head and occasionally felt my face. I then moved from her lips to her ears I nibbled on her earlobes while whispering in her ears about how nice this felt. My tongue darted into her ears and I then licked the back of her ears, just behind her earlobes. From there I moved my face to the side of her neck and hungrily kissed her neck and nibbled it, careful not to leave any bite marks. I returned to her lips and while kissing her I gently touched one of her erect nipples through her t-shirt. She did not stop me and I began rubbing it harder and rolling it between my thumb and finger.

Our kisses got more urgent and aggressive and I boldly took her whole boob in my hand and gently squeezed it. I asked Charu if we should move to the bed. Without answering, she rose and I held her and we walked to the bed kissing all the while. I took off my t-shirt and both of us lay down on our sides and continued smooching. I took her leg and pulled it over mine while I ran my hand on her bare thigh. Her fleshy thigh felt simply superb. It was smooth and firm and hairless, probably waxed very recently. I moved my hand higher and found that she had tight panties on. As I went higher, I could feel the cleavage of her butt just above her panties. I now turned her on her back and continued kissing her while I began feeling the front of her thighs. She had her thighs held together while I ran my hand on them, her panty clad pussy and on her stomach. As I went higher, her kisses got wilder. I touched her boobs through her bra and in a short while I turned her to her side and undid the bra hook. Her boobs sprang free and I had a great time playing with them. I then sat up and helped her discard her t-shirt and bra. She smiled coyly as I stopped to admire those magnificent tits. I then attacked them with my mouth, I sucked her nipples, bit them lightly an aroused her with my oral ministrations. I raised her arms and kissed her armpits.

I love this area in a woman. Her pits were smooth and hairless. I asked her if she waxed or shaved and she replied that she waxed them. I then moved my mouth down her stomach and ran small circles with my tongue on and around her navel. Charu wriggled with pleasure as it tickled her a little. She had a slightly plump belly, not absolutely flat but not flabby either. She had a streak of very light growth of hair from her belly button to the top of her panties. I suppose Charu never wore clothes that exposed her midriff, so she had not bothered to wax herself here. I found the sight of slight hair on her belly very sexy and exciting, it was kind of a preview to what was contained in her panties. I kissed her from her belly button to her panties. She wore skimpy white cotton panties which struggled to contain her lovely hips, pussy and butt. I kissed her pussy through her panties and moved her legs apart. She had a wet spot forming between her legs.

I could see strands of pubic hair sticking out from the sides of her panties. I kept kissing Charu’s cunt through her panties and kneaded her boobs at the same time. Her thighs were firm and fleshy and just the way I love them. I turned her on her side as I wanted to see what her butt looked like with her panties still on. Her hipster panties barely went to the top of her butt and I could see her sexy cleavage between her butt cheeks. I stuck my tongue into her butt cleavage just above her panty waistband. I removed her panties and feasted my eyes on her beautiful pussy. Has had a hairy cunt but had trimmed the hair near the entrance to her pussy lips while there was a dense bush at the top. I put my mouth on her pussy and gently parted her thighs. She had small pussy lips protruding below her pussy. I took them in my mouth and began sucking them.

With my lips I slowly probed her pussy lips apart and my tongue probed her inner folds till I found her clit. I felt Charu stiffen as my tongue probed her clit. I kept tonguing her clit while I inserted a finger into her and searched for her G-spot. I felt her tense as I touched her G-spot. I now pushed my lips against her cunt and kept moving them as my tongue licked her clit and my finger rubbed her G-spot. I then moved my other hand under her bum and pulled her cheek aside till I got to her asshole. Charu began grinding her pelvis against my face as I licked her clit, rubbed her g-spot and asshole. She had a massive orgasm. Now I was lying between her legs on my stomach for quite a while and needed to reposition myself.

I stood up and took off my shorts. My cock sprang out into the open. I was hard and really excited with the orgasm that Charu just had. Let me tell you that nothing excites me more than giving my woman a great orgasm. I now moved on top of her into a more comfortable 69 position. I like being on top in a 69 while eating a woman because it gives me the best access to her pussy and butt. I began eating her cunt again. I felt her hands touch my balls and cock. While I licked her pussy, I felt her tongue lick my balls and she then took my cock with her hands to her mouth and began licking the tip of my cock which was wet with pre-come. I have an uncircumcised cock which is around 6 ½ inches long and around 2 ½ thick. Charu retracted my foreskin and began sucking my cock. She seemed an expert in this department and what she was doing to my cock felt really nice. I began thrusting my hips in and out on her face while she expertly sucked me while I ate her cunt at the same time. I licked her between her cunt and her asshole and she began responding with the thrusts of her hips. I then moved onto my side, still in a 69, and put my face between her thighs and ate her while she sucked me. I turned Charu around on her belly as I wanted to explore her bottoms. I told her that I will do something that she will really enjoy and with that, I parted her buttocks and began tracing my tongue on the crack of her butt from just below her back. Charu stiffened and tightened her ass muscles as my tongue reached her asshole.

I kept kissing her butt cheeks and she relaxed, I moved her cheeks apart again and hungrily probed her asshole with my tongue. This really drove her wild and she slipped a hand under her crotch and began finger-fucking her pussy as I licked her bum-hole. She suddenly turned around and said “I need you inside me, please enter me fast”. I asked her if she wants me to wear a condom. She said “No, I want to feel your bare cock inside me”. She also told me that she was on the pill and can’t get pregnant. I positioned myself above her and gently entered her warm and waiting cunt. She thrust her hips towards me to welcome me in. I could feel my foreskin peel as I slid inside her. I began fucking her slowly while I wrapped my arms around her upper body and held her in a tight embrace. Soon our rhythm increased and we began fucking hard and wild. I moved my hands down to her butt and squeezed her butt cheeks hard as I pumped her.

Charu moaned with delight and had one strong orgasm; I continued pumping her hard and had another. While pumping her, my fingers probed her clit and I rubbed it to get her climax yet again, her pussy was wet with her love juices flowing freely. My fingers traced the area between her pussy and her anus. I rubbed that spot while I continued pumping her. Her juices had flowed all the way to her asshole, I rubbed her asshole and tentatively inserted a little bit off my fore finger into it. It was tight at first and as she got used to it, she relaxed and I shoved it deeper. Soon I was fucking Charu’s cunt and finger fucking her asshole at the same time. This drove her wild and she had another orgasm.

As the muscles of her anus relaxed, I inserted a second finger and pressed the walls of her anus against my cock in her cunt. Charu then did something that surprised me: she wetted her finger with her pussy juices and inserted it in my ass. It felt strange having a finger inside my ass but I soon got used to it and began enjoying it. I felt the pressure rising in my cock and told Charu that I’m going to come. I asked her if I should withdraw and she replied “no, I want you to come inside me, lets’ come together”. I began pumping her hard and as she had her next orgasm, I shot my load inside her. I lay spent over her as my cock deflated. I eventually slid off her and held her in a tight embrace. I asked her if it was good for her and she replied that it was the best sex she had in years.

While I lay on my back, Charu’s hand went down to my cock which had shrunk to really little. She then sat up and took me in her mouth and began sucking me. I began getting hard again and asked her to come on top of me; I wanted to feel her pussy with my mouth. She got astride me and began sucking my cock while I had her cunt near my face. It was wet and her hair was matted with a mixture of her juice and my cum. I parted her lips and licked her clit again. Her large ass in front of my face looked superb. Charu licked my balls and then began licking the area between my balls and anus. She then said “it is now my turn” and bent my legs with her arms and reached for my asshole with her tongue. The feel of her warm tongue on my asshole was mind blowing. I was rock-hard again.

We turned around and I fucked her doggy style. While thrusting in and out, I inserted my thumb into her asshole and moved it in a circular motion as we fucked. The sight of her large ass drove me wild and we soon came together. We washed up returned to the bed. There was not much time left as she had her onwards flight to catch. I set the alarm clock and we hugged each and slept together in the nude. We were woken up by the alarm clock a couple of hours later and made love again. This was a hurried session. We then got into the shower together and had a quick shower. While we dressed up, I told Charu that I am keeping her sexy panties as a souvenir of our lovely night together. She smiled and took another from her bag and dressed up. I called for a car and went to the airport to see her off. While leaving, she told me that this was the best sex she had ever had and that she would always remember this night.

I still have her white panties in an envelope in my office drawer and once in a while when I am by myself, I look at it and memories of that wild night rush back to my mind.

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