With My Sister – Desi Sex Stories

This incident happened 4 years ago. That time I was 17 year old, in Bombay we are staying, as every one knows, it’s very difficult for accommodation and it’s very expensive, ours is very small two bed room flat, me and my sister use to sleep in one bed. The story started like this…

That night around 12:30 I suddenly get up from my sleep, as I was feeling heavy on my legs and with the sounds Ahhhhhhhh, Huuuuuun like. I opened my eyes and saw that my sister spread her legs widely folding the knee joints, as there is no place her thigh is resting on my legs. Her thighs were totally naked and they are very beautiful, she moving her hands between the inner thighs, she closed her eyes and moaning. My dick erected with the erotic seen, I feel my body temperature raising and my breath become heavy. I slowly moved close towards her now my face is near her big boobs and I can feel her aroma of her sweat from her opened arm, which is hardly one inch near to my nose, really that was the great smell I’ve ever smelled. I was really exited, I took a daring step by putting my hand in her thigh like accidentally, and it’s really very smooth like silk. My sister shocked and checked my eyes whether I’m sleeping are not, she couldn’t able to confirm as I was acting sleep. She moved uncomfortably but she failed to take my hand as her thigh is in between my leg and hand. Few minutes passed, I dare farther and moved my hands close to her pussy. I didn’t got any response from her and I confirmed my self that at this movement she is helpless, only thing she can do is she can take off my hand that’s all. And I got lot of strength with this thought and I slowly started moving my hand further and I can feel her bush now, I stop my fingers to wait the response as I was scared to do this, but she simply closed her eyes. Now I started moving my fingers on her pussy really her pubic hair so silky and outer lips are smooth and I feel the wetness of the pussy. I pinched on pussy with out second thought. She screamed with low pitch Aaaaah, and I started fingering her count. My two fingers are moving in her juicy pussy and she opened her legs more widely and started moaning. I started biting her boobs, which is near to my head, she started pressing my head hardly towards her breast. Hear the drama stoped, we got up and I take off her top really she is having very big breast with good shape and it’s really firm. I kissed on her pussy and started tasting her sour juice, really her pussy is very sweet. I licked her pussy for ten minutes still she cum, I sucked the erected black nipples, she gone mad and pushed me back and kissed too hardly that few drops of blood came out from lips. Our tongues fight for some time and she pulled out my hot muscular rod out and shacked with her hand, and then started blowjob, sucked my dick with a tight strokes. Before I about to cum I told her to stop so that I can fuck that bitch, but she didn’t accepted, as she is my sister. She told that we could play like this not any thing more, but she promised me that she would arrange her friend, who needs a dick desperately. I played with her beautiful boobs, pussy and with her ass for 3 years. And she kept her promise that’s the different story.

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