With my best friend’s Mom

This is an amazing incident which happened 2 years back. With my best friend’s Mom I was studying in a arts college where we were forced to select a foreign language. With no options every student selects one language out of few which was offered. As for me i opted for german, and knowing this my best friend Alex also selected german. Since we had never been exposed to any foreign language like this almost every one of us struggled to clear our semester exams on this subject. Fortunately for me i cleared in that subject and infcat found it easy and interesting.

During our next round of exams, i studied the subject well and went to Alex’s house to check how is he making !!!! then i came to know that he found it difficult to understand and because of that his mom (i call aunty) insisted me to teach him/clear his doubts. It was on thursday i started teaching him and our exam was scheduled for monday. my friend’s mom, i should not say is a gorgeous female, she has amazing features and supposed to be a smart female. On friday around 2.00pm i sat with Alex and went through some chapters and suddenly heard some one buzzing the bell, since he was busy studying i went all the way to check and when i opened, it was his mom who came back from work. She is a doctor and works between 7 – 1.30pm. Since we were sitting inside the bedroom, she could not find a place to change her clothes. Assuming that i will never mind, she started removing her saree, blouse, bra and immediately put her nighty on her. With all difficulties i made time to see her amazing boobs/ass in a flash and assuming that one day she will fullfill me. Alex cleared that semester exam and his mom was happy. She thanked me for my help and said that i am a true friend of her son and praised me like anything.

After a week, once i was alone in the afternoon thinking what to do !!! i rememberd the time Alex’s mom’come back from work, i rushed to his house and found that his grand mom ( she is blind) was alone. I said hi to his grand mom and went in and sat in his bedroom and started doing some internet surfing. It was when Alex’s mom entered the house. At that moment, i was excited and immeditely saw her nighty near me and threw it behind me and continued spending my time on internet. Seeing me in the bedroom she said hi to me and as usual started removing his saree. This time since Alex was not at home i dont wanna miss this chance, so i stopped my work and started staring at her….. !!!! she noticed me staring her and asked me what am i seeing ?? I just kept quiet and she started unhooking her blouse button and suddenly turned towards me and asked me to close the door and come. Initially i thought she sent me out to change her clother at that time frame.

But when i returned to the bed room she was still in the same state waiting for me to come back. The moment i entered she continued unhooking her blouse and removed that. Oh boy !!! she was in her bra and petticoat….. she was looking great and i could not control but at the same time cant do much. She then looked at me and said that she knew i like to see her nude and checked with me. I said yes and she made me sit on the bed and removed her bra and gave it to me, she then removed her petticoat and gave that to me as well. She was just wearing pantie and i was amazed and felt myself blessed. She then asked me if i want to touch her, since i had always been frank with her…. i never wasted time and directly touched her boobs…. she enjoyed me touching her and hugged me.

Slowly i removed her pantie and touched her ass !!!! Oh man !!! she was as soft as a cotton !!!! then i lifted her and placed her on the bed…. I then undressed myself, in the mean time she switched on the AC in the room and switched off the light. We then started and it went for 1 full hour…. i fucked her thrice in that 1 hour and she was looking tired and satisfied. She then said that this is the bext fuck she had in her life…. she then sucked my dick for the 4th time and i was screaming out of pain, then finally she drank my cum and she slept. I left that place then and went home , took a bath and slept as well. After that incident we have had sex sooo many times. She is around 48 now, but still she has that amazing figure and her boobs are tight and her ass is well shaped. If any old women like to have a similar experience pls mail me at mail2rahuln@yahoo.com.

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