With Friend on Bed

Hi friends, this is Ajay Singh. I m 6’1″ in height, 24/m/chandigarh in India. It had just been a day since I permanently moved to the city beautiful Chandigarh. Earlier I used to come to Chandigarh quite often for one work or the other from my native place Amritsar. I had made few friends out here through my profession as well as through internet and phone. once during these earlier visits to Chandigarh I was invited for a dance party by one of my known ones. At that party about a year ago, I met this girl Riah Sharma for the first time. I used to be a shy guy and it was very usual for me to get nervous while talking to a girl. I was nervous when this girl approached me at the party to ask for a dance. Though showing some reluctance, I agreed. So, rest of the party I kept along with her and got to know her more. She was a student of BCom first year, was not so good looking though but was certainly an impressive personality as appealed to me from her attractive and cuddly body. I told her a little about myself too. While parting I got her phone number as we were formal friends now. I never cared to call her up on that number afterwards.

It was about six months from this incident that I had to visit Chandigarh again for few days. It was in my mind that I should meet Riah again. I called her up on phone and was a bit nervous in the beginning. After some talking I caught my nerves and told her that I m visiting Chandigarh and would like to see her again if she does not mind. She told me that she is having her exams and wont be able to make it up, but then she said that she can meet me for sometime atleast. After my stay in Chandigarh for 2 days I went to the cafe where we both decided to meet at. It was pleasant to catch her already waiting there for me. Starting with a formal “hi”, “hello”, we went on talking about unnecessary things. While talking to her, I felt that I was getting hard on cause of this female. we both were blushing while talking to each other. I felt a bit embarrassing by myself cause of the hard on I had at that time. finally we ended our meeting after wasting time on unnecessary talks for about two hours. This time I parted with her with a promise to call her usually and be in contact.

For the next around six months, I used to call her up occasionally and we overcame the level of formality between us and were treating each other as casual friends now.

Then came the time when I had to permanently move to Chandigarh for my work. I did not let Riah know a bit about my plans as I wanted to surprise her. I rented a home at Panchkula and moved here. My first day over here in Chandigarh passed in arranging my stuff and making the house ready to live.

That day, I got up early morning and called up Riah to give her the surprise that I have moved over here. She was shocked to know about this and was rather happy. As it was already in my mind, I asked her to meet me. I invited her to my house with an excuse that I would like to show her my place. She showed reluctance at first but after my stressing that I am all alone over here and no one else to bother around, she agreed to visit.

I took no time to arrange for some good lunch in order to treat my first guest at my new home. I was again nervous while waiting for her. The minutes passed by like hours and then finally she arrived. I rushed to the gate to welcome her in. I escorted her inside my house and into the living room. Just after few minutes while sitting in the living room, I offered her to move to my bedroom where we could sit more comfortably and listen to the music on my system and moreover to let her see my bedroom too. I made her sit on the bed and myself sat on the chair and played some music on my system. We kept on discussing things for sometime, and then my few glances towards her face and body got me a hard on, which was not visible to her though but was making me feel uncomfortable. This was the first time in my life when I was alone with such an attractive gal in my

house. Cause of my hard on tool I was feeling quite uncomfortable on the chair and it was getting difficult to conceal my excitement. I moved over to the bed and sat there comfortably and kept a pillow on my legs. She was praising the music that was being played. I was going speechless with every moment. She looked at me and asked “is everything ok? tum bol kyo nahi rahe(why are you not talking)”, I was going pale and nervous and could just say “I m fine”. She suggested, “lets pillow fight” and pounded a pillow on my head, it was enuff to get me back to my senses and then I replied her with a pillow blow. Again she pounded pillow on my head 2-3 times and it got me aroused in a pulse that I caught her wrist in my hand and tried to pull her towards me with a jerk but she pulled back. I took it as an indication that she wont like this at all. Then after onetime we started talking lesser and staring at each other more. Taking the initiative I moved my hand on her’s and pulled her hand to myself slowly, she did not try to resist. she felt a bit shy at this and bent down and hid her face in her lap. To me, this was a green signal which pulsed me to move further and I caught hold of her shoulders and pulled her head up and landed my lips on her’s. This was the first time I kissed a girl. I felt her hands on my back and her kissing back on my lips. I hugged her tight and we started licking and sucking each other’s lips wildly. I never had this experience before and I felt really amazing. We fell down on the bed with our lips intact. I was totally in the other world. I sneaked my hands under her top and felt her boobs with my hands. She tried to hold my hands from over her top and resisted my move which she let me do afterwards. it was the first time that I grasped a female’s boobs, and the feeling was amazing.

I kept on fondling and pressing her boobs from over her bra, which could not satisfy me and then I attempted to pull over her top off her body which was quite a tough job as she resisted strongly but then maybe she liked the idea and let me take it off. She was looking so hot and sexy with just a bra on top. I kissed her bust line and licked her on her belly, I believe this was ecstasy. she held my head and hair in her hands while I was suckling and playing over her belly button. But there were no bounds to my hunger so I attempted to unhook her bra which she readily let me do. The full view of her naked boobs got me crazy and I sucked her nipples like a baby. It was awesome to feel her nipples growing bigger in my lips. I licked her body all over with short breaks that we sucked lips to lips. I turned her around on the bed and made her lay on her belly. I got over her back and pressed my fingers on her waist and massaged her back with my hands stroking from her shoulders to her waist, with each stroke of my hands I tried to move them more from her waist to her butts. I licked her on her sides and on her back and could feel her heart pounding on every beat. she was breathing heavily and moaning lightly which made me go more crazy. Now I wanted to take off her jeans, which was certainly a big deal. I turned her around and tried to unbutton her jeans which she did not let me, rather she got up on bed and pulled off my shirt and vest and gave me a naked top hug. She was hot. while hugging her I tried to sneak my hands in her jeans and pressed her butts and smooched her, she tightened her arms around my waist that made me feel that she was appreciating my moves. She started licking on my ears which made me feel real good and which aroused me a lot as it was a totally out of the world feeling, I did the same to her and felt her hands move wildly on my bare back. we were going more passionate with every move. I could not resist and attempted to unbutton her jeans again which she tried to stop me, but I overpowered her and pulled off her jeans. She was left in just panties which was not a big deal now. I massaged her legs and on her inner thighs, I moved my hand from her inner thighs towards her love gate which she pushed off, I forced my hands further and finally felt her hot and wet cunt from over her panties. She was trying to reach for her jeans but after my assurance that I wont do anything beyond limits and was just trying to explore, she surrendered to me. I pulled off her panties and saw a glimpse of her hot cunt with very little hair around. She covered her golden gate with both her hands, and folded her legs. I pulled of her hands and widened her legs with mine and saw the love gate of a female for the first time in real life, though it was usual to see such things in porno movies or pics. I could smell her heat. Now was the time to make some fantasies of mine true. I moved down her legs and started kissing and licking on her beautiful legs. I rolled my tongue up on her legs and started licking on her thighs. Then on inner thighs and finally I kissed on her wet pussy. She shivered and tried to pull back, on which I caught hold of her legs and widened them a bit and kissed more on her pussy. She held my hair in her hands and tried to push me away as she was feeling too shy at this, but then again I forced and overpowered her and sucked her hot cunt like a dog. She did not resist anymore and was shivering in pleasure. I could hear her low moans and could feel her hands on my hair holding me tight which made me know that she is really enjoying. I was also enjoying suckling her hot cunt.

Then after letting me do it for sometime she got up and said “enough”. I pulled back. She came over and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off. She was surprised to see the tent that my dick was forming of my underwear. She asked “can I?” I said, “all yours”. She pulled off my undiez too and was bedazzled to see my hard on dick. she touched my dick with care as if it was too fragile and then held her in her both the hands. The warmth of her hands on my tool made me feel really good. She stroked my dick a little and then asked me “kya mai mooh mai daloon?(should I put it in my mouth?)”. I said “go ahead”, at this she licked over my dick as to taste it and then slipped it inside her mouth. I don’t have words to explain how good it felt. I closed my eyes and felt in heaven. She stroked my dick in her mouth and rolled her tongue on the top of my dick. I was laying back on the bed with my eyes closed. she did it for few minutes which built up the pressure inside my hard on. I knew she would not like the idea of me cumming into her mouth so I warned her “I am going to cum”, she took my dick off her mouth and pulled back. It was certainly a new thing for her as she said to me “I want to see”, I started stroking my dick and asked her to grasp my balls in her hands lightly and play with them, which made me feel real good, just in a few seconds I shot up the load of cum, which spurted out in its full glory. It was a shock for riah as she asked innocently “it happens like this?”. I had to go to the washroom and clean up the mess. When I got back she was back into her clothes. I did not want it this way, but then I thought, it would be wise to take a break. We had our lunch together and then I offered her to stay for some more time and we could watch a movie on my system. She agreed and we both got over the bed and I started playing the movie. Just after few seconds, that the movie started, we both lost interest in the movie as I moved closer to her on the bed and put my arms around her. We again started with a passionate smooch and this time it was not a big deal to get off all the clothes very soon. We were again fully naked playing over one another. This time foreplay was not much on my mind, but I really took more time to keep suckling her cunt which she said that she really like. She stroked my dick with her hands and sucked for a while, at which I thought of going a step ahead to eternity. I widened her legs and got over bended knees. I rubbed the tip of my dick over her hot cunt which alarmed her and she suddenly pulled back.

She strongly resisted this move of mine and said that she cant go for it. I tried to heat her up more and more by sucking her and licking her all over which made her go more hott even but then again she did not allow me to slip my dick into her pussy, which I had no other way than to agree to as I did not want to overpower her on this issue that could hurt her self respect. She rather held my dick in her hands and stroked it. Then she stroked my dick in her mouth while playing my balls with her hands and gave me a good blowjob which I laid back and enjoyed. After sometime she got up back into her clothes and so did I as she had to go back to her home in time. I saw her off with a lots of kisses and hugs with a promise for the next day. And she came next day and kept visiting me at times. We had been really good friends and enjoy with each other without any commitments to each other. It was just after going around for a month or two that she let me fuck her, but by this time we had a very good understanding between us. Our relation has been limited to friendship all the time with all the fun that we have. She is going to get married in the next few months now, but still we will always be good friends and wont spare any chances to enjoy on the bed even after she gets married. I hope you guys and gals found this experience of my life interesting as it was a great adventure to me. If you want to comment upon my story or any lady wants such a friendship with me, she is most welcome to contact me at ajaysingh99in@yahoo.com but remember, no commitments and secret is the secret of fun. With luv, Ajay.



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