Wife And Daughter Of My Boss

I am an engineer working in a public sector undertaking in bangalore. Wife And Daughter Of My Boss my name is HEMANT SAINI, 20 years of age, 6’’ in height and well built. in my office I have my boss Mr.. sujeet singh (basically from Punjab) who is 48 years now. he married in his early thirties to a girl 12 years to him. (when they married, he was 32 and his wife was 20 yrs). his wife sapna is now 36 years old. they have to children, one girl of 15 years and a boy of 11 years. I have not seen his family but I came to know all these details during our conversation in the office.

one day he told me to go to his house and give the train reservation guide to his wife as they were planning to book the train tickets to go to their native place. as I was in office, he gave me his car and ask the driver to take me to his house. after reaching, I rang the bell and his wife opened the door. and I was stunned to see her. she looks to be about 27-28 years old even though she was 36 years. she was wearing royal blue colour saree and matching blouse and she long hair.

I told about me and gave her the book. she told me to come in and asked for tea or cold drinks. I told tea and she went in the kitchen. I saw her from the back when she was walking and the movement of her ass was tempting. her figure may be 35 30 36, she wore low cut blouse exposing her teasing boobs. we took tea and I was about to leave, she told me “deepak there is some problem with our bathroom tap, water is continuously flowing, it is not stopping. can u kindly set it right. I went to bathroom; she came to show me the tap. I asked her to give some tool (spanner or key etc) for shutting the tap.

she gave me a small key which did not fit the tap. I asked her for other tool. she said no other tools is available in the house. I told her, “without tool, the problem can not be set right.”

she told, “use your own tool deepak.” I asked which tool mam, I did not have any tool.

she told me, fool you have a tool and I think it is quite big to set the problem.” there was a temptation in her eyes while saying so.

I understood and told her, “mam my tool can fix some other problem in your house but not the tap.”

she took my hand in her hand and asked me to come with her. she said, “come, I will show you the problem which can be fixed by your tool.”

she took me to bedroom and put my hand on her busty boobs over her blouse and said ,” see, this is the problem.”

I gently pressed hers boobs and she moaned and opened my shirt’s button and removed it. she told me, “basturd I ll tell to my husband that you have done this to me.” I was afraid and begged her not to tell. she smiled and told, ‘ ok, but you have to do what I say you.’ I said , ‘ok”.

she said, “free my lemons.” I opened her blouse and bra and freed her 2 really big lemons. they were pink, tight and pink colour nipples on it. she told, “rub these with soft hands.” I obeyed and got the erection. she saw it and said, “see its quite big to settle any problem.”

she removed my pant and I slowly removed her saree. she was with petticoat only and looking marvelous. I could not control and got mad. I hugged her and squeezed her boobs. she took my tool in her hand and started masturbating mine. I told, “mam take it in your mouth.” she obeyed and told, “deepak do not call me mam. call me dirty words.”

I said, “ bitch suck my dick and lick it.”

she smiled and started blowing my tool. I took her boobs in my mouth and sucked one and other one was being squeezed by my hands.

she said, ‘ u basturd, come over me and fuck me.”

I obeyed, ‘ come on bitch lay down.”

she spread her legs and told me “ come on my dear, give me my tool.”

in one stroke I want in and started pumping her. she said, “chodo mujhe, phaad do apne boss ki biwi ke choot.” she was really enjoying it.

suddenly the bell rang and I thought it will be driver. sapna asked (while being fucked), “who is there.” it was her daughter. we stood and adjusted ourselves and opened the door.

sapna opened the door and said, ‘ come in salini.”

her daughter was 18 years old but well developed and has figures 33 24 34 and wearing skirt and top. she was looking great and sexy. sapna tole her, “ salini he is your uncle from yours dad’s office.”

sapna further told her, “ salini your uncle is great and has tools for all the problems.”

I was surprised . salini asked her mom, “ what”

sapna said, “salini he is well built and has good physique,”

salini asked, “ can I see your body uncle.”

I said ok.

sapna told me to remove my shirt. I did the same.

then she told me to remove may pant and soon I was in underwear in front of these cute ladies.

salini said, “ really uncle, its great physique, you must be exercising daily.”

I said , “ yes salini.”

her mother sapna came near me and pressed my chest and told her see how hard is his chest.

then she touched my dick over my underwear and told , “ see salini, it is even mor harder.”

salini asked, “can I touch it and see.” sapna removed my underwear and out came was an 8’ huge dick.

I was nude standing in front of those 2 bitches.

I told, “salini yur mom also has grat body.”

salini replied, “ uncle my body is even better than my mom’s.”

I said, “ ok let me see whose body is great,”

I told both of them to expose their boobs. sapna removed her blouse and salini removed top, she was not wearing bra. I saw both of them. I told I will check whose boob is great and I stood up and took in my 2 hand their one boob each. wow, salini’s breast was more tender. I put my mouth over it and sucked it for some time. then I declared, “salini is winner here.”

then sapna told, “show your butts to your uncle.”

salini and sapna removed their skirt and petticoat respectively and exposed their buttocks.

I pressed both for some time. sapna was having bulky hips and so I told, “ sapna has better butts.”

then turn came for checking the love tunnel and I told them I ll check your choot now.

sapna said you have just now fucked me , so u know my choot. lets check salini’s tunnel. we 3 went to the bedroom. salini laid on the bed and sapna spreaded her legs wide. salini had little hair and the pussy was looking very tight. sapna told me that she will bring some oil as salini was virgin. she brought olive oil and put on salini’s cunt and some oil on my dick. and she massaged my dick and salini’s cunt for some time. then she said, “ come on deepak now chodo meri daughter ko. I put my dick over her cunt and pressed. it was very painful and she almost wept. sapna gave courage to her and slowly she started enjoying. now I was pumping salini and sapna gave her one boob in my mouth and asked to suck hard. I put my hand in sapna’s cunt and started finger fucking her and at the same time I was licking her boobs.

then sapna told to salini, “chall ab tu bitch bun ja. tere uncle tujhe dog banke chodenge.”

she came in doggy style and I came over her from the back. this time salini was sucking her moms boos and I was finger fucking sapna.

then sapna told come on deepak now its my turn.

I came over her and started fucking her. I fucked those two cute sexy choots for one hour.

after that I came out and driver was waiting for me. I came back to office.

after that I was daily missing from the office and was in the house of my boss.

after six month by my boss cam to know about all this and he wanted me to fuck his wife in front of him. I did that and the explanation of wife fucking in front of boss will be set my next story.

if any married lady/ unmarried girl want enjoy sex after their hubby is out can contact me at hemantsaini123@rediffmail.com

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