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The story is of the period when I used to stay in Delhi during my studies at Delhi University and in our neighborhood a Sindhi family used to stay. Virgin Hunter The family had two young daughters aged about 21 and 18 years respectively and the elder one was Radha and younger one was Reema. Radha had a great figure (34-23-35) and Reema had a great height and her statistics was 30-22-32 but she had great sexy eyes, which can kill anybody. I can’t believe that how I could manage affair with both the girls in a single time and both being the sisters. Radha used to go in the morning to take milk packets and most of the time she used to be without bra and her boobs used to jump in such a way that was enough to raise a dick. I noticed her for the first time on the DMS booth and those days she was doing graduation through correspondence. Being a student, I was also running short of finances and to meet out the deficiency, I used to take tuitions. Both the sisters started coming to me for tuition for English and other general subjects. Being their neighbour, I never told them about fee, etc. as I was using their telephone facility and some other things. Radha had the solo objective behind the tuition of having sex, and the younger one, Reema was really in great need of the help.

One day Radha asked me about fee through her letter” Fees mein kya loge, Fees loge ya Kiss Loge” Naturally I would have preferred Kiss but I didn’t do anything for 2-3 days (as I was a great Phattu and did not do this chudai business earlier). Since this was my first time away from my parents, I was a little scared too. Then being hopeless from my side, she again challenged my masculinity, I caught her and kissed her for about 5 minutes and by the time my cock was so furious, that it began to touch her and made my underwear so wet that I had to masturbate twice to cool it. Now onward, she used to reading for two hours and one hour, we used to spend in fondling, kissing, hugging and kissing each other and other one hour less teaching more about fucking talks. I used to fondle her breast, lick it and there was not a single day, when she didn’t have my teeth mark on her breast. But I never got the opportunity to see her full naked breast as we had fear of coming someone. She used to get maximum arousal in fucking her tits and fondling her breast as forcefully as possible. One day her parents were out and I was called to her home for the tuition to there home.

I still remember that we both were sitting on ground on the carpet and I started fondling her, kiss her, and press her boobs as hard as I could do. Then slowly I moved my hand to her kurta and bra and I removed it. Wow! What a great size of boobs, and nice navel, she had (Earlier I used to do it without removing her bra and kurta and I never see her upper in full nude). Then I removed her salwar and she was wearing an expensive panty (just to show me) and I had a view of her hairy pussy Due to prolonged blow-job, she was secreting juices from her pussy and her hair were shining due to her secretions. I never had sex with anyone and like novice, I inserted my index finger in her pussy and started moving it like cock. She started moving her ass and started jumping and finally she had the orgasms. MY God! I had my first view of juices flowing from a young and virgin cunt. Then out of ecstasy my cock was going harder and harder and it started paining and it wanted to reach the climax. So making her hot again, I kept my penis on the wet pussy hole to finish the final assignment, but I failed. I couldn’t understand, either I didn’t position her properly OR something else, I could not enter her that day and got discharged on the entrance of her pussy and soiled her entire thighs, and the bed-sheet . By this time she was dying to take it. But this made me nervous, and she was still hot due to excitement. Due to my nervousness, I couldn’t do anything further, and I literally ran away from her home.

Next day she teased me that I am impotent and I don’t know anything. I assured her not to disappoint her in future. Then I contacted one of my married friend and asked him about fucking techniques (Chudai ke Gur). He gave me some porn literature having beautiful pictures of fucking couples and some scientific books on sex. That night I masturbated 7 times and her red pussy was in my dream through out the night.. After meeting my friend and reading the literature, I analysed my mistakes (as we used to analyse in history what were reasons for the defeat of Mughals, etc. etc.), I got the point as I didn’t positioned her pussy properly and I was trying to fuck her without spreading her legs and lips of her pussy. Then I did a lot of home work before we got the next opportunity. However, other jobs were still continue. During the period, one strange incident also happened, that Reema her younger sister one day proposed me. I had turned to a man-eater beast, I didn’t miss the opportunity. I and Reena also started enjoying by touching each other’s private parts. Now I was sucking, fondling, fingering both the virgin sisters together in different timings.

The next opportunity to fuck Radha, I got very soon. Some of their relative expired, and they all had to be there, she was left alone at home to look after, as incidents of thefts were very common in our locality. She told me in advance and I missed my classes for whole day. I went to their home from the back door (which used to open in back street yah I turned the back street boy) like thieves and entered through their kitchen. She was wearing tight stalwart suit and her curvatures were exciting me. I was a little nervous also (due to my previous performance), but confidant too, due to my training, etc. I stripped her slowly and both of us came in our B’Day suit. I started licking her boobs and her cunt. The aroma of her cunt made me feel great and the day I came to know how the animals are turned on by the smell. I licked her ass hole and her cunt for about 15-20 minutes and she had her first orgasm. She was a little bit shy to take my cock in her mouth, but when I showed her the porn album (Which I specially brought for her) and she took in her mouth and did a great blow job and I came in her mouth, she spitted in the basin. Then we again came in 69 positions and my tongue was exploring her cunt as deep as it could. I became charged within 10 minutes, and she was too happy to see my cock in its full form. I spread her legs and put my cock on her pussy hole and inserted the entire glance penis in a single shot. She started crying and folded her knees throwing my cock out of her cunt, but became normal within 5 minutes. Then I applied cream on my cock and her pussy and inserted the whole cock in a single shot in her pussy and pressed both her lips by my lips. She cried, but sound could not come out of her lips. Then I started my thrusts slowly and then increased the pace, which she also did in the rhythm. We had a great orgasm and I saw my semen overflowing along with some blood from her cunt on the bed-sheet. I fucked a virgin cunt and it was a matter of pride for me to deflower a virgin cunt. Now the beast has got its prey and the day I fucked her 4 time in 2 hours and then it became our regular business till I left Delhi. I deflowered the Virgin Cunt of Reema also, and that is a separate long story and there was a time when I used to fuck both the sisters i different times. The younger one was a little shy and novice due to her age factor, but she had turned to an experienced lady by now.

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