Virgin Ecstasy

Hello everybody, I am a regular reader of zoneforsex stories and I love each and every story and that is what encouraged me to write an Virgin Ecstasy erotic story of my own. Well I am mark, I am 21 years old, good looking, a nice body and an ever-hard cock, which I might add, is capable of satisfying any female.

Well it is all about this girl named mallika. Let me describe her first, she is about 5’.3”, beautiful round face, cute lips, curly hair, very fair skin, and very nice shapely breasts. We knew each other from the first year in college and we have been good friends all along. Although I was attracted to her, I never had the guts to go up to her and tell how I really felt and had to be content with being good friends. Although sometimes I could get the feeling that she was interested in me but she never said a thing. We used to talk about all kinds of stuff, including sex, which she thought was disgusting. I used to always try my best to change her mindset, but she was adamant that she did not want to have sex before marriage.

Well here the story really begins, mallika used to regularly visit my house and as I stay alone she used to come over and we used to study together and chat too. One day when mallika came over she looked really sad and they were tears rolling down her face. I was surprised to see her like this, I asked her what was wrong. She sat down on the sofa and started explaining the whole thing. It seems that she had a terrible argument with boyfriend and both of them decided to break it off. I had never seen her in such an emotional state before and tried to calm her down. She laid her head on my shoulder and continued to sob. I had never seen her like this before. She puts her arm around my waist and holds on like she doesn’t want to let go of me. I stroke her beautiful hair. I wipe the tears from her face and try to console her. She then begins to relax. Her hand rubs my stomach very gently. After several

minutes I notice that her hand has slipped under my shirt and I feel her smooth palm rubbing my stomach. It feels so weird. Just a minute ago this girl was in a state of shock and now she is making moves on me. Well I just decided to just sit back and enjoy this.

My hand leaves her hair and begins to lightly stroke her smooth shoulder. She snuggles a little closer to me. Now I can feel her hand feeling around my chest, the feeling is just so wonderful, I have waited for this opportunity long enough and I am not going to miss it now. She now takes off my shirt and starts to lick my nipples, it fells strange but it feels good too. Now I am totally in the mood too, I take of her shirt and feel her wonderful breasts though the bra, I ask her to remove her pant for me and she takes them off in a flash. In the meanwhile I too take off my trousers. Now we both are in our undergarments, wow what a sight. I now remove her bra and feel her nipples. She has a large aerola and I now take my mouth close to them and start sucking them slowly and I keep doing them, she is now enjoying and I could make out through the noises she was making, pleasure had totally taken her over. I was sucking them like a baby, they had become hard like rocks and by now my cock was hard like a rock too, I just could not keep it in. I took off my underwear and the sight of my 6” cock was too much for her. She immediately started stroking my cock and what a feeling, soon she put her head near my cock and started giving the most wonderful blowjob I have ever experienced. I was about to cum, I told her to stop and take it in her mouth, she hesitated but she did take it all in.

Now I asked her to spread her legs wide apart. This was a truly amazing sight, a virgin pussy, what more can a man ask for. I begin to explore the region with my fingers. I begin to move my finger…. in and out… and out….in and out. Her hips begin to rotate in rhythm with my talented fingers. I kiss her passionately on her pussy lips. She reacts to my tongue with extreme pleasure. I could really feel the heat from her crotch on my face now. She raised her hips higher and her virgina is now right at my mouth. I slide my tongue as deep into her pussy as it will go. My tongue begins to explore the inner regions of her vergina. She jumps with pleasure and has her first orgasm.Her love juices flow into my mouth and I swallow it like a hungry dog. When her climax finally over, I slide up on the bed and we embrace and very intense kiss follows. She just had the most powerful climax in her life. In a few minutes we are heated up again and this time do the famous “69”.

Now, I told her that I want to fuck her in the pussy, she was very reluctant but I finally convinced her to do it. I slowly placed the head of my cock in the opening of her pussy. I slowly started moving in a rhythmic motion, she screamed on the top of her voice when the hymen broke, but later started to enjoy totally. Her hips were moving in circles at first but then began to move up and down. Slowly at first but then with more urgency. Rolling over, she is soon on top of me. She staeted to bounce up and down on my cock while I held her breasts with one hand. We are both on the verge of cumming and then it happens, we both are taken over by the most amazing feeling one can ever feel. We cum in unison. I can feel her love juices flow down her thighs. We both just collapse on the bed, with my limp cock still inside her. We just lay there for some time kissing and fondling each other passionately until we were turned on again. We then had sex a couple more times and later an amazing one in the bathroom, which I will tell u later.

This was just the beginning of our sexual encounters. We had many more whenever we could. Any girls or aunts interested ? contact me on sexy_guy0110

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