Virgin Anisha Ki Chudai

Hi 2 all zoneforsex fans I am zaki from bangalore ,I wanna share Virgin Anisha Ki Chudai one of the most memorable incident of my life the memories of which r still a fresh in my mind.. as my college was quite far from my place I I lost most of the time traveling 2 & from, so I rented a room near my college vicinity, my landlords were very friendly & nice people the had 3 kids ankit ,amit & Their daughter anisha. the boys were in 3 & 5 th std. Anisha was in 12th standard, she was very cute looking gal with a very nice physique with 34 c boobs fair in complexion & around 5?3 inches tall.

It so happened 1 day that I came back early from the college &found that my room door was open, usually the maid cleans the room after taking my rooms keys from my landlords 2 my surprise I say anisha lying on my bed with her feet pointed towards the roof she was in her school uniform with her green color skirt gone upto her thighs & I noticing the shape of her butt & her lovely thighs & calf area I went near & I saw her reading my porn book which was kept under my bed,she didn’t notice me coming in I went out of the room with my dick erect.

She must have cleaned the room in the process she founded the book I guesss..I never saw her with sexual intentions b 4 I thought that she was a kid but that was not the case. My dick wanted 2 get in2 her pussy that thoughts were going in my mindi came back 2 the room she was locking the door & leaving the room, on seeing me she told naughty boy & walked past me. I decided 2 fuck her at any cost I was not able 2 concentrate on my studies, I used 2 imagine her all the time. the next day when I came back from college I saw the landlord & his family excluding anisha were going out 2 mysore anisha wa preparing for preparotaro tess so she couldn’t go. I told myself boy this people will reach mysore by 8 pm & come back bangalore only my around 3 or 4 am ,I told myself this is ur best chance2 succeed.

I was sitting in my room anisha came in with her books & asked me 2 teach maths as I was teaching her my eyes went near her boobs she was wearing a transparent cream churidar ,she had rested her boobs on the table which my eyes could afford 2 stop seeing it I was getting hardi was holding my dick from other side of the table which she didn’t notice,after a few minutes we started having a casual chat in which she asked me weather I have a girlfriend & my college gals then went off leaving me high & dry. It was around 9 somebody knocked at the door I opened it ,it was anisha she told me that my dad has called up & is online the phone, I went & spoke 2 my dad from her phone,after finishing the conversation she asked me 2 sit with her for some time was sitting on the sofa she casually lying on the cot ,she was wearing a pink cotton cown through which u can c her panty & bra.

I asked her weather she has a bf she told no. than with courage I asked her did she like sex for my surprise she replied that she likes sex & but hasn’t experienced in real than I asked her why did u tell me naughty boy she gave a lecherous smile & walked in 2 bring the coffee from the kitchen I went from behind & holded her tightly fro the back ,my hand pressing her boobs, Zakkiiiiiii what r u doing she asked I replied I wanna feel u today & placed my lips on her lovely pink lips & starter kissing her which she responded after a few moments she pushed me away & said this is bad& went in the drawing room & was sitting on the cot with her eyes saying that she wanna get fucked but lips saying no..I went & sat beside her slowly moving my fingers around her heck in circles her lips started to open I gently kissed her neck & was licking it biting her ears now she was out of her controls we started smooching again this time more passionately I squeezing her fruits from top of her gown & she holding my dick from top of my pyjama.

I slowly started undressing her I took out her gown then her bra ,now I she was only on a panty she was looking like a fairy 2 me I started licking her boobs taking turns licking 1 & pressing the other biting her nipples gently hmmmmmmm she moaning she moving her sost hands in my hair, now I started rubbing her pusy form top of her panty & later made her totally nude this was the 1st time I was seeing a woman nude in front of me her pubic her were just growing I put my tongue on her pussy & started making circles with it, anis was moaning zakiiiiiiiiiiiiii don?t stoppppppp some juices were flowing out of her pussy which tasted great. she in the meantime undressed me I was also totally naked she was very exited on seeing my 7 inch dick ,I asked her 2 take in when she resisted but after convincing her my dick was in her mouth I was feeling out of the world , I filled her mouth with my cum which she was not expecting..

I carried her in my arms 2 her bed room & made her lie on the bed I started kissing her from her feet kissing & licking each part of her body sparing more time for her pussy & her boobs. than slowly I opened her legs & placed my dick on top her pussy & start pushing it gently she started screaming with pain & I was also feeling the pain ,but I didn’t mind dieing of this pain ,I closed her mouth with mine & gave a hard push which she screamed u killed me zakkkkiiiii I was soothing her & the scream had turned into moans now both were enjoying she saying zakiiiiiiii fuck me harder more harder zakiiiiii pls kill me like this ill b ur dasi for life than the pace of my strokes increased &her fluids were flowing out & I dropped my hot sperms inside her & orgasmed together.

We were lying on the bed smooching each other & after a few moments we both were ready for another innings I fucked her thrice that night & had bath with her cleaning her pussy & she my 7 inch dick we did fuck many times after that in many positions. any gals or young ladies wanna have relationship or chat sex with this 24 yr old can write 2 me, comments also invited.can contact me on

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