Us Raat Ki Baat

Hi zoneforsex fans. I am netdemon, I live in the Bank note press colony in Dewas (madhya pradesh). Us Raat Ki Baat I am a handsome lad, 20yrs, 5’10 in height. I am an exhibitionist (People can see me rubbing my dick in the most inviting manner, sometimes unintentionally too). I have a normal muscular body with a flat tummy. I seduce anyone with a ‘dhancha’ on the top & a ‘khancha’ at the bottom.
I have a large circle of girlfriends bcoz I believe variety adds spice to life. I am regularly engaged in enjoying innovative styles in my sex life with all my babes. I have gained a lot of experience of seducing gals & making them cum just by just caressing. “you are the best” all the gals say.

I am writing about the first time I had a chance of fucking a girl 2 years back. I have a friend ashwin. He is simple (has only one girlfriend). Her girlfriend Priya is a real bombshell. She introduced me to her friend sonu. I must tell you sonu is the sexiest girl on this planet. She has a sexiest pair of boobs (as if they want to tear off the bra). Infact when I first met her my eyes got stuck at her protruding nipples. Her ass too is very inviting.

I was so impressed by her sexy body that I would masturbate thinking only of her. All I could dream of was sonu. I felt her so close throughout the day I would cum just by thinking of her. My only aim then was to fuck her somehow. I started planning to fuck her as soon as possible. I planned to fuck her in the most erotic, exciting & sensuous way.

I got my chance the following week. It was exam time & I was studying late night at ashwin’s home. One of my friends KT was also with us. Around 1:00 AM the phone rang up, ashwin took the call. It was priya, she told him that she & sonu were studying at her place. She wanted important questions which I used to get just one day before the exams. I accompanied him to priya’s place. How could I loose this golden chance. KT too came with us. My heart was throbbing with excitement. I could not wait to hold her in my arms & place myself between her thighs. We quickly left for priya’s house.

When we reached there, it was 1:30 a:m. She lived on top floor. Standing at the door I found it very hard to stop myself from thrashing out the door and lift her in my arms,but I couldn’t. Ashwin knocked the door lightly. The time appeared to stop when Sonu opened the door. She was wearing a skimpy black nightsuit with the top button open & loose lower. I could get a nice view of her halfmoons. She asked us to come in quietly and she closed the door. Ashwin gave priya the papers and got busy talking to her , I started talking to sonu. To my surprise I found that she too was attracted towards me. I could see my dreams come true very soon. While talking we heard priya moaning with joy. Ashwin was kissing priya while pressing her boobs, as if they were all alone. I suggested Sonu that we should now leave Ashwin and priya alone & move to the terrace. I told KT to warn us if someone was coming.

At the terrace we stood close to each other. I found it the right time, and held her hands. I told her how deeply I was in love with her. She too confessed that she loved me right from the first day we met. Now i started with my plan I had made to get all of her’s. I asked her to turn around so that i could put the rose, which I had brought, in her long hair. She could have never guessed that this was just to grab her from behind. As she turned I wrapped her in my arms tightly. She tried to resist me but it was too late for her to get out of my trap as I had no intention of leaving her without sipping up all the juices of her virgin body. My hands were in the right position to cup up her boobs & my penis ,which was already thrusting in my pants, was right in the cleavage of her buns. I started breathing hot on her ear. Her resistance ceased & she started moaning sensuously.I kissed her passionately on neck. I slipped my hands in her top and in her bra. As I touched of her soft, smooth round boobs she held me more possesively. I nibbled her cute nipples. Her moans became frequent & louder. I slowly sled my hand down in her panty. She was already wet. I slid my fingure in her pussy. It was warm and wet, I was getting restless and wanted to get my penis pumping deep in that hot wet soft hole. As i rubbed her clit she gasped and said “pleeeeease ! pleeeeeeease!, doooooooooon’t stop now”. She started moving her body and rubbing her buns to my penis. I started rubbing her ‘kiky’ harder and faster.She was on the verge of an exploding orgasm.Just at that time I took my hand out and quickly turned her around so that I may take her clothes off and leave my super-exited cock to find its own way to her cunt.

When I turned sonu towards me, she had her eyes still closed. I held her soft pink lips between mine and our tongues embraced each other like two lovers. I took off her top in a flash and to my surprise (or so I thought) she had no bra!! I held one of her gorgeous booboos in my hand took the other in my hungry mouth. She pressed my head hard against her boob as if she wanted to give me a lavish treat of her milk-melons. It was time now to reach my ultimate destination. I moved downwards licking her belly. As I reached closer to her treasure hole, the scent of her juices became more and more strong. I placed a warm kiss on the cunt, from over her lower. She almost screamed & pushed me away. I said “kya hua??”. Now what i’m going to tell you people will crush all your hopes as were mine. She took her top & quickly tried to hide herself.

She was petrified looking at the water tank behind me. I turned around to see KT watching us. When I came to him he was holding his tool, I asked him “Gaandu yahan kya kar raha hai?”. He replied “Tum sab maje loge aur mein chowkidaari karoon ?” Suddenly we heard the bang of door and voice of priya’s mother downstairs. Sonu too came (all covered up), I & KT ran out of the place praying for ashwin while sonu stayed there.

We reached home. All my dreams,desires and plans were down the drain just because of KT. Couple of hours later Ashwin returned & said “Yaar poora kaam ban hi gaya tha ki priya ki maa ne gaand mara lee. Khade lund pe chot ho gayee gayee”

I did have my chance with sonu a week later(sans KT or other gandu’s). That’s another story I’ll tell you later. Till then you may contact me at for the ultimate in sex, especially from Dewas & Indore. Happy Fucking!

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