Unsatisfied Married Women Cheating On Husband

My name is Adnan. I am 30 years old and do business in Lahore. This is my real experience Unsatisfied Married Women It happened when I was coming back to my home in evening from office bit early.

When I was coming I saw a women standing on the road waiting for a route bus , she was so attractive, she was 5 5’ and bit bulky and heavy boobs and nice round ass that I stopped my car just away from her and look towards her from the back mirror of the car. There was so much rush over there so I didn’t come out of the car to invite her of the lift, I gave her a signal from the car, she waited for the bus for more some time then after some time she came to my car and I open the door and ask her if that she want lift then I can provide her , she agreed and sit in the car. After driving the car we chatted and then I came to know that she was married and having two kids and she was coming back from the market. She was so beautiful that I cant stay without praising her beauty, she got happy with my some dashing comments about her. Then I offer her for the friendship, she didn’t tell me at that time , I gave her my number and told her that if she want then she can call me and I drop her at Dubai chowk. After two days she call me on my mobile and she told me that she is interested in friendship with me. After that we chated about three days and we got very close with each other, she talked about her life and was very disappointed about her married life bcz her husband was not paying attention to her so that she need me, I got happy to her this and thinking about to have a sex with her.

One day she told me that she want to meet me so we decided to meet et her place after the departure of her husband to the office. I reached at her home and she welcomed me very happily, she was wearing a yellow suit and a black bra which was clearly visible from her shirt and suit was so tight that every part of his body look sexy and to my surprise she hugs me tightly, I got erection by her hugging to me, I also got her tightly and then planted a kiss on her bit bare shoulders she moaned “AAAAAAAAAH“, I got courage from her moaning and starting licking her neck and shoulders by tongue, she also responded me by moaning and also kissing me, after some kissing i had one of my hand squeezing her breasts and the other on her ass i was pressing her ass hard and squeezed her breasts, she took her shalwar off and i went kissing her thighs and had my hand in between of her legs as she was moaning, i got back up and slipped my hand in her bra and started pressing, pulling and twisting her nipple put my other hand behind her back and took her bra off, the most beautiful breasts were there for me to suck! i sucked her tits like a wild animal!

Then I laid her on the couch and started licking her feet’s she got excited and and said to me “Come on adii plz lick me..mmmmmmmm OOOAHAHHHh plz come and lick my pussy” I got forward and reached her pussy and planted a kiss in her cunt and then she got up and removed her black panty to allow me the full access to her cunt, I got very excited by seeing a nice pussy in front of mine eyes, as I got maid I started licking her cunt furiously she let out a scream and started moaning by now she was moaning and yelling & screaming my name loudly, didn’t care at all I kept sucking her wet cunt and took my tongue deep inside her hot cunt, she was shouting “oh Adiiii…oh…oh fuck me baby…deeper deeper”….she said things like these throughout the time she got sucked and suddenly she shouted, OH!! Adiiiii !!!!” her mouth was left wide open and her eyes shut slowly as her juices flew down I continued sucking her cunt for round about 20 minutes and she came twice, and the I got up and said her to suck my cock she hesitated but agreed when i told her that i am gonna leave.

She got herself on her knees and opened my zip,she kissed the head of my cock and I told her to take it all the way in…she took my cock in her mouth and rolled her tongue around it giving me one of the best times of my life, she kept sucking it when i totally inserted my dick in, it went to her throat she had difficulties breathing but got used to it I was moaning and shouting “oh jaaan suck itarder” she closed her eyes and sucked it, after a while of a good time for me told her to get ready for the best part, I opened her legs wide and saw a hole through which I am going to fuck her I got up and told her to take my dick her ur mouth to get it wet she quickly did it….Now my fat dick was ready to go in inside of her…I took a deep breath and opened her legs apart and told her to just relax and get ready for the best fuck of her life. She shake her head I got on top of her stomach and moved my dick a little bit, she was laying on the bed with her legs apart and I was in between her legs, I slid the top of my cock in side her wet pussy, which was quiet hot she moaned again as she got fat dick inside of her. I stopped for a moment and then suddenly with one big thrust stuck my dick in she shouted and moaned she told me , “stop…its hurting me…stop…unhhhh” but I didn’t care I started stroking my cock inside her cunt by now half was in she has her eyes closed, she tried to seal her lips but she couldn’t help shouting she was screaming and saying that tera lund tho bahut zabardast hai bahuth maza aa raha hai chalo ab aur zor se chodo mujhe bahuth maza aa raha hai meri choot phar do, hannn, zooooooor say, aurrrrr zoorrrrr say” . I fastened my speed . Now she started to have fun as well she started responding to my strokes, I picked her from the back and made her sit up facing me, her breasts were right on my face as she was bouncing up & down on my lap, by now my dick was fully inside of her she was breathing heavily i started sucking on her tits once again but didn’t stopped stroking, I stopped sucking her tits and went fucking her in the fastest speed i could, she was now totaled! she told me to “stop it…slow down…uhhhhhh…it hurts Adiiiii….” but she never stopped responding to my strokes. I pulled her a little more down and my dick she had her face wide open with her hands behind my back as i hugged her tightly to feel her breasts very close to my chest, her hair were tied behind her which got lose her smooth silky hair tied them back while fucking her……..it was a wonderful experience I was having allot of fun at that moment, finally after fucking her for 15 minutes let out the biggest cum of my life, wave after wave on her big boobs she was having fun. Cheating On Husband

Finally I laid down to couch and she got to bathroom to clean herself when she returned she also lay down with me on couch and thanked for the fucking after some she went to the kitchen and brought the jug of milk mixed with chocolate she gave me to drink with her hands and then she drop some milk on her body and inviting me to lick that milk from her sexy body I started licking the milk went down to her pussy and I started licking her cunt again that milk is now sounds great in taste I licked he again for a while now this time she got up herself and happily took my fat cock again in her mouth and started to give me the pleasure again as after some time my fat cock got full hard she said to me fuck her from behind so now she was on the doggie style and I was entering my penis from the back and she was now really enjoying the pleasure and moaning much louder than before. I entered my penis as it was enough lubricated with her mouth and she was also pushing it from back so that my penis will fully went inside her, Inserting my penis in her pussy I was pressing her boobs and nipples same time which she was enjoying very much. I kept on fucking her in this position for more than 10 minutes and she discharged again. But I need more but she refuse to give me her cunt infact now she was interested in ass fucking She said “ I’ve never ever been fucked in the ass, Please, put it inside my ass” She knelt down again in the doggy position with her ass towards me. I said to myself “ Wow, virgin ass” I open her buttocks and saw a very tiny hole. I asked her if she was sure about it and she said “ Shut up and fuck me” and I pulled my tongue out of her ass slit only long enough to smother her cheeks with some deep, dark hickeys. I was driving her wild with my tongue in her ass until finally she shouted “Fuck me please! Please fuck me now! “At first I just inserted the head and she cried out loud with pain. “Do you want me to stop” she replied “ No, not at all push it all inside’ With a bit if hesitation I forced my way into her tight rather very tight ass. I was fucking her wildly she was also enjoying and saying “ADIIIII meri bund ko pdhahr do AJJ TAK KABI KISI NAY IS BUND KO NAHI CHODA ..AAAAHHHH OOOOHHHHH HAI MERI BUND HAI HAI OHH MEINMAR GAYI…. PLZ AUR ZOOR SAY CHOODDDDOOOO”, I was enjoying this and also increase my speed on the demand of her. After 10 minutes wild ass fucking I was going to cum and I told her that I want to cum inside her ass she allowed me to cum inside her ass and I throw my whole cum in her ass. And lay down on top of her.

Now she got satisfied and thanked me while doing passionate kissing to me , she was so happy that I fulfill her desires. As she told me to go bcz someone can come at any time I ready to go but she hel me again and open my zip and took cock out from the pant and started sucking it she sucked like a real bitch and I enjoyed a lot and cum again on her face. Then I came out her home and she did the same encounters after for almost nine months as her husband got transfer to the MULTAN.now a days I am free and I am desperate again to have sexual engagement with someone here. I wish I could have one so we both satisfy our sexual thirst

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