Unsatisfied Divya

Hi friends…. I am Rahul from Bombay. I read the zoneforsex stories regularly. Today I am going to share my real life experience with you Unsatisfied Divya. I am 27 now and have a rough and tough body. My childhood girl friend’s name is Divya and she has a seductive figure of 36-24-38. The incident started when we were kids.

We were neighbors from childhood and I use to always play with her the full day. When my parents approached the convent school at our location, the sisters refused to take me in the school, as I was very naughty. Divya’s mother approached the principal and requested her to take me because if I was not going than Divya said that even she won’t to be going to the school. So I got the admission and we started going to school together. We were in the Kindergarten. After the school we use to play together for the full day. While playing we use to play sex also unknowingly. She used to hold my cock and I use to hold her pussy. I use to get an erection on my penis but never knew the reason for it. This was at the age of 5. We use to play this game many times in a day and we use to play this whenever we were alone or in some place where no one could see us. One day my mother caught us red handed and she scolded me and punished me for playing like that. After a day or two we continued playing in a similar manner. One day when we were playing at one of the hidden places I pinched very hard on her pussy. And she started crying loudly and went and complained it to her mother and than that story came back to my mother. This made an end to our childhood story. I repented a lot for that hard pinch which closed all the doors for me and costed me 22 years. They got transferred and we could not meet for years. She got married to a businessman and seems to have a happy family life. 2 months back when I was shopping at a showroom, I met her with her hubby. She introduced me to her hubby and told him that I was her childhood friend and neighbour. They invited me for tea, which I obliged and went to their house the next week.

When I was having tea there was a call for her husband and he went to attend the call. I got a chance and asked her about her married life for which she did not give me any reply. And she changed the topic. Than she gave me her telephone number and asked me to contact her latter.

I called up her after 2 days and was shocked to hear that she was not satisfied in her married life. When I asked her the reason she told that her hubby only satisfied his urge and did not wait for her orgasm. I told asked her if she needs any help from me she said very badly. Than I asked when could I come she said call on Tuesday. I waited for that day and called her accordingly. She told me to come immediately when I called but told that we won’t be able to do anything at her house as the neighbours will complain. So she asked me to get my bike and than we decided to go to a far place from her house. When I started the bike she sat on the back seat. I felt her soft boobs squeezed to my back and was in heavens. I thought she also was enjoying that as she didn’t move back. We went to one of my friends vacant flat away from Bombay. I collected the keys from him on our way.

We reached the flat and opened the door and walked in and Divya followed me. Divya came to me and asked me where she can find the toilet. I directed her to the bathroom and closed the doors. I can listen the sounds of pissing through the door. I was aroused by that sound and standing beside the door and forgot everything. She opened the door and was stunned to see me standing there with a lust in my eyes and a bulge in my pants. Suddenly I felt a hand moving on my pants at the groin region and trying to squeeze my balls. I turned back and saw Divya sitting on the floor and constantly watching my bulge. I told her that this is what we use to do when we were kids. Seems you also have not forgotten it. I held her shoulders and lifted her and she started kissing me on my face and this turned me on. I started sucking her lips and her tongue. Her hands are running on my back and mine were pressing her well-shaped ass. I took her in my hands and took her to the bed and laid her. I removed my shirt. She stood up and made me sit on the bed and turned back and showed her back asking me to unhook her Punjabi. I obliged and she turned round and started strip tease before me. I was so impatient that I unzipped my pant and started rubbing my weapon. She stood before me on her inner clothes and I got up and caught her and removed her bra forcibly. Her boobs got freed and she gave a fierce look at me and bit me on my lips. I started squeezing her boobs and laid her on the bed. By then without my knowledge I became completely nude and we came into 69 position. She started to suck my cock and I kissed on her pussy from the top of her panty. I pulled the panty down with my mouth itself and started licking her pussy. She started releasing her pre-cum and it tasted so sweet that I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy to take each and every drop.

She was moaning “CUMMMM…..RAHUL OOOOOOHHHHHHH MMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMM. (Fuck me)”. These moans were really hot. I knew I was cumming and she came in my mouth almost when I did in hers. She cleaned my cock by licking it and I did it in the same way. I turned up and kissed Divya’s lips and we were enjoying the kiss till I became hard once again. I took her left breast into my mouth and started sucking it. I had small bites on her nipple and she was moaning out of pain. I tried my maximum to take a whole into my mouth. My cock was touching her pussy in the mean time. I thought that was the perfect time to have a nice memorable fuck. I tried to make room between her thighs to insert my dick. She caught hold of my dick and with her eyes said not to go towards her hairy pussy. I could not understand her thoughts after a long foreplay. She gave a wicked smile at me and turned back to show me her ass. I was startled to see her give me her ass instead of pussy. My hard rock cock saluted her asshole and I inserted my dick at once into her hole. She cried of pain at once and I removed my dick out. She asked me to put my dick inside and ordered me not to stop jerking her till I cum in her little hole. I once again entered the hole with a little thrust. She was moaning of pain and I was enjoying those sounds. She also started moving rhythmically along with me. She enjoyed each moment and we came again.

I took out my dick and she once again started sucking my cock as a hungry leopard. After the sucking episode, I lay beside her and was caressing her boobs with my hands. She came to me and whispered in my ears” I waited for this for a long time and today it happened and I am very happy that my dream boy is the first to fuck my ass.”

I immediately put my hands on her pussy and said” I want your pussy not your ass.” She stood up and without any speech went into the bathroom for cleaning after an inviting smile. I followed her to the bathroom. She caught my dick and started caressing it. This hardened my cock and asked her to give me my share of her pussy. She smiled and turned the shower on. The water was dropping on her hair and made its way to the floor through the way full of hills and the valleys. I sat down and started drinking the water falling down and after few gulps started licking her pussy. She released her pea and I drank it along with water. She became aroused and was pressing me hard into her pussy. I could taste her cum once again. I laid her down on the floor and this time she held my cock and showed the way into her pussy. I started slowly as the pussy was too tight for my cock. The water drops were splashing our bodies. When I inserted my 7.5″ dick deep into her hole she yelled loudly and was dying of pain. Then I understood that she was a virgin. This gave some extra thrust to my strokes and I started moving vigorously. She was crying loudly and I closed her lips with mine to stop the sounds as they might be audible to others outside. After a while she also was enjoying the fuck. I was about to shoot my load and asked her what to do. She told to release the cum in her pussy itself as there is no problem with her dates. I released all my cum in her pussy and she too did it immediately. We remained lying on the pink tiles of the bathroom for five minutes.

She stood up and took the soap to have a bath. I took soap from her hands and applied it to her body by rubbing it all over her fair skin. She was on the other side of the world. We had a bath together and came out with one more orgasm into our account. She dressed up and came to me and gave a kiss as a token of gratitude for the most memorable time she had. From that day onwards we used to have sex whenever we had time and occasion in our favour.

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