Ultimate Seduction

I have lots of friends but, neeta is the closest of them all, Ultimate Seduction we are 2nd year college students in an elite college in my city, I am popular in college due to my participation in sports and dramas…guys would lust for me because, I am athletic, have good looks, sexy body to die for, curves at right places, and nice pair of firm tits, there was this guy in my class who would give me that lustful look all the time…he’s fit, and shapely, not bad at all, I was too busy in my studies and didn’t give him any lift, he asked me out several times and I declined his invitation each time, still he would look longingly at my body and give me that “I want you looks” neeta’s family is stationed in delhi and since she got into my college so she was residing with her uncle in the city, she had only one cousin her uncle’s son Sunil who was 2 years our senior in a rival college…..above 6′ tall, sexy, muscular, v. fair, has light hair, and big green eyes….the first time I lay my eyes at Sunil I saw a deep lust and desire in his eyes for me, on many occasions I found him staring lustily at my tits, like the saying goes girls have 2 eyes on their backs and we know instantly when someone stares at us or even at our backs with that gleem in his eyes….Sunil’s eyes were sending me those “I want you” messages for some time now, I was fully aware of the fact that my presence affect his cock tremendously that he is dying to fuck me, and that his dick gets erected each time I am in close proximity with him and he had eyes only for me, I saw his cock getting erected on many times when we were alone in the room and how he tried to cover it with embarrassment…he would look admiringly at my body…..I knew that he had hots for me.. ….

He grabbed hold of me and kissed me passionately whenever he got the opportunity…I didn’t give him much response in the beginning…even neeta was aware of her cousin’s desires for me and would tease me saying Sunil is crazy about you and always talk about your body, I brushed it aside since I am a shy girl, Sunil would often tell me how many millions of times he jerked off to the thought of fucking me…and how many times he fucked me in his dreams……that he want to fuck the shit out of my pussy…….he asked me “hey! neha jaani do you ever fantasize and masturbated to the thought me fucking you???” I’d brush him off saying nahhhh!! not a chance silly! then we had 2 weeks holidays from college and neeta planned to visit her folks in Delhi and this time she wanted me to go with her and asked my mom
for permission and mom reluctantly gave the ok, so off we free spirits go to Delhi and Sunil tagged along with us…..

After the dinner tired of the journey I head straight to my bed room closed the door behind me and changed ….I had removed my pussy hair by creme a day earlier, so my pussy was bald, smooth, and soft as feather, it was a hot hazy day in Delhi so I was wearing only satin black bikini and matching bra…. in the middle of the night deep in my sleep I felt masculine fingers around my pussy, someone pulled my panty crotch aside and ran his fingers gently around my lips, then I felt warm lips and tongue licking my pussy lips it felt so erotic, I thought it was a dream the fingers were busy trying to locate my love tunnel …I was sleeping on my back, I opened my eyes and saw Sunil’s body leaning over me…I said softly “what are u doing in my room,” he didn’t reply instead he lip locked with me, then he pulled my panty crotch aside as far as he could took a deep good long look at my womanhood, it was a so erotic a man with all his masculinity and vigor looking so admiringly at my pussy, he whispered in my ears “you got the most beautiful pussy that I’ve ever seen in my life,” “I love u” he bent down and kissed my pussy, and then clenched my whole pussy in his right hand, oh! it felt so good, he turned his head up and like a hungry tiger and removed my bra in frenzy and attacked my 36D titties, cupping them in both his hands my thick, hard as rock, brown nipples, biting, tugging, licking and sucking and feasting at them to his heart’s content, he bit my soft, sensitive nipples so hard that they hurt me for some time, by now my pussy was soaking wet with pussy nectar and pulsating for more, his hand slid down slowly removing my panties and now I was stark naked in front of him he kissed my body from head to toe…..slowly working his way down he darted his tongue on my clit and running it up and down my soaking lips, he licked all my love juices and started tongue fucking me I was close to my orgasm, he held my clit in his lips for 2 mins I was moaning, he wouldn’t let it go and then he ran his hand around my ass and kissed it.. he then let go of my clit and licking and sucking my lips so vigorously.

I came within seconds all over his face while he was tongue fucking me he licked until my well ran dry…he then guided my hand towards his fully erected cock I removed his manhood from his briefs, and it sprang out, gosh! this was the first I was holding his hard cock in my hands, I could feel the heat in my hands, I had never seen such a delightful cock before, I stroked it, kissed it and sucked and licked it all over, and played with his balls and took them in my mouth and sucked them….he was ready to explode, I said to him cum on my tits….within seconds he squirted his cum all over my tits I soaked my fingers in it and moved them to his mouth he licked his own cum……I went to take shower and Sunil followed me into the bathroom we cleaned ourselves I slipped into night shirt sans bra and panties this time, Sunil in his briefs,…

We had warm milk, Sunil could see my perked up nipples and my glorious pussy from the thin cotton n. shirt, I could see his bulging cock again couldn’t control it anymore he picked me up in his arms and carried me to my bedroom, he put on bed and he gently removed my n.shirt and his briefs and started licking my tummy and kissing my belly button playing with it for a while and licking my bellybutton he then rolled his tongue down towards my pubic area and then on to my mound he licked every inch of my body and he spread my pussy lips with his fingers and started making circular motions with his tongue it felt so good. he flicked my clit and caress my ass, he kissed my pussy wildly over and over again, and thrust his tongue in my love valley my pussy juices were flowing freely and he was licking every drop of it…..my sopping wet pussy was now ready for his big cock, he turned around and now his cock is straddling my face and my pussy at his mercy, I took his cock in my mouth and sucked it all over, his face was buried in my shaved, smooth pussy and his tongue and lips were working like a pro on my soaking cunt, couldn’t hold anymore I said fuck me hard Sunil, he responded “honee I was waiting to fuck you for ages now,…I want to fuck your sweet warm pussy, tume chodne ke liye tou mai aur mera lund tadap raha tha, yeh chooth tou meri hai” mein isse aaj khoob chodoonga”.

He was now ready, he took his cock from my mouth and plunged it right into my waiting wet pussy, and my pussy gripped his cock ever so warmly, he was making deep long strokes slowly at first, and soon he picked up speed and thrusting deeper, harder, and faster inside of my pussy, clenching his hard on my pussy responded stroke to stoke with same enthusiasm …the rhythm got rapid and our bodies were full of sweat, his body intermingled into my body and we were one piece together he was pumping me harder and tearing my pussy, he kissed me passionately and sucked my nipples, I was now thrusting my pussy forward to his hammering in my pussy…I was going to cum soon, he too exploded in my pussy with a bang, there was my love juices and his fluids flowing through my thighs down to the floor……I was exhausted and sweating so was he, we were breathing heavily and he collapsed on me and buried his sweaty face on my hair his semi erected cock still in my pussy from, he started kissing me all over my face with his warm and sexy lips, he kept kissing me for over 10 minutes and rolled over by my side and laid there, we laid there naked on the carpet floor for some time, he turned his head to my face looked deep into my eyes and whispered “Neh! how did you like the fucking” I said “fantastic” rubbing my nose on his solid hairy chest and inhaling all his body fragrance into my body…. “you are the most beautiful woman on the face of this earth and you got the sweetest pussy”…and we rolled on the floor on top of each other like kids..it was one of one of the beautiful, memorable fuck I had with him…..and we fucked every night till our stay in Delhi……

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