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HELLO FRIENDS, I AM ROBBY (not my original name),25 YEARS living at kolkata Tutor My Teacher (south Calcutta- India)& avid reader of desi stories, but never got a chance in real and had imagined whether these stories are real or just fantasy, until I came across a chance in real life & all my illusions & myth were shattered.

Well I’m a normal guy, not heavy or lean & a student of final year post graduate level. This all started with my tutor named Aditi aged 32 unmarried Bengali with sharp features she is about 5’.3”, beautiful round face, cute lips, curly hair, very fair skin, 34C(I found later) nice tummy. I was specially fan of her glowing fair skin. It was as smooth as Chinese porcelain. Here beautiful long hair perfectly complimented her complexion. However the story goes like this…..

I used to go for my tuitions at aditis place (at rash behari , a place in kolkata ) early in the morning at 6 .since my tuition was for a specialized management subject she used to teach me alone, however she used to charge for tuition very highly around 400/- per sitting. At the first few classes I had no wrong intentions on her. Ours was a relation of student & teacher with full respect for each other.i’had never dreamed that this lady who was teaching me would be my sex partner satisfying me mentally as well as physically.

I am a punctual man & used to reach her house dot on time. Her house was a two roomed flat with 1 drawing room in the centre. In one room her father & mother used to live & in the other she used to stay alone. In the beginning she used to teach me in the drawing room but as her parents was early riser & used to watch SANSKAR channel in the TV. thus our tuition in the drawing room used to hamper there programme so we shifted to her room. As the room was just adjacent to the TV room we used to look the room from inside to kill the sound of TV.

During the initial days I had built a good rapport with her parents as I used to talk to them while my teacher used to get ready hence they used to treat me like there son with full faith on my character. Infact it was they who proposed to shift the tuition to aditis room & asked us to lock from inside. Initially everything was going as usual, but later certain incidents distracted me. As the tuition was early in the morning my teacher used to change over from her night dress to salwar rather hurriedly& sleepily sometimes her dress did not fit her properly revealing her assets unknowingly to her. Her chunni did not keep up to her boobs and kept falling revealing her deep inner lines. Sometimes her bra string would pop out from her shoulders revealing her bright body structure. However these incidents only distracted me but nothing uncanny came into my mind. I just use to admire her with no wrong thoughts & I tried to concentrate on my studies which being a grown up I could. But slowly things changed from bad to worse. As we grew more intimate in our studies & she was aware of my nature & behavior we became more of like friends.

One day to my surprise she did not change her night dress rather she wrapped a chunni on top of her nightee & started teaching me. Her nightee was semi transparent I could easily figure her inner shapes & was impressed by her tight boob which was covered by white semi transparent netted bra. She was unaware of my thoughts & kept on teaching. However a single incident changed everything. As she was teaching somehow the pen rolled over & fell on the ground. We both tried to catch it & in the process our head collided & her chunni fell down revealing her deep neck line, as I picked up the pen but somehow my hand touched her soft chest membrane .I also could not keep my eyes away from her breast & later intentionally gave a soft push to her boobs in order to raise the chunni. A soft moan escaped from her mouth & she closed her eyes oblivious of her delicate body condition. This was just the signal I wanted & on the pretext of massaging her head from the collision I slowly took control of her fully body. She turned her head to the side and moaned as her eyes closed. I gently took the book from her and placed it on the desk. My lips worked their way from her neck up to her lips and she returned the kiss, pushing her tongue into my mouth. “.

I ran my hands through her hair as our tongues continued to dance in each other’s mouths. She kissed my lips then broke away to kiss my ear. I helped her off with her top and bra and took her tits in my hands. I rubbed her nipples between my finger and thumb as we continued kissing. I was surprised a little when her hand dropped to my crotch and she started rubbing the straining bulge in my pants. She then helped me pull my shirt over my head and dropped her face to my stomach.. My hand lightly brushed her leg and she squirmed pushing her hips forward. I reached under her nightee and touched her silky dotted pink panties, feeling the outline of her smooth little pussy lips. I could feel the fabric was getting quite moist. She nodded and continued caressing my cock through my pants. I reached under her and pulled her damp panties down her legs slowly I left my one hand move toward her virgin pussy; oh it was becoming wet and moist. , but since it was our first & I did not want her to loose her virginity ,so I concentrated on her round firm ass which was very tight, she started screaming but I entered slowly and she was giving moans, and with a sudden thrusts I entered her.. And she started to moan.. And slowly I began to move back and forth. We both started to move faster and with a push I cummed in her.. I just landed on her after that shoot, and we both were relaxed since we were able to satisfy our needs. We studied nude in that room for the remaining period. From that day our everyday job was to satisfy ourselves orally before we began studying. That too her nipple must be always in my hand while she taught. Further I used to pinch them hard whenever I could not understand something. This tuition continues till date even after I have completed my degree since four months. I do not however pay her anything now. But now we respect each others feelings & have become best friends. She is going to get married in feb 2002.but has promised me that our relationship will go on as usual. recently she also introduced me to her fiancée. seems to be a nice guy but not as horny as me.

…..In the meantime any friendly neighbor woman, girls, of any age wants to have good company in calcutta or adjoining areas feel free to send me an e-mail with full details of yourselves, friendship & fun guaranteed. My e-mail is robbycal@rediffmail.com

…also inform me as to how u liked my story which is 100% fact. However there is 200% difference in what I felt & what I described. The feelings just cannot be written but only felt. Sex is just an out of world experience if it flows from both sides.



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