True Love – Sex Story In English

Ever since I remember I had been a less then average looking boy. I was
studying in Delhi in a coed school. The school was a conservative one with
regards to the times. The school being a Sikh school had a number of Sikh boys
and girls. There is something about the sardarnis which I admired always.

way they are built and the way they behave is a real turn on for me. Girls tend
to develop faster than the boys. I had many a hardons watching the sardarnis
running around in skirts. Though the short skirts were an absolute no no in our
school, still many a creamy thigh or calf was visible. Sardarnis are not allowed
to shave the hair on the arms and legs by the religion but the modern day
parents didn’t mind the daughters going to the saloon to get the works done.
Many a smooth legs were all around me.

Gurleen was one of my favorites she was built well a bit on the bigger
side, had a major attitude and a certain fire in her which I liked immensely.
On the day of our farewell the girls decided to come dressed in saris. Now sari
though is conservative can be an extremely erotic dress, if worn below the
navel. I spotted Gurleen in the morning with a red chiffon sari on. I had an
instant hardon when I saw her navel clearly through the sari. She knew the
effect the sari was having on the others and was enjoying the same. I didn’t
like others ogling at her as I loved her.

Gurleen and her friends were laughing and enjoying themselves. The party
was over in the afternoon and all of us decided to go for a movie.
In the hall some how my friends who knew I had the hots for gurleen made me sit
next to her. Gurleen smiled at me, but I didn’t have the courage to speak to
her. While watching the movie suddenly unknowingly my hand slipped and fell on
her lap. She felt lovely, I could feel her thighs through her sari. I decided to
be brave and put my hand up around her bare midriff. Her skin was like silk,
Gurleen froze at the feel of my hand but perhaps she didn’t want to make a scene
she kept quite. I got my hand to move freely across her bare mid riff and she
sighed slightly. I moved my hand up and touched the lower part of her breast.
Gurleen held my hand as if to stop me.But the moment i rubbed my hand ovver the
thin material of her blouse she let go my hand. This was signal enough. Knowing
opening her blouse was a difficult proposition i decided to venture below. I put
my hand between her thighs, she held her thigh tightly together.I rubbed her
legs through her saree. After about ten minutes she relaxed a bit.I think was
rubbing the top of her mound. I was not sure as i didnt know what it looked like
or felt. Suddenly Gurleen raised her self slightly and opened her legs i could
now probe deeper. I felt a little wet spot on her saree which turned me on
immensely. Soon the movie ended and i pulled my hand away from Gurleen

After the movie all of us parted. I could not see Gurleen eye to eye and
drove away on my bike to my home. Half way through i turned back to intercept
her on the way back to her place. She tried to avoid me but then sat down on my
bike. We reached her place and I was pleasantly surprised to find it locked as
her parents had gone out. She opened the door and walked it and like a tamed
puppy i too walked in. When we sat down gurleen started talking and said i was
not her idea of a man. I was heart broken and tried to reason but to no result.

I suddenly got up caught her and kissed her full on her lips. she was shocked
and tried to push me away, but i held her against me strongly. I told her i
loved her like mad and i will become what ever she wanted me to become. I could
feel her breasts heaving through the thin saree and blouse. My penis was erect
and was touching her mound through her saree. I started to feel her through her
clothes again and she did not mind infact she was getting turned on. I went on
my knees and lifted her saree from front along with her petticoat. She was still
standing i could see her lovely white and smooth legs trembling. As i lifted
the saree higher i came closer to her . I could see a small trickle of wetness
passing through her inner thigh. She had a small mole on her thigh. I kissed her
on the thigh and shifted my eyes upwards and there it was in all its glory. This
was the first female pussy i had seen in all its glory. Gurleen never wore a
panty below her saree so as she told me later. Gurleen had never shaved her
pussy it was full of thick black curly hairs. It smelled divine i reached for it
and touched it with my fingers. Gurleen could take it no more, she almost
swooned. I held her and made her sit on the sofa. She wishpered she was a virgin
and wanted to remain one for her husband. I told her that i respected her
sentiments and i will stop when she will ask me to. She took her hand to my
crotch and touched me getting my penis to jump all the more. She said you have
seen my pussy let me see you too and unzipped my pants to spring loose my cock.
My penis was about seven inches and quite thick. She took my cock in her lovely
hands and sent me to heaven. A bit of precum showed on the tip, she sat
mermerised my what she saw and touched.

Our conversation went purely bilogical thereafter. She asked me how such a
thick object will enter her dainty delicate pussy, i wasnt sure either. She said
i want to see you pee i want to see how guys pee. I said i will do it provided
you show me how you do it. In the toilet with great difficulty i managed to pee
a bit (you know how tough it is with an erection). Thereafter She lifted her
saree to show me a glimpse of her lovely white ass and sat down to pee. I was
delighted to learn all i could.

We moved in to her bedroom there after. She said she will change into
something else, i asked her if it all right if i watched, she just smiled. She
took off the saree first. In her blouse and low tied petticoat she looked
devastating. I was bursting through my pants. She slowly unhooked her blouse
from front facing me, her bra covered breasts were like made of marble, i could
see the dark brown coloured small nipples through her translucent bra. She
reached back to unhook her bra finding it difficult she asked my help. I managed
to unhook the bra and it fell by it self and her breasts were bare in front of
me. I took one nipple in my fingers and it swelled. Her breasts were soft mounds
which i feared not to press to hard, her breathing started to quicken. I took a
nipple in my mouth and rotated my tongue around it. She sighed and pushed me
away. She found the string of her petticoat and tugged at it, the petticoat fell
around her legs and she was all in nude in front of me. Her body was perfect.
Her eyes had a strange emotion which i could not understand, I knew she didnt
love me, she was not a slut perhaps she needed reassurance about her looks. I
realised that she probably had a complex about her looks and she wanted me to
tell her how beautiful she was. I took her in my arms, her nipples rubbed
against my chest, looked into her eyes and told her that she was the most
beautiful woman on earth. She smiled as if she knew. Her hand reached down to
touch my cock and she said you definitely are not the one who will get me. I
kissed her lips she responded back. We lay down on the bed. My hand was now
wandering freely all over her body, she was sighing and smiling. I asked her if
she wanted to do it. She was not sure and said there was no protection. After a
while she opened her legs and i moved my mouth to her lovely thickly haired
pussy. I used my fingers to open her virgin pussy and brought my nose closer to
it. She held my head as if to stop me. I touched the lips of her pussy with the
tip of tounge, suddenly she pushed my head down on her pussy. Using my finger i
pried open her pussy to lick her clit. This got her real hot, she lifted her
back and arched her body from side to side. I kept licking perhaps this was my
test to win over this lovely dame. She started moaning and sighing i was very
excited and pushed one of my fingers into her pussy, she stiffened for a while,
i started pushing my finger in and out. She was getting wetter her juices were
flowing freely and she cried aloud when she came. I could see her breasts
heaving. Keeping my finger in her pussy and my thumb on her clit i moved up and
looked into her eyes, for once she kissed me full on my lips and said take me i
am all yours. I directed her hands to me penis and asked her to kiss me, she
felt shy but started licking my cock which felt great. I didnot want to come so
i asked her to stop.

She lay down and spread her legs, I pried open her vagina with my fingers
and kept the tip of my penis on her vagina outer lips. Parting the outer lips
around the head of my penis i gave a light push. The head went in a bit but
stopped. I looked at Gurleen and told her that it might pain a bit try and
relax. She relaxed and i slowly started pushing my cock in . She was well
lubricated and my cock slid in further. I gave a hard push which broke her hymen
and she was a virgin no more. I continued to pump my cock in and out.The pain
she experienced was greatly reduced as she came on a brink of another orgasm. I
took out my cock and told her to turn over.

She obeyed quickly and raised herself on all fours. I guided my cock into her vagina from the rear and started
pumping in and out. Her soft white ass was not flabby at all, It provided a nice
cushioning effect which turned me on immensely. I reached for her breasts which
were firm and clasped her body tightly. I was about to come, my thrusts were
becoming stronger, she was also moaning loudly and when i emptied my load into
her she came yet again. I fell down exhausted and she lay on my chest. She
murmured thank you and I love you in my ears before i dofed off. I woke up after
an hour, her parents were about to return, i got into my dress. She had made
some tea, she had changed into her night dress.
I kissed her finally and left for my place. May be i will see her again, maybe
there is some one better in this big world.

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