True Incident

I have been reading erotic stories for past one month and never thought it would be this interesting. True Incident Let me describe myself to you first. I am 20 yrs with large boobs of 36 size, 5’4″ tall,fair,long black hair upto my ass and slim. The most attractive part of my body is my sexy eyes and boobs and I have often seen people staring at them. I would not like to bore you with all these and so let me come to the actual matter.

I started having sex from the age of 16 with my boyfriend who was very much older to me ( 9yrs elder ). This all started when we were staying for rent in his house. He is such a handsome guy and any girl would like to get fucked by him. In the starting he was infact scared to kiss me but later on one fine night at around 11.30 p.m. we me in the terrace and he dared to kiss. It was my first experience.

Later on we decided to meet in an apartment and it was there everything started. I wore a red colour churidar and we both went to the flat. We spoke for a few while and then he took my hand and kissed. I started to quiver. Then he took me close and kissed on my lips. We were literally sucking off each others tongue. And all time while kissing he was pressing and fondling my boobs. Then he slowly kissed me on my neck and started biting my earlobes. I was in heaven and I could’nt resist anymore. He put his hands inside my churidar and started to rub my boobs. Ooh it was a terrific thrill. He slowly removed my top and bra. I was half naked in front of him. He also removed his shirt and when both our boiling bodies touched each other we both were in heavens. He then started sucking my boobs. While sucking one he was pressing the other. He bit my nipple and rolled his tongue round and round. Then he brought my two melons together and sucked both at a time. While all this time I was getting wet down.

Then he removed my bottom and panties and also his. Then he spread my legs apart and slowly blowed hot air in my cunt. I started moaning. Infact I did’nt know what is fucking till that date and so I did not know what would be the next step. But I felt as if my each and every nerve was getting aroused. Then he started to play with my cunt. He slowly moved his tounge in the outline of my cunt. Then kissed it hard and started sucking it. He put his tounge deep into my cunt and was fucking me with tounge. I started moaning and shouting his name and then I came. He was happy after drinking my juice. Then it was my turn.

He asked me to take his dick into my hand and rub. I did so. It was growing in size. Then I started to suck it like an ice-cream. Now he was moaning and felt nice to hear his moans. Then we came in 69 position and started sucking each other hard till both of us came.

Later he took out a condomn as he did’nt want to risk. He showed me how to insert it. Then he spread my legs and blowed the hot air once again. Then he started inserting his dick into my tight cunt. But the dick would’nt go and it was paining a lot for me. So he rubbed vasaline in his dick and my cunt and inserted it. Even then it was paining but he told me to bear it for a while.

But later I started feeling the pleasure. He was doing it very slow in a rythemic way..up,down,up,down. After my pain vanished he made it fast. All the time while fucking he was pressing my boob,kissing it and caressing it. We both were near to the climax he and myself were shouting in pleasure. He started to fuck fast, fast, fast and both came atlast. He just fell upon me all sweating and his face buried in my boobs and his numb dick still in my cunt.

We lay there like this for a time and then had it again in different positions. But that is again another story.
I hope you all enjoyed it.

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