Trisha Sex Story English

Last year, I was working in a small hotel in the South of France when Trisha was shooting for a film. I of course dodn’t know her at all, so was a little surprised when my supervisor (I was doing room service that week) told me that a guest in room 369 wanted me to serve. So I took the tray of morning coffee up to the room, knocked and entered. She was standing there, dressed in pink and a small amount of jewellery. “Are you Darth?”, she asked. I said I was, and she told me that she was an actress from India and that a common friend who I had met last winter had told her about me.

I was still surprised when she suddenly came up to me and said she was in a hurry but could I meet her that evening. While I was talking, she took the tray from my hands, placed it on the table, and then reached up and drew my head down to her lips. Her kiss was electric. Her body pressed hard against mine, and before I knew it, she was pulling down my zipper and pushing my trouser down. She caught the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off over my head, and I stood naked in front of her, my cock obviously hard and erect.

She slid down against my body, wrinkles along her dress grazing against my penis which she now held in one hand. I looked down and saw the top of her head as I felt my manhood slip between the soft, warm and wet lips as she opened her mouth and shoved it down the length of my shaft. She sucked the entire length as I saw her head push down all the way; my balls were tingling in the palm of her other hand. Within two minutes I felt the onrush of my ejection as I shot loads of semen into her mouth. My body kept jerking as I heaved into her face, and she sucked all the hot white fluid, swallowing it there was no trace. I was exhausted and dazed; walked out of the room in complete silence as she stood up and walked into the bathroom. What a wonderful day this was going to be!


That evening, I went to visit her at 7:30; I knew the Indian film crew were back and thought thet Trisha had had enough time to rest. When she opened the door, she looked very pretty in a maroon dress that highlighted the bountiful boobs and showed off the smooth gracefulness of her thighs. I wasn’t sure how to behave after the morning encounter but she put me at rest immediately. She walked up to me, took the flowers I had brought for her, and kissed me deep and full on the mouth. She smelt heavenly as I held her tight against my body, letting her know I was ready. My cock was hard; in fact it had remained in a state of solidness for most of the day as I anticipated the evening.

She wanted a drink so I opened the minibar and took out two miniature vodka bottles and poured them out into a couple of glasses, threw in some cubes of ice, and asked her what mixer she wanted. She took a glass from my hand and brought it to her lips, looking at me over the rim. She took a large sip of vodka and swallowed, grimacing slightly as the liquid burned down her throat. She then took another large gulp, drew my head down and locked lips with mine. I felt the icy drink trickle into my mouth from hers as her tongue probed. When most of the vodka had passed on to my mouth she stood back and swallowed the rest, as I drank the liquid. I then took my own drink and downed it in one quick gulp. The fire trickled down my throat and I felt it burning in, first in my stomach; then it spread through my entire body.

I looked up at Trisha and saw her drawing one side of her dress down over her shoulder, exposing one large breast. I put my glass on the table and walked up to her, caressed the round shoulder as I pressed against her. I bent down and kissed the nape of her neck, letting my tongue gently touch the warm spot behind her ear. With my other hand, I pulled the dress down paast her other shoulder and felt her tits burst out, unencumbered, pressing against my chest. As I held her, my hands caressing the smoothness of her back, she undid the buttons of my shirt and undraped it from my body. Then she rubbed her nipples against the hardnes of my chest as she pushed her stomach and thighs against me. Her hand went to my crotch and stroked the swollen hardness of my cock through the denim of my jeans.

While she unzipped my jeans, I pushed her dress down, past her hips and the perfect roundness of her buttocks, letting it fall all the way down to her feet. She pulled my trousers down and I stepped out of them, my cock now creating a massive mound inside my underwear. She dipped a hand past the elastic waist-band and gripped my phallus, pulling it out and caressing its entire length. Freed from its confines, my cock now grew unfettered in her hands, standing erect and large. She knelt down and pushed her face against my shaft, rubbing it against her cheeks and neck, one hand gently holding on to my testicles. I felt the warm breath from her nose and mouth against my penis as the tip of her tongue protruded and licked a wet trail along the entire length.

I held her by he shoulders and stood her up. Pushing my own underwear off, I was completely naked standing against her body. My hands around her, I cupped the cheeks of her ass and massaged then through the thin black panties she wore. I rubbed my cock against the nylon, trying to probe her cunt through the delicate fabric. But she stepped away and stood a few feet in front, allowing me to enjoy the fantastically hot and sexy vision of this woman, Trisha, who I had met only a few hours ago. She looked at me, standing at least seven inches taller than her, and I noticed a look of almost sadness in her eyes as she stared at me and my body. There was a craving in those eyes, a misty vision of hopes lost and dreams unfulfilled. Maybe there were soft tears in her eyes too.

But she turned around slightly, showed me aprofile of her large tits as well as the curve of her spine. Then she began peeling off the black nylon panties, pushing it down past her bum, down the elegant lines of her thighs till they dropped in a small pool around the black high heeled shoes on her feet. She knelt down on her haunches for a while, still staring at me, not saying a word.

I walked to the minibar and refreshed our drinks; took a large sip from one glass and walked over to give her the other. “I want to drink your juices again, Darth. I want to feel your cock in my mouth. I want to feel it rippin gup my insides when you shove it into my cunt. I want you so, so much”. This lady was blowing my mind; she looked like an Indian princess; the choicest from the ultimate harem! Trisha!

But she took the drink from my hand and sipped pensively from the chilled glass. I drank the rest of my vodka and went up to her; unable absolutely to resist from touching her, from feeling her body against mine. I stood behind her, my hands cupping her breasts, my fingers toying with her hardened nipples. My hands roamed all over her body, squeezing her tits, then rubbing my palms across the flatness of her stomach, letting my hands roam further into the V of her pubic area, clean shaven pubis. And then sneaking the tip of one finger into her clitoris which was absolutely wet and almost dripping.

She reached behind me and took hold of my cock in her hand, rubbing it lazily against the curve of her back. Then as I bent my knees slightly, she rubbed my cock against her buttocks, trying to push me lower down till my penis slid between her thighs, grazing against her cunt lips.

After a while, she gracefully walked to the brown felt sofa and placed her knees on it; stretching one leg straight back. This made her buttocks firm and showed off the perfect roundness. I walked to her again and knelt down behind her, pushing my face into the crack of her ass. My tongue slid out in search of her cunt, mixing my saliva with the wetness of her juices as I felt them beginning to flow. With my hands, I parted the cheeks of her buttocks apart and let my tongue probe her asshole, my finger probing into her cunt. My cock was staanding long and upright against my stomach; a desperate desire to penetrate Trisha.

Then she turned around and sat on the edge of the sofa as I stood up to my full height. I pushed myself forward and the lenght of my cock beat against her huge breasts. I rubbed the tip of my phallus against her nipples and the pinkish-brown aureola centred in the middle of her perfect mounds. Trisha took both her breasts into her hands and pushed them together, deepening the cleavage into a crevice that ensnared my shaft. There was a fine sheen of sweat on our bodies as I slid my cock in the cleavage of her boobs, rocking my body back and forth as I fucked her boobs.

I wanted to feel the pleasures of this morning; desperately craving the feel of her warm wet mouth around my penis. I held her head in both my hands and pulled her face down to my shaft, pushing the red hot tip of my cock against her lips, wanting to force myself into her. But she opened her mouth wide and pushed it over my manhood; this time without the foreplay of hesitation. She slid her mouth down the entire length of my phallus till I could feel the hot breath from her nose against the skin of my stomach. Inside her, the tip of my cock pushed against the back of her throat, gagging her momentarily till she moved her head back leaving a slimy trail of mucous saliva along the entire length.

I didn’t want to cum just yet so I didn’t prolong the blowjob that Trisha was giving me. Instead, I moved back, put my hands under armpits and lifted her up. Throwing a couple of cushions on to the sofa, I pushed her back against them and sat down on it myself. From behind her, I let my penis rub against her ass as I massaged her breasts and kissed her on her neck and shoulders.

I heard deep breaths exhale noisily from her as her body heated up in a feverish spasm. Raising one of her thighs up and letting her leg drape over me, I pushed my lower body forward as my penis rested on her clean smoth shaven pubic area. The entrance to her cunt was soaking wet and I had no difficulty pushing my cock into her. She gasped when I entered. My body was in such a state of readiness, I could have exploded huge amounts of cum inside her almost immediately. But she used the muscles of her vagina to keep a tight grip on my cock and I didn’t move for almost a minute; just gently caressing the inside of her thigh.

When the fire went down for both of us somewhat, she started gyrating her body and mashing her cunt hard against me. My cock felt like it was 11 inches inside her as I hammered away, finding her clitoris with one finger and gently playing with the protuberance.

But she changed positions suddenly. Pushing me back against the cushions, she turned around and straddled me. My hands gripped her buttocks firmly as I shoved myself hard and deep into her, bucking like a stallion in heat, trying to rip up her insides. She rode me with an expertise that I found surprising, controlling my pleasure, not letting me erupt my volcanic amounts of semen into her just yet. Her boobs dangled over my face as we rocked in a mad frenzy of coupling. I sucked a nipple and bit down on it till it must have pained, but she just kept banging down on my cock.

I felt the beginnings of my orgasmic ejaculation down in my balls, knowing I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. Trisha suddenly got off me and bent down between my legs, taking my wet cock, now dripping with her juices, into her mouth and let me fuck her face. She held her head steady while I pushed inside like a jackhammer driving into her skull.

And then I was ready to explode. The first spurts came with me still inside her mouth. I felt her suck on my cock like there was a bottomless store of cum in some recepticle that she wanted to empty. She worked the muscles of her mouth with the same expertise as she worked her cunt muscles. Trisha was like an Indian geisha, unparalleled in the arts of making love. My cock was so hard, I felt if my body jerked involuntarily, I would puncture the back of her throat, but I got the feeling that was what she wanted. Her hands kept massaging my balls as though it would help in increasing the amoutn of hot white cum that I could spalsh her with. I pulled back and the next load of cum shot all over her body.

Her big gloriously round tits were now covered in a splattering of semen, and the corner of her mouth had a small dribble of cum that had escaped from inside her mouth. She sat in all her glorious nakedness, a wanton lustful woman who I thought would give anything at this moment. Even as spurt after spurt of ejeculate shot across her body, she held my cock with a grip that wanted to give nothing away. She stroked me and I remained hard and massive in her hands. She bent occassionaly to lick off a drop of cum that still lingered on my penis, rubbed her palms across her breasts as though the semen was a cream she was salving into her skin.

The night, I knew, wasn’t over yet. we had another round of drinks, ordered something to eat, rested a while. And then while I was half asleep, I felt the cool silken touch of Trisha’s hand on my cock….

Its been a year now since I first met Trisha, we have of course maintained our friendship. She has changed considerably in these last twelve months; become more famous, definitely richer, and certainly more experienced. I myself haven’t changed too much. Except I’m not in the south of France anymore. Trisha and I still meet at least once every 3 or 4 months. But some things haven’t changed …………

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