Treasure Of Youth – Sex Story In English

Today was the honeymoon night of Shyama’s brother. What the married
couple do on honeymoon night, she was anxious to know. When everyone in
the house had slept, she quietly got out of her bed and taking advantage
of the situation she walked towards her brother’s room.

It was a hot summer night and one of the windows was slightly open.
There was dim light in the room. She removed the curtain of the window a
little aside and peeped inside from the crack in the middle of the
window — her brother and Bhabhi were enjoying the first night in the
bed specially decorated for the occasion.

‘My God !’ she exclaimed inaudibly. She was relishing the sexual act of
a couple for the first time. When she looked inside they were only in
their undies. Her brother was lying on top of Bhabhi’s body and was
licking her nipples holding her boobs in his both hands. Bhabhi was
wriggling under his pressing body and his sucking lips on her tits. He
then moved lower kissing her body all along till he reached down between
her legs. He pulled her panty down a bit and had a good look at her
pubic hair. He rubbed the area with his hand and tried to locate the
opening. She moaned and pulled him up.

Shyama’s brother got up and removed his underwear. She saw a fully
grown, erect penis first time in her life. He now had removed Bhabhi’s
panty from her legs and spreading her legs mounted on her. With his rod
between her legs he pushed. After that he started moving his hips up and
down and Shyama knew what was happening. Bhabhi was crying with pleasure
and was thrusting her hips to his strokes.

Shyama could stand no more of it. She walked back to her room. She had a
sleepless night. Her yet untouched youthful body was burning with
desire. She was yearning for a naked male body. She was thinking of all
the youngmales known to her. The images of a number of persons arose in
her mind. Her thoughts were — with whom to share the secrets of life?To
whom should she invite to share the bed with her? To whom should she
surrender herself and the treasure of her youth? and how?

She remembered Rajesh. He was a young boy of twenty, who lived in her
neighborhood and was a handsome gentle boy of good health and habits. He
was a college student and as he was poor, he did some private tutions.
As a neighbor he was familiar with Shyama. Quite often they played
badmintonin their backyard with other friends of their age.

Shyama knew that he used to get up at five in the morning and after
answering the nature’s call, he would take his bath and sit for his
studies. This was his daily routine. Shyama looked into her watch — it
was ten to five in the morning. From her window she looked towards
Rajesh’s window. The light was on which meant he was awake.
She closed her room and came out of her bungalow. She proceeded towards
Rajesh’s room. The door was open and she quietly walked into the room.
It was a moderate room with one cot, a table and a chair. There was a
shelf on one side to keep his books. The bathroom was in one corner
surrounded with only three feet high walls with opening on one side.
Rajesh was taking his bath. He was surprised at Shyama’s sudden
appearance in his room.

‘You… at this time?…’

‘Yes… there was something urgent!’

‘Right, you please take your seat and let me finish with my bath. It
will take me only a few minutes,’ and he continued taking his bath.

Shyama was looking at his body. The image of her nude brother moving on
top her bhabhi’s naked body in the bed was floating in her eyes. She
suddenly approached Rajesh.

‘Let me have the soap, I’ll rub your back with it.’

‘No, thank you I will do it myself,’ he was startled at her move.

As if she did not hear him, she took the soap cake from his hand and
started rubbing his back. Rajesh had never dreamt that Shyama would ever
come to his room like this.

‘You don’t like my coming here?’ she asked.

‘No. Why should I object!’

‘Then why are you silent?’ she asked.

Instead of saying something Rajesh looked towards the open door. He was
thinking…. if someone comes in what would be the result ?
Shyama sensed his apprehension and closed the door. She returned to
Rajesh and looked into his face and tried to read it. Seeing relief in
his eyes she suddenly unwrapped her dupatta and placed it on the bed.

‘It will get spoiled.’

She again started rubbing soap on his back. Rajesh was speechless.

Shyama called,’Rajesh…’


‘Face me. Let me rub your chest also.’

Rajesh followed her command. She was rubbing soap on his chest. As
she was leaning towards him he could see inside the sagging
neckline of her kameez. He had a good look at the pair of fleshy globes
held by a small bra. Her breasts seemed to be popping out of the
brassier. Shyama had determined to seduce Rajesh so he would satisfy her
sexual hunger which had tortured her for the whole of the night.

Seeing Rajesh staring inside her kameez, she asked, ‘What are you
looking at, Rajesh ?’

‘Nothing,’ Rajesh was embarrassed.

Shyama was rubbing soap on his body. He said in wavering voice,’It is
enough, Shyama. I will myself….’

‘You keep quite. I am enjoying it. Do you dislike it ?’

‘No, no… er.. yes, yes…’ Rajesh could utter no words. Shyama laughed
at it. Rajesh also laughed.

Shyama’s physical contact had aroused the virility in Rajesh and the
little underwear that he wore was too short to hide his tremendous
excitement. His hardened penis had created a big bulge in the front.
Just then the cake slipped from her hand and fell between his thighs.
Before Rajesh could do anything, Shyama reached there to pick it up and
her hand touched the bulge in his shorts. She gently started rubbing his
thighs with the soap. Rajesh could not understand what all that was.
What does she want from him ?

Her hands were slipping on his thighs. She suddenly said, ‘Stand up a

Rajesh like an obedient child stood up. She pulled his underwear down!!
Rajesh was bewildered and placing his palm on his erect cock he shouted
on a suppressed tone, ‘What is this you are doing ?’

‘Just cleaning. Soap should be smeared on all parts of the body to keep
it healthy! Now sit down.’

Rajesh sat down quietly. What could he say now ? What was left ? He had
surrendered the ‘steering-wheel’ of his boat in her hands.

Shyama started applying soap on his erect penis and the balls
underneath. She applied the soap on his entire pubic area. She gripped
his cock and rubbed it up and down which made Rajesh mad with

‘It is too hot today. I also feel like taking a bath with you,’ with
this without waiting for a word she took her kameez off. She
unhooked her bra and then pulled the string of her salwar. The loose
garment fell down on the floor. She took her legs out and with Rajesh
gaping at her, she proceeded to remove her panties. She stood there
complete nude in front of Rajesh’s leering eyes. He was dazed to see her
naked body. Her firm breasts, erect nipples, plump body and her pubic
area. It was a feast for his eyes.

‘Now you soap my body.’

She rinsed her body and sat in his naked lap. She felt his cock pricking
against her buttocks. Taking Rajesh’s both hands she placed them on her
breasts and said, ‘Go on, rub…’

Rajesh started rubbing the soap gently on her breasts. Shyama was filled
with ecstasy, she closed her eyes.

‘Only soap is not enough. You have to use your hands, too. Like this…’
she took his bare hand and placing on her boobs rubbed it. Rajesh
dropped the soap and with his both hands extended from below her armpits
cupped her both the tits and started squeezing them. He started rubbing
her entire body — shoulders, waist, stomach and then his hands went
down between her legs. Shyama parted her legs a bit more and he was
rubbing her slit with his fingers. The touch was exhilerating, the soap
and water increasing the pleasure.

By now It had become too much for Rajesh’s manhood. He laid Shyama down
on the floor itself and climbed on top of her. She squirmed and twirled
while his wet and soapy rock-hard penis penetrated her vaginal hole.
Shyama was in throas of ecstatic pain when the entire length of his cock
was deep inside her and he had started moving it up and down. The
friction of the penis on her cunt walls slowly became less painful and
more pleasurable.

With all his vigor Rajesh indulged in the screwing to satisfy her.
The gentle and simple Rajesh was in the captivity of youthfulness. The
two were oblivious of the world or the world was reduced to themselves.
They had a good time playing the game of sex and co-operated with each
other to the fullest extent making the best of the occasion. When they
reached the orgasm and it was over Shyama had the signs of contentment
on her face. She was smiling.

‘Believe me, Rajesh, I have never experienced this before.’

‘I believe you, Shyama.’

‘I wish we could repeat the game once more. Just once doesn’t seem to be

‘Who is stopping you ? It depends on your guts.’

‘Have you enough yourself ?’

‘Oh ! Sure I have.’

‘Then I will come here again in the night and we will enjoy….’

‘Talk of the night in the night…’ and Rajesh pulled Shyama with
renewed vigor and zeal. She sighed, moaned and hissed when he started
moving again.

She was crying ‘No’ ‘No more’ ‘Please, I will die’ and Rajesh was filled
with more enthusiasm. He was smiling triumphantly.

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