The Tuition Classes

Hi zoneforsex fans, I am Vicky and after reading all the stories on zoneforsex, The Tuition Classes I wanted to share my experience with u people. This incident happened with me about four yrs back. This is a true incidence and I am not cooking up any story.

Four yrs back I had given my 12th standard exam and had joined a computer course and was doing graduation through correspondence. Now I use to get bored on the days on which I did not have my computer classes, so I decided to take tuitions. Through this I would earn something and increase my pocket money and also not get bored in the day.

I use to teach business studies to 3 boys. I have a neighbor whose daughter use to study in class 10th and was poor in English. Now this girl use to study in the same school that of mine. So I knew her since a long time and I shared a good relationship with her and also her mom. So when her mom came to know that I am taking tuitions she called me and asked me to teach Reema (her daughter). And then I had agreed for it. By this time my intention were only to teach her and nothing else.

So the day had come when she came to my house for tuitions. I had asked her to bring her English reader and her exercise book. Now it was her 1st class with me and I asked her to read out a story from the English reader. When she started I noticed that she was pathetic in pronunciation so there were certain words which were difficult to pronounce so I asked her to repeat for a couple of times. Now while doing this I placed my hand on her tummy and I said to her that I am doing so because I want your voice to come from deep inside. She did not hesitate for all this. So while she uses to recite the word I use to move my hand from her tummy to her boobs. She did not resist for all this and I got encouragement from this and I continued to do this quiet frequently. Now I would like to give a brief description about Reema, she is short, little heavily built and had big boobs. Her face is just ok type. Now I use to feel her boobs every time I took her class and due to no protest from her side I use to do it with confidence.

About a week later when I was feeling her boobs I noticed that her nipples were getting erect and she sometime use to close her eyes when I was doing this. I realized that she is also enjoying all this. Then one day she asked me that “ do u have a girl friend? “ my reply was no. After hearing my reply I saw happiness on her face. And the same day when I was feeling her boobs while she was reciting the words I got a hard on and I noticed that she was looking toward my dick and was receipting the words. When I noticed it I tired to hide it. She understood that I wanted to hide it but she kept staring at it.

Then next day when she had come she was wearing a long skirt and a shirt on top. And I could easily she a t-shirt below the shirt. Now whenever I use to teach her I use teach her in my room and I use to bolt the room so that nobody could disturb me. So when a gave a word to her to recite and was about to feel her boobs she said “ bhaiya don’t keep your hand on my tummy as I feel uncomfortable, but I can keep it on my thighs. I did not understand the hidden meaning in this and I placed my hand on her thighs. And then I started to feel her thighs. I observed that she was enjoying this too. Then she said that she wanted to tell me something. I asked her what, she resisted for sometime and then she said that “ promise me u won’t tell this thing to anyone “. I said, “ I promise “. She said that she has fallen in love with someone “. I was guessing what she wants indirectly. Then she changed the topic and said that she was felling hot and asked me that can she takes off her shirt. I said yes definitely.

Then she took her shirt off and I saw her boobs freely moving after it. Then she said that I could keep my hand on her tummy now as she I comfortable now. Then I gave her a word to recite and put my hand on her tummy, and when I was moving it toward her boobs I observed that she was not wearing any bra and I was enjoying every moment of it. I asked her who is the person she has fallen in love with. She kept ignoring it and I kept on asking her about the person whom she has fallen in love with. And at the same time I was feeling her boobs from outside her t-shirt. Then I noticed that she is enjoying it and has closed her eyes. I went near her neck and I asked again about her new loves name and suddenly after that I blew air on her neck, current passed through her body and she said that it is ME who she has fallen in love with. She looked towards me and we both kissed. I placed my hand under her t-shirt and now I was touching her boobs. She liked it and now I took her t-shirt off and I saw two great boobs in front of me. I could not control any more and started sucking them and she started moaning and gradually placed her hand on my erect dick. We were getting mad and I told her not to make any noise because people outside can hear it.

Then I asked her that can I she and touch her vagina. She said yes then lifted her skirt and saw her undies. She was wearing white colour undies and I noticed that her undies were wet. Then I put my hand on her undies and I took it off. I saw her unshaven vagina and I kissed it. Again she shivered as a 100-volt current had passed. I sucked it for 15 mins and drank all the juice that came out of it. Then she said that she has never seen a man’s dick and she want to see mine. I said that I am all yours and u can do what ever you want. She unzipped my trousers and pulled my dick, which is 6 inches long, and later she began sucking it. I felt that I am in heaven and I was enjoying every bit of it. I cummed in her mouth twice and it was just awesome. Then we decided to make love, but suddenly I heard a nock on my door. We got scared but the best thing was that while doing all this we had not taken off our all clothes. So we immediately got dressed and I opened the door. It was my brother and he said that it is and important call for me. I went and took the call and when I came back Reema said that it has been a long time and she want to get back or else her mother will sense something. I agreed to it. Then in the night I came to know that my parent along with my brother are going somewhere the next day and will come back only in the night. So I called her up through the intercom system that we have in our society and conveyed the message to her. She agreed, but she said that could come only after coming back from school. I said ok as we had enough time.

She said that it will be very difficult for her to sleep that night and she also said that she would be prepared for this. Then I said to her that for tomorrow I will get some good quality condoms and she said ok.
The next day my parents left and by about 2.30 p.m. she had come back from school and was giving me a call from our society gate that she has come back and will be at my place in half an hour. I was waiting for her eagerly and then the bell rang I had gone to check who is it. It was Reema and she was in the school dress, which is shirt and skirt. Then she entered in my house and I shut all the doors of my house. I noticed that today she had waxed her legs also and they were looking shapely and beautiful. She as soon as I closed the door she hugged me and kissed me. I carried her to my room. I asked her that what has she said to her mom. She said that she told her mom that tomorrow is her English exam and she is going to my house to study and she would come back only after 3 to 4 hrs. Then I asked her that is she ready for the MAGICAL SPELL, she just kissed me on my lips for a long time and then I slipped my had in her skirt and pulled her undies out. Then I took off her shirt and I then took off her white bra. I saw her melons again and I sucked them for a long time. In the mean time she had taken out my dick and was playing for it. Then I bent down to she her vagina and I noticed that it was properly shaven today. I asked her about it so she said that this moment is her first one and she want it be just wonderful. Then I put in my finger in her vagina and by that time it was all wet. I sucked her vagina for a long time while she was sucking my dick. (69 position).

I like sucking boobs so I went back to her boobs and was sucking them with 2 of my fingers playing with her vagina. I saw her and she was just in heaven and so was I. Then she wanted me to enter her. I took out the condom and was about to wear it, but suddenly she stopped me and said that it was her first time and her periods were also over longtime back so she wanted me to enter her in the purest way. I agreed for it and I had put some Vaseline on my dick and slow tried to enter her .Her legs were wide open. I was slowly pushing it in and she started moaning. Then finally a gave some hard jerks and I felt that my dick is IN it properly and I pumped for quiet some time she kept on shouting and I had to keep my hand on her mouth. After some time I exploded in her and filled her vagina with my cum. But she was still asking for more, I did not take out my dick from her vagina and pumped again and finally she reached orgasm and I again exploded inside. She said that she could feel tremors while I humped her.

This MAGICAL SPELL lasted for about an hour and both of us enjoyed it. At that moment I saw her arse and now I wanted to fuck her in the arse. But she did not like my idea. So I put my finger in her arse and kept fiddling it for some time. I was sucking her bobs all this while and then I asked her again that can I fuck her by the arse, now she had agreed for it. Then I made her sit doggy style and entered her. She was screaming in the beginning but later she loved it. That day I had her again for a total of 4 times. This experience of mine was a great one. After this day we made love even when I was teaching her and had her on a chair.

Now I am studying in another town and when ever I come back to Delhi (my home town), we again make love. Now she is in college and she has had boy friends but she says that I am only going to be the one who is going to make love to her till the time she is going to get married.

I hope u people liked my story. If you would like to mail me to share your experience or if any women want me or any other thing, please mail me at

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