The Party Sex Story

I grew up next door to Anila. She was four years older. I always loved spending time with her because she would treat me like I was her age, unlike my family who would treat me like I was there baby sister (even though I was 17). Anila was like a sister and a mom to me since I lived with four brothers and my dad. I would stay the night at her house often. We would rent movies, talk about her and her guy problems, and be bad. When I mean bad, I don’t mean that we would kill anyone but just get drunk . I loved how it made me feel to know that I was doing something my dad would hate.

Anila lived with her stepfather and mother. They were always away getting drunk at dirty bars so we would have the house to ourselves. When Anila turned 21, and her parents were out of town to see her aunt, she threw the biggest party I have ever saw! It was definitely the blow out of the year. Needless to say there was plenty of loud music and alcohol. That was the first time I saw Anila naked.

I had one to many trips to the keg and was feeling really sick. Instead of puking in front of dozens of people I decided to go to bathroom. I waded through the hoards of people and around the corner. The line to the bathroom was way too long and I was feeling myself starting to heave. I ran as fast as I could up Anila’s stairs to her bedroom. At least that one would be vacant. I threw open her bedroom doors, ran in, and froze. I didn’t move a muscle. Everything was in slow motion.

I remember everything perfectly. Ten feet in front of me, on Anila’s bed, was a naked woman. She was sitting on Anila’s bed, leaning against the bed-frame facing me. She didn’t have dark skin like me. She had an olive complexion, probably Mexican or Puerto Rican. Her full glistening lips were parted. Her curly black hair draped over her shoulders and covered one of her exposed breasts. She was heavy set, not fat but thick. My eyes followed her right arm. It led to one of her large sagging breasts, which she held off of her body by the nipple. Her left hand was buried in a head of black long hair that rested between her open legs. I could tell right away that it was Anila, I was always jealous of her long, straight hair. My eyes wandered down Anila’s bare skinned back to her bottom.

Anila was leaning over the woman on all fours, her back arched. All of Anila’s private parts were in plain view to me, only three feet away. The first thing that I noticed was how Anila’s vagina was darker then her skin. It was a darker brown, the same color as her butt hole (I noticed next). The next thing I noticed, was Anila’s bush, it was really puffy and totally black. The color of a fire engine.

I took in every detail in that split second before Anila looked around. As Anila faced me, I saw her chin and mouth—totally wet and glistening. She wiped her mouth on her arm while in a short startled voice, screamed, “Geeta!” I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there for just one second. Then I felt it. All my beer was coming to the surface. I lurched forward and tried to cover my mouth. I fell to my knees at the foot of her bed feeling the warm liquid force its way in between my fingers. It burned as it poured out of my nose. I dry heaved over and over again—gasping for air. Finally it stopped. I sat there looking up through my watery eyes, covered in my own vomit, at Anila’s exposed vagina. Anila asked me if I was all right. I was but I felt really embarrassed. Anila was naked when she helped me up and led me to the bathroom. My mouth tasted horrible and I thought I was going to puke again. My entire shirt and lap were covered in stinky, chunky vomit. “Let’s take your clothes off and I will get you something else to wear Geeta,” Anila said. I watched her butt jiggle as she pranced across the room to her closet. The other woman walked into the bathroom with me. She also was totally naked. She smiled at me and I did the same back. I didn’t know what to think. “Don’t mind me sweet heart,” the woman said as she sat her bare ass down on the toilet seat. I just sat there, all most laughing when I heard a tinkle tinkle. Anila walked back in the bathroom. There we were two completely naked women (one pissing) and me totally covered in throw-up. Anila helped me off with my shirt. I felt a little weird but I didn’t want to look scared and plus, I felt like shit. Anila removed all of my clothes while the Latin woman sat on the toilet excreting everything from her bowls. I looked over and the woman was staring straight at my cunt. I felt really embarrassed and reached over for a towel. “Don’t do that.” Anila protested as she grabbed the fabric from my hands. I just looked at her through my still watery eyes. “Just sit back and relax Geeta…you might like this.” “Uh oh Anila, you don’t have any tissue paper,” the Latin woman playfully said. “Well, what are we going to do about that. ” Anila replied. The Latin woman sat back on the toilet and opened her legs. Her dark bush of hair still had droplets of urine on it. Anila knelt down and moved her hair to one side, making sure I got the full view. She stuck her tongue out seductively and, to my surprise, licked the woman over and over again, urine and all. As I continued to watch Anila drink the other woman’s, I caught myself rubbing my own virgina.

After a few minutes Anila stood up and walked over to me. “Your all dirty baby, I think you need a shower.” Anila said. She stood only inches from me. Our nipples touched and I could smell a hint of urine on her breath. “Ok…that’s a good idea…I’m not feeling very well,” I said. As the hot water splashed down across my young body I thought about what had just happened. For all I knew they were in her bedroom again fucking. It didn’t gross me out, I sometimes thought about trying it with another girl but I never imagined Anila doing it. I put my face under the water and I heard the large glass door of the shower open and close behind me. I turned and saw both of them stark naked again smiling at me. They both moved next to me on either side. They began to kiss my neck and I could feel both of their hairy bushes grinding into my legs. They licked and tongue fucked my wet ears and I felt four warm hands rubbing my naked body all over: my breasts, my hardening nipples, my firm round ass, and my legs. Anila moved in front of me and started to kiss me really hard until I let her tongue in me. She licked my insides furiously. I looked down and saw the other woman eating Anila’s ass out from behind.

Anila’s hands gripped my tits and pinched my nipples as I felt a third hand massage my inner thighs. The hand moved up higher and higher. I stood on my tiptoes but it was no good, the Latin woman rubbed my young pussy hard. I gasped as she inserted two fingers in me. Anila told me to turn around. I did exactly what she said. She pushed me down so I was bending over in front of her. She bent over more too, giving the Latin woman better access to her pussy. Her hands caressed my ass and the crack, then her fingers traced my opened, very wet pussy lips. I felt fingers enter me and press hard against my g-spot. “Ohhhh, ohhhh!!” I squealed as my body rocked with a deep, hard orgasm. Anila’s tongue pressed its way into my asshole and I moaned aloud. She tongue fucked my ass hole and pumped my pussy with two fingers. I came again. This time screaming out. Then Anila stopped licking me. “Ohh yeah you bitch, lick mommies pussy, yeah, finger my asshole you skanky whore!!!” Anila yelled and moaned at the woman buried in her ass. “Uh-huh…ahhhhh….ohhhh yeah, shit…suck me….oh fuck…I’m cumming…I’m cumming!!!” Anila moaned in a low, guttural voice.

Seeing Anila’s orgasm in full effect made me want to do something in return. I whipped around and grabbed Anila’s face and stuck my tongue deep in her mouth. She was thrashing about and still moaning while she had every hole filled with either a finger or a tongue. We stood up, rubbing our bushy cunts together, our tits smashing into one another’s, kissing passionately. I ran my hands down Anila’s perfect, plumb, round ass. I felt her crack and tapped her pucker. She kissed me harder. Feeling bold, I stuffed her ass with my finger. I shoved it in hard without giving her time to relax. She cried out. The woman in back of Anila, sitting on the tub floor, laughed. “Oweee you little bitch!” Anila giggled. She flung me around again so my ass was facing her. She started to spank my young, wet ass, over and over again, slowly at first and then harder and harder. “Give it to that little bitch Anila!!!” The other woman yelled out laughing. My ass was burning, Anila was showing me no mercy but I just gripped down on the faucet and bent over for her. After a while Anila got tired and stopped. “Look at her nice white ass…it isn’t white any more…it’s beat red!” They both laughed. Anila and her Latin lover started to lick my ass from behind. Two tongues and four hands felt wonderful and I came atleast three times in about five minutes. The last time I came was so intense that I actually ejaculated fluid. The Latin lady lapped all my juice up while she moaned about how good of a girl I was.

“I want both of you little harlots to make me cum!” Miss Latin demanded. “You know what I like Anila.” Anila giggled and pressed the woman to a laying position on the floor with her back on the tub floor. Anila had me stand right in back of her as she stood over the woman’s face. Anila started to moan softly and then louder and louder and louder, “here it comes baby…here it comes…open wide for mommy!” The woman leaned on her elbows with her mouth inches bellow Anila’s pussy. Anila began to piss out a deep yellow stream out of her open lips. Her piss poured down all over the woman’s face, hair and breasts. She swallowed a little but used most of it to rub all over her. “I want more you little slut!! Is that all you have for me?” The woman pouted. “I’m sorry Maria, I didn’t have to go.” “Maybe your tasty little friend there has some for me?” Maria said looking at me with utter lust in her eyes. “Do you have to pee Geeta?” Anila asked me. “Well, kind of…but…but.” “Ahhh good, well stop wasting time and get up there sexy.” She said slapping my ass. I took my place over the woman and she rubbed my young pussy, opening the lips for me. “Give it to me Geeta, I want all your sweet juice!” Maria demanded. I tried as hard as I could but I couldn’t pee. Maria moaned and I looked down and saw Anila ramming a shampoo bottle her ass. “Come on baby, I’m almost there…I want your nasty golden rain!” With her saying that, I concentrated and relaxed. I felt a powerful stream of urine empty out of my full bladder. The woman started to cry out and I knew she was cumming. I looked down and saw her swallowing all of my piss. Every few seconds she would take a breath and moan, letting the warm piss splash down her face. I keep pissing and pissing and pissing and she drank most of it. When I had relieved myself completely she leaned up and sucked my wet pussy cleaning me with her probing tongue. I was so excited that I came again, ejaculated fluid for the second time that night.

We showered up and spent the entire night together fucking away. Now, when ever I spend nights at her place we have fun all night long and get so tried in the morning to get up.


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