The Panties Which Altered My Life

My name is Priti and I am an 18 year old GUY. I am a short kid who does not have too much experience with dating because of my height. Girls tend to ignore me, calling me “cute” for the wrong reasons. I went to one of those “indian parties” with my parents during a break from college, and I was asked to talk with the others in the family room. A girl there, Hina Patel. was a family friend for a long time, as her parents and I have been friends for the longest of time. It was her parents that invited us for this party. I was always ignored by her, as I just knew she thought lowly of me. She was so gorgeous, yet I had no respect for her. She was a fuckin’ bitch liike the rest of them. I just could not stay in the same room as her, for i knew that I would go insane. Her beauty was too much to handle, and she was a childhood crush of mine since day one.

I physically separated myself from the surroundings and ventured into the basement. I could hear the huge holler of laughter up above, as I knew that all the dads were laughing about some new event in indian politics, the moms were gossiping about their kids, and the college-age kids were all talking about their experiences.

When in the basement I saw the washing machine and dryer and a ping pong table, and I felt myself getting more and more bored by the second. I wish i had the confidence to talk to Hina, but I just know that she would simply ignore me. <sigh> Well I just wandered all around the basement, and I saw Hina’s blouse sitting on top of the washer. I looked at the load of clothing ready to be washed, and I noticed that they were all Hina’s clothing (as i could recognize a shirt or 2 of hers in the pile). I was suddenly aroused at the site of Hina’s soiled clothing. I knew there was nobody around in the basement, and this was my chance to grab a momento. As I sifted through her clothing, a slightly pungent odor was rising through the air. That could mean only one thing……her panties were also in the mix. My dick was getting so stiff that it was pushing against my zipper and causing me pain. I pulled down my pants to relieve some of the tension. Her panties were mostly of silk material and the smelled divine, They were all slightly dampin the front and two of them were also slightly tan colored near the ass aea. I gently licked the panties and covered my face in them. This was the closest I would ever get to Hina’s real presence. I rubbed the soiled panties against my thick 7 inch cock, and I felt the need to cum. I controlled my inner feelings, and I decided I should follow my natural instincts, I removed my underwear and put on the panties which were the most soiled. They were extremely tight, but I felt as I was inside Hina. I felt a little silly being down in the basement all by myself, but at least I was getting aroused…


Suddenly, I heard a door opening. The light flickered and I heard a voice yelling, “PRITI its time to leave….!!!” It was my mom yelling. as it turned out that most people were getting ready to leave. I quickly made a move. I hid behind the washing machine. I overhead them saying that they are dropping off a friend and they would be back to pick me up. I could not stop with her panties now. I wanted to dive right into her clothing. I knew that if someone came downstairs right now, my reputation would be finished. I was so nervous that my dick became limp. All of a sudden, the door opened again and the lights went on. I heard someone coming down the stairs. I took a peek from behind the washer, and it was Hina. Now I was getting incredibly worried. She already is not too fond of me, and if she sees me wearing her panties, I will be blacklisted for life. She finally got to the bottom of the stairs, and let out this overwhelming scream “AHHHHHHHHHH who knocked over my laundry!!!??????” She had this huge look of despair on her face and she furiously arranged all of her laundry. She caught a glimpse of my shadow and pulled back the washer, to find me scrunched behind it, wearing her panties. She pulled my hair and threw my to the ground (I am not very strong)…..She used every cuss word in the book….”YOU FUCKIN PERVERT………WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING YOU PIECE OF SHIT blah blah blah” I knew my life was ruined. She was yelling “you gross sick idiot!!!!! you uncivilized little pervert…!!!!! ” She was wrestling with me on the ground throwing insults at me. She was on top of me throwing punches, and I was loving every minute of it. Her body was ON MINE. I loved her physical abuse.


It was highly erotic. Then she raised her skirt and sat on my face and yelled “IS THIS WHAT YOU CRAVE YOU SICK PIG?????” I pretended to feel bad so that she would continue with what she was doing. Then she threw clothing at me and started kicking me, yelling obsenities in the process. I knew i had nothing to lose, so I grabbed her neck and planted a huge kiss on her. She seemed utterly surprised, and her look of fury turned into one of disbelief. As I backed away, she gave me a half smile and she leaned over me and kissed me voluntarily. We locked our arms around each other kissing passionately. I was in utter shock this time. I was kissing the hottest desi babe in our Guju community. I was breathing heavily as I kissed her violently, and I did not let one part of her face miss my mouth. I nibbled on her ear and her neck and I gave a visual signal to her that I was about to remove her top. She showerd no signs of hesitation, but rather that of satisfaction. I gently cradled her beautiful breasts and gently sucked on each of them. As my head lowered on her body, I could smell the now-familiar scent of her sweet pussy juices. Her stomach was firm and well shaped, yet soft and easy to hold on to. She took the offense again and turned me around. She pulled HER panties off of me and seemed bedazzled, “How can a short guy like you have such a giant hard thick cock?”
I knew now that I was indeed good for something, but I was nervous, as I never experienced a girl handling my cock. She gently stroked all 7 inches of my cock, with an air of naughtiness in her eye. I knew what she was about to do next. She closed her sultry eyes and submerged my entire cock into her warm mouth. My cock felt so warm and moist in her mouth, a feeling I have never felt before. I never knew how good it would feel. Her gently sucking motion made me squirm left and right.

It felt unbelievable. My cock was growing in her mouth, and with this new sense of confidence that i had, I yelled out “SUCK IT BITCH……..SUCK IT HARDER………HARDER………give it to me Hina……yeah yeah yeah yeah…..” …..My panting was getting louder and louder, and I felt like I was gonna burst. Then all of a sudden, the door opened again, and it was Hina’s younger sister, Meena. She came to bottom of the stairs and stared at disbelief. Meanwhile, my cock was deep inside Hina’s mouth. I yelled to Meena, “you better not tell anyone up there!” She just turned to me and goes, “you guys are gross……..FUCKIN LOSERS!” Meena was only 16, but had a loud voice of a 35 year old. She came down to where we were and pulled Hina’s mouth from my wet cock. Hina resisted, and planted her mouth on my cock once
“Hey Meena”, I yelled, “Just because you don’t like guys, doesn’t mean your sis can’t enjoy one!”
Meena took offense at this and retorted, “oh yeah? I like guys!
Fine give me that thing Hina….let me suck on it!”
The young bitch started feverishly sucking on my dick, while Hina pulled her own panties off and squatted above my face, gently sitting on my face. I was in pure heaven… I used my tongue and swirled it around Hina’s pussy and ass. I sucked her pussy dry, until she started to come all over my face. She tasted awesome….I wanted to marry this girl, as if this was the pussy I could suck on every night, I would be a happy guy!
Then I yelled, “Hey Meena…lets see if you taste as good as your sister!”
She hesitated and said, “I sucked your nasty dick to prove a point!
But I must admit…I kinda liked doing it. I guess I deserve a chance to see what it feels like too.”
I pulled the GAP jean shorts off of her to find a noticeably untouched unshaven pussy. It smelled different….had that “new car” smell to it.
While I was buried under Meena’s young pussy, Hina spit on my dick and glided my slithery dick into her tight asshole. It felt even warmer than her mouth, and it felt tight and sticky. She shoved it in her ass and made up-and-down movements with a fervor never seen before from this girl. I came in 2 seconds as this was highly arousing.
Just then, the door opened again. Hina’s mom and my mom were coming down the stairs. All three of us knew our lives were ruined. They came to the bottom, saw my dick in Hina’s ass and my face in Meena’s pussy…. and fainted. Both of them are currently in the hospital for head injuries, and I was permanently unallowed in their home again. For the following months, Hina and I would secretly meet in my car in the park and we would have wild uninhibited sex. Sometimes her cute sis would join too! 🙂


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