The Family Matters

This is my first ever sex story The Family Matters onto this site. Hope that all the people will like it & send me their comments. Now let me come to the business. First about myself, IM Vibhav Kapoor, 25 years of age, 5’8” in height, muscular body due to regular gym and sports, residing in posh South Delhi and belongs to upper class family status. The incident IM narrating to u all happens with me when I was only 16 yr. old & thus started my sexual activity. This incident is true to my knowledge & there r no false statements mentioned. It all started after the marriage of my elder brother. He was 23 at the time of marriage. My Bhabhi Kavita was very fair girl aged 20 at that time. 5’3” heights, with big round boobs, slim waist & nice round ass (at that time 38D, 27,39). The day I saw her I cummed in my pants. I was jealous of my brother’s luck. From very first day, I wanted to fuck Kavita Bhabhi.

I had adjoining room with them & at nights, I use to masturbated hearing there light moans & always dreaming of fucking Kavita. She was my fantasy woman. Day by day my dreams became my passion & I was desperate to fuck her, my feelings for her became stronger. Maybe she know my intentions coz whenever we’re alone she does not care much about her dresses & I can see lots of her cleavage & upper portion of her boobs were visible thru her blouses or her kameez. It was Sunday and 5 months had passed & as usual, I sleep until noon. At around 10:30 am I heard somebody entering my room. I had a habit of sleeping naked with only a sheet covering me. I thought it was our maid coming for her routine cleaning but then I heard her sweet voice (Kavita). She tried to wake me up saying that nobody was at home as everybody had went to some relative’s death early in the morning & she was there only coz then I’ll be left alone in the house. She was feeling lonely & bored. Hearing that nobody was at home, I started making plans to fuck her, to take her to my bed; I was not in the mood to wake up easily & pretended to be in deep sleep.

Since I was not getting up, she hurriedly pulled up my coversheet & there I was stark naked underneath. I immediately opened my eyes & saw her reaction, she had her mouth wide open & her eyes were glued upon my throbbing cock. She does not have any words to say nor she was taking her eyes off from my manhood. My cock was at its best standing tall, throbbing & saluting her very proudly. Then I started stoking my cock, she realized it that I was awake & what I was doing she immediately closed her eyes with her hands & ran away towards her room laughing shyly. I quickly followed her to her room, she was not there but then I heard some voices coming from her bathroom. She was in such a hurry that she didn’t bother to lock the bathroom door behind her. The door was open slightly & I peeked into the bathroom from the open door. She was there siting on the toilet seat. Her sari and her petticoat were pulled upto her waist her panties were down till her knees. Her cunt was easily visible thru her dense forest of black curly pubic hairs, as she had started to finger fuck herself, with two fingers of her right hand, her eyes were closed. Maybe! Why maybe? Yes she was imagining of my massive cock while masturbating. I went in & stand in front of her.

As my habit of going to toilet to piss as soon as I wake up, I started pissing. A jet stream of my urine started to land on her pussy lips & on her right hand. She opened her eyes to see what was happening, the saw me pissing she smiled & continued with her work of finger fucking herself. Then suddenly she exploded into a massive orgasm, which made her body tense, and then she was limp for few minutes. After sometime when she was in her senses, she brought her right hand towards her mouth & licked her own juices and my urine and made itself totally clean. Man u can imagine my situation. It was like someone was giving be hard knocks on my cock as it was hurting so badly coz it was as hard as steel and ready to explode anytime. It was a massive hard on as compared to my previous ones. My cock was aching for her pussy. She me do u want to feed likes a baby? I told yes my dear I am hungry to drink Ur milk please feed me like a baby. She told come u big baby drink ur Bhabhi’s milk and then she unhooked her blouse, two button from below and took her one boob out and gave it in my mouth I started sucking her boob.

She told me suck hard pls. Ahhhhh uffffffffff naaaaaa Na! Plzzzzz dherreeeeee d naaaaaa!!!!! She moaned and started playing with my cock I told her to take her another boob out apna dosara boob to nikalo na. She told tum hi nikalo na. I told how could a small baby take out such a big breast. Oh mein to bhool hi gai thi ki tum to chote sa bache ho. Mera doodh peene wale baby. She took out her other boob and gave it in my mouth and told me chooso is mein bahoot doodh hai piyo. I sucked it hard and hard her both boobs. I sucked her for quite sometime then I was desperate to fuck her. Maybe she know what I wanted as she quickly removed all her clothes & was naked in a flash of lightning. My fantasy woman was in front of me naked; guys’ u can imagine the situation I was going thru. Her boobs were big, round & heavy but not sagging a bit. Her nipples were pink in color & were poking out, erect more than 1 inch. She sank to her knees in front of my cock, opened her mouth wide & the started to take my cock into her mouth to suck it. Man what a sensation it was I can’t explain in words. As soon as her mouth made contact with my cock a chill ran thru my spine, I was out of this world. The first blowjob of my life & I cummed immediately in her mouth. She drank all my cum hungrily as there was no tomorrow & as it was potion that only saves her life. When my bank of cock emptied all its money of sperms into her mouth and there was nothing left she neatly cleaned my cock with her lips & tongue.

After some time when I came to my senses she was lying on the floor with her legs, spread wide & her cunt & her pubic were shining with her juices. She asked me to sit onto her face, as she wanted to smell & lick my shithole. Man what a dirty bitch she was I thought just like me, as I also love the smell of urine, shit & sweat. I did as she asked and got into 69 position with her. She licking & smelling my shithole while I was burying my face, my tongue & my nose in her pussy & asshole. The smell of her pussy & asshole were so intoxicating that I had another massive hardon in few seconds. She started playing & licking with my balls and sometimes put her tongue in my shithole. It was a gr8 feeling for me, as my dreams were becoming true. While I was licking her pussy & asshole I was also fingering her pussy & playing with her clit. She was going crazy & started biting my cock on its mushroom red head. Then I was going out of control & badly wanted to fuck her hard. I told her so & she said, “help urself my big boy”. I asked her to mount onto my cock & ride me. I lay onto my back & my cock was standing, pointing towards the ceiling.

As soon as she touched her cunt lips she withdrew herself from my cock without lowering her on my cock & said; ”There is one condition to fuck me!” I was in no condition to stop now so I accepted her every condition without listening to it. Then again she positioned herself onto my cock & started to lower herself. Man she was tight & warm from inside. I had no difficulty in sending my cock deep into her pussy as her juices were flowing freely from her cunt, which helped me to enter her freely. She was hot like an oven from inside her pussy. She started to ride me with gr8 passion & making noises. She rode me madly & cummed 3 times in quick successions. I was playing with her big boobs & pinching her nipples & sucking them alternatively. Her nipples were getting harder & harder minute by minute. She ordered me to put my finger up in her asshole and as soon as I did it, she cummed one more time quite heavily. Man she was totally out of control. After 15-20 minutes I told her I was going to cum, she shouted “MUJH MEIN HI CHOOTNA, MAIN TUMHARI PANI KO APNE ANDER HI MEHSOOS KARNA CHATI HOON. TUM EK BHAUT BADE HARAMI HO JO APNI BHABHI KO CHOOD RAHE HO, U BASTARD, U BHABHI CHODU” these words made me more hot & I shot my entire load of sperms inside her hot cunt. She also cummed with me this time & we went limp for quite sometime.

We were totally exhausted & lay side by side for sometime. Then she got up & cleaned her & me with the towel. Then she put on her clothes & kissed me passionately on my lips & thanked me for the lovely time. While leaving the bathroom together I asked her about the condition she put before fucking, she told me that I have to be her sex slave thruout my life and to do each & every king of things in sex with her what she will order. I feeled gr8 coz I had agreed to that before. So friends this was my true & first sexperience with my lovely, sexable, fuckable Kavita Bhabhi. It happened so quickly that I could not even done the things I had in my mind & planed for so long for my first fuck with Kavita. Our relationship is still going on strongly it is now in 9th year.

She also introduced my younger Bhabhi Pooja, with whom our relationship is going from last 5 years. But now both r busy with their families & duties that they cannot give me enough sex time. And IM now a sex addict. Any females, married, divorcee, widowed aged between 20 – 45 living in Delhi & NCR looking for fun filled short term relationship & for loving experiences feel free to contact me on my email id : or . secrecy will be assured & guaranteed. Females please furnish Ur full details like name, age, contact number, address(if wants) & time to contact. I will be there in Ur service ASAP. Comments r also welcome. In my next story, I will tell u all more about my sexperiences with Kavita & how we planed & successfully had Pooja in our bed. Bye for now & hope u enjoyed the story.

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