The experience in Surat

Hello friends.. I am a regular reader of zoneforsex stories and had always been jealous of the boys having wonderful sexual experiences. The experience in Surat I had remained virgin all this time until the day of my salvation arrived. I was traveling by a rickshaw when a girl came and sat by me. At first I was busy in my thoughts but when I had a glimpse of hers in the mirror and then my senses went out of my control! Let me describe her…

She has large black eyes, milky complexion, brownish silky hair up to her knees and the same soberness I was searching for. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Looking at her boobs juggle made me hot even of imagining about them as they were such a perfect pair to her striking features. Her ass wasn’t anything to be left behind with her beauty. Believe me I felt as if I had seen an angel. I am not going to make u guys and gals any further bore and I am straight away going to take you to the gist of my story. She was sitting very close to mine that our arms and thighs were touching each other. I cant explain what a wonderful feeling that was.. Her arms were really soft and the touch had made me erotically hers!!!!! At first all the touch that was being produced was because of the rickshaw turns…

Now I was purposely getting more close to her. Now our arms and thighs were air locked and I was enjoying the touch. We were looking at each other through the mirror meant for rear view. I at first feared that she will resist my getting so very close to her but she didn’t resist and infact she now beared a very mysterious smile?. This gave a great boost to my confidence to get her. My stop was getting near but she was going for a further destination, so I guided the rickshawala to take me to a further spot. Now I was trying to rub my thighs on hers and she too was now responding. On every turn I used to dash on hers and she used to do the same. Now the stop had come and we both got down. We paid the rickshaw wala and she started walking slowly, I followed her. My heart beats were going high as I didn’t knew what to do next. After much following I went near her and asked her name, she replied Rohini. Then I introduced myself to her and complemented her beauty. She asked various questions to me and then when her building neared I asked when can we meet next, she said we can meet now. She said I can come to her flat. I was taken aback as I never imagined in my wildest dreams that such a beautiful girl will ask me to come to her house.

I asked what if her parents see me. She her parents are at work and will return late. I saw my destiny taking a wild turn! We entered in her flat and now I saw a beautiful girl in front of me. I stared her for a while, she said what am I waiting for.. I went close to her and caught her hand and she tried to take back. But I caught her waist and made her sit on my lap. I said that I was dying for her and kissed her lips for 15 minutes; she laughed Now I removed her dress and hugged her. I started to kiss her neck and she started moaning, her white boobs demanded me to unhook her bra too and I did this. I saw her big boobs with erected reddish brown nipples and started sucking and biting them. she said I’m unable to withstand. “ar dheere se kato na” I was excited and sucked her big nipples so hard. She started moaning saying “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeh kya kar rahe ho?” My tongue tasted the flavour of every part of her mouth & so did she. After that I turned my attention towards her body. It looked so inviting and delicious. I just placed my hand on her boobs and she let out a moan. They were as full and soft like sponge.

Rohini all the while was cuddling my hair and was making all kinds of sexy noises. Suddenly she told she wanted my manhood. She immediately flew open my levis. My rod sprang up from my underwear and she swallowed it like a whore. The feeling was tantalizing. She was a very good sucker and later I came to know she learnt sucking from blue films. She kept on igniting the volcano in me and I let it go on her face. She swallowed it all up. Now it was my turn and I told her to spread her legs. The scene was soooo seducing. I immediately dived into her honey pot. It was streaming wet. She was going wild and her voices became more erotic than ever. She sounded like oooooohhhhhhh ppplllllllzzzzz go on doinggg thatttt. ahhhhhhhh. I knew this was the time for the final act and I readied her for it. I slowly entered her virgin cunt. It was tight. I applied some oil and then again I re-entered.

This time it went in much easily. She held her eyes tight shut. I slowly increased the pace of my strokes and so was the sound of her shrieks. The passion between both of us was boiling inside. I was fucking her hard. We both were at the apex of our excitement. Finally after about ten minutes of hard fucking we both came together in an avalanche of ecstasy. We lay there for quite some time. I was sweating profusely and she was having cold sweat. We had both lost our virginity together. She had to shift her residence recently for some reason and so we meet very rare now. But not before we enjoyed with each other ample number of times. I have had the time of my life with her. You can send me your comments on Any girls or ladies in Surat interested in secure and great sex can also contact me on my e-mail address. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Bye.

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