The Exhibitionist Priya

I am priya The Exhibitionist Priya. I am 23 years old. My figures are 32 24 32 and my height is 5 feet 6 inches. I am studying in college. I don’t know why I like to show off my body to older men. But may be it started when I was growing up and I observed men looking at my growing breasts and bulging ass. That excited me and I did not know what it was . I understood it as I grew up. The long stares of hungry men, specially older ones excited me and I started to dress provocatively. I wore skirts and shirt’s. The shirt’s would have deep cut in front that would show my 34 inch breasts.

The skirt would be knee length and a bit loose so that once in awhile it would fly and give nice view of my milky thies. I watched the men staring and that would always made me wet and I had to masturbate in the privacy of toilets or at home. I will narrate an incidence in a train. Our family had to go to Panjab for attending a marriage and the incidence took place while I was sitting and watching the beauty of nature from the window. We got on the train and I sat down opposite two older men in their 40’s. I was wearing white shirt and black skirt . No bra and no panties! I was aware that I showed the cleavage of my breasts and occasionally when I uncrossed the legs, glimpses of my hairless pussy. They were constantly looking at me. Their looks were making me breath faster in the excitement of exhibitionism . I had to bite my lower lip to make sure my breathing wasn’t too obvious. After a couple of minutes I casually undid a button on my blouse( My blouse had buttons in the front at 2 cm gap). O ne of the men was glancing at me and saw me doing it, and I smiled back at his startled look. I pretended that the weather was very hot and I and to do it. I was looking straight at him and I think he could just begin to see the curve of my breast now. He looked confused, didn’t know where to look, but he saw that I didn’t mind him staring. He shifted a bit in his seat to get a better view. The other man was reading, but glanced up at this movement and saw me. He didn’t look down again. They both were looking at the cleavage of my breasts excitedly .

Then I started undoing the second button. Their breathing was getting heavy, and I could see them getting hard from the bulge it created . They boldly stared at the treasure of my breasts and swallowed hard. I was getting excited too and wanted to show them more. But how could I in a running train? I rested my elbow on the side of the window so that my arms pressed on my breasts and made them bulge even more. I then smiled at them and let them know that I was aware of their stares . I looked around to see if anyone was watching our little game but all were busy in either dozing off or looking blankly out of the window. I then uncrossed my legs and placed both of myfeet on the floor. Fresh air rushed in my pussy and I felt better. I started to stamp my feet in rhythm to some unknown music and attracted their attention. They realized what I had done and casually looked down at my knees. I followed their gaze and slowly spread mylegs slightly. The gate to look at my cunt was widening slowly and I saw eagerness in the eyes of the two older men. One of them had his hand on his hard on and was slowly pressing his cock. I shifted a little in my seat and then pushed my ass forward. This made my knees go up and my cunt was now in line with the eyes of the two men.

They looked intently and must have seen my pussy and then my cunt . I scratched my knee and lifted it slightly up. Ohhh God! That made my pussy open for them. I saw them getting excited and looking at my exposed cunt. I wanted to show them more! So I winked at them and got up and walked to the toilet. I wanted them to follow me and I looked behind. Both of them were coming behind me and I lost a beat! The toilet area was deserted and best suited to fulfill my fetish. I opened the toilet door and went inside. I did not close the bolt but kept the door slightly open. The two men came there and looked around. They must have seen the half closed toilet and eagerly walked near it. I looked through the crack of the door and saw them looking. I had to act fast! I removed my shirt slowly letting them see me do it.Slowly my breasts came into view. I removed the shirt and held my breasts in my palms, kneading them and rubbing them. They were really shocked to see this and their eyes bulged out! I slowly raised my breast to my mouth and tried to kiss the nipple. But could not do it. So I started to rub my nipples between my thumb and forefinger and soon both my nipples were hard.They stood proudly on the swelling of my breasts,sticking out about 1/2 inch. I moaned loudly and my body shook with excitement. I wanted the men to look and I wanted their cocks to burst with thick whitecome! I removed my skirt and stood naked inside the toilet. It was risky and the risk was worth to be taken. I spread my legs and showed them my cunt. My cunt was neatly shaven and my clitstood hard and prominent.

I opened my cunt lips with my fingers and began to rub a finger all along the slit. Now one of the men came closer and whispered, “Hey babe ! Can I come inside? I will give you a nice fuck.” ” Yes! please uncle! I am just waiting for that. But can i guid your dick while the train is moving He said yes and hurried in and Iclosed the door. The other man knocked it and I had to open it. I held it slightly open and heard him say, “what about me? Should I come inside too? Or should I just keep on watching.?” ” Uncle. Just keep an eye on people. Be on guard and I will give you your chance too.” And I closed the door as before. The man caught my breasts and kneaded them savagely. I knew he was in a very excited state. I allowed him to do that and asked him to suck my nipples. He gladly did that. I felt his mouth against my nipple and he sucked it in.he chewed it with his lips and then bit it slightly.This made me very hot and I put my hand on his crotch and undid the zipper. His 7-inch cock was out and smiling. Due to long excitement his red cock head was all wet with precome and I felt my hand slide on it easily. I looked at him and smiled. He went on to his knees and started to lick my cunt. Ohh that felt really nice. He was an expert cunt lapper and knew how to do it. His tongue rolled around my clit making me moan loudly. My ass jerked as his tongue moved allover my slit and finally he pushed his tongue in my cunt hole and started to tongue fuck me. Ohh God I was in heaven. I wanted his cock. I wanted to take it in my cunt in my mouth and fuck it! Ohhhhhhhhhh!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I moaned and came! My cunt juice musthave choked him.

My legs trembled and I came and came! He licked all the juice from my cunt and fucked me for more than five minutes and then lost his patience. He urged me to make him come. He got up and asked me to wrap my fist around his cock and jerk him off. I did that and he started to move his ass in rhythm to my fist. I must have jerked him for a few minutes and he came. His cock spasmed and thick white come shot out through it. Some landed on my hand and some on my belly. The feeling of the hot come on my body was great. I rubbed the come all over my skin and left it there. The man asked me to guid his dick in to my cunt and i did as his advice put his cock inside my cunt it entered easily as i was not a vrgin and he started raming his cock in and out of my cunt with the rythm of the train and made me lean on the wall of the train and rammed me cery hard after a few minutes he was about to cum and i took his croach i my mouth and sucked him dry and he wentout thanking me for nice little show. I told him to guard for sometime till I finish off with the other. The otherman came in hurriedly and I could see that his cock was very hard. He did not bother to touch and asked me to masturbate with him. He took out his cock and began fisting it slowly. I bent my knees and pushed my hand to my pussy, watching him jerk off. He was looking at my fingers rubbing on my cunt. I pushed my long fingerin my cunt hole and began finger fucking myself. It felt great while doing it with the man jerking off close to me I moaned obscene words and his fist moved faster. We continued rubbing our organs and looking ateach other.

Soon my body jerked and I came! My fingers were soaked wet. I took my fingers to his mouth and he licked them. This triggered his orgasm and his cockbusted. Jets of come splashed from his cock on to my belly and stomach. Rubbed that too on my body. He put his hand on my breast and started massaging it and he placed his lips on my lower lips and started sucking my lip and put his toung in side my mouth and started exploring my mouth i also responded for it after some time he held my hand and guided it to his cockand i held his cock in my hand and started jerking it and it suddenly became hard in my hand and i guided it to my cunt wihich was all ready wet and it slipped between my cunt walls and he started pushing it in and out and ramed me against the wall this time i came first and i rested on his chest and then he was about to cum and i took it in my mouth and sucked all his cum and made him empty his pot in my mouthand he put his dick in his pant and went out satisfied. I finished putting on my clothes and then came out and sat on my seat, as if nothing had happened. after that i had many more experiences watch out for my further experiences

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