The Dream Night – Sex Story In English

I am a fan of zoneforsex and there is not a single story which I have not read.So today I got the time to write my own true story which tooked place a month back.THis was between me(noman) my friend(Ali) and two other cool girls Bushra and Farina.Let me tell you about all of us Me and ALi are of 19yrs and both of us bares a good look while Ali is actually to cool and he is the dream boy of the girls of this age.Well about Bushra she is 18 with 36-25-34 she looks owesome and sexy specially when she was taking a blowjob,and Farina she is 19 and her figure is 34-25-34 well she resembles much like pamela and her ass was too good.Now i think i should start the sexiest incident which tooked place.

It was a cool saturday night when there was a concert of junoon at the DreamWorld Resort in Karachi(I think the indians are well known of junoon). Me and Ali were there too enjoying with our group friends and during that time we were dancing in between cool girls,suddenly two girls i.e Farina and Bushra joined us,P.S Ali was a virgin before this incident.

While we were dancing and gosping Bushra just became dirty and started to begin a dirty dance and she was again and again forcing Ali to do something well ali was very shy by this part but seeing that girl sticking her huge ass against his dick,his dick was errect then ali also started replying him and he started jerking and pushing her,in between bushra gave the sign to follow her so he did and she let her in between the bushes of the golf club.I excused other friends and farina and i just followed both of them in order to see what they are upto.As i reach there i saw both of them were kissing passionately and she was wearing a tide with a tight half t-shirt suddenly her hand went under ali’s pant and she just undressed ali and he was obeying her as a servant.He then started playing with her tits and bushra sucking his 10inch dick, he was moarning like anything and then she undressed herself and the position change to of a 69 one where ali licking bushras pussy and the crack of ass.I was too out of my mind and i was not knwing that farina was behind me suddenly the voice came that come on fari and nomie join us and the call was from bushra i soon got fright but i had to taste there asses and pussy so i just jumped in and i just got hold of farina she gave me a blowjob and my 12 inch dick was in her mouth of course not the whole of it but i was enjoying it actually she was soon undressed by me but i was in full mood to fuck not to lick and drink there juice, so then i pulled bushra while ali was licking farina’s and i told her to turn back and hold on to the tree and i then put my cock and started pushing it in her pussy she was very amazed bty the size and was much interested to take the whole so then i started my work and my dick going in and out and she was screaming and enjoying with the every upthrust while at the same time Ali too spread farina’s legs and started fucking her really hard as it was his first time so he was soon about to cum so i guided him to put in her’s ass and he did while fari was bend like dog and she was screaming not in joy but in pain while she was getting ass fucked.Then fari’s juice was also about to come so she guided ali to lick and he did and he drunked all the juice without even leaving a single drop and soon i changed my style and started to fuck bushra’s ass but she was enjoying and it was the first time i fucked that huge ass then bushra also splashed hers juice on ali’s face and at that time ali was a good licker.Then me and ali were to tired and we just laid down on the huge tits and aagain after five minutes we switched the partner and again did anal sex and blowjobs.

But then we also had to go back for the concert so we then all dressed up and washed ourselves and went in between the dancing world but as we both fucked off those cute cunties so we were to tired and just droped in between the other friends and laughing at that fantasy night which before this was always a fantasy and dream for both of us.Because its not too easy to fuck girls just in one day i mean just during first time because we just met them once and during the dance.But now we always hang around together and we have fucked them a thousands time. P.s { If any girl wanna let her pussy licked just mail the cool ali at: I will come up with my previous sexiest incidents. till then enjoy yourself and let me know that how did find this story.

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