It was hot steamy afternoon in Bombay. As usual the weather in Bombay is always hot and humid. I was visiting Bombay for about a month. Being born and raised in Canada, I wanted to see the indian life here. Of course there are so many desi’s in Canada, but they are all caught up in a western society. Even the indian girls there are to modern. Really I came here to check out the real Indian women and find their own lifestyles.

Landing from Bombay airport, I got my baggage and went to my hotel room. I relaxed, washed up and got ready to tour the city. Outside Bombay, it was so hot! so hot that the Indian women were actually wearing T-shirts and Tops, not the traditionally Salwaar Kameez or Sari’s. In one area, I visited this marketplace where all the merchants put up stalls and sells just about anything off the streets. This catches a huge crowd in the daytime. There were so much people here that the cars and the auto-rikshaws couldn’t get through. While I was walking around looking at the merchandise, I noticed this young girl in a Salwaar Kameez. Now she was not just an ordinary girl in a suit, but was a young beautiful girl with not to mentioned a great body. She look around 19 or 20 years old. Those suits that these girls where usually hide their body figure but she showed everything off. She had these huge indian tits just hanging out right in front of my face. She also had a nice round ass to go with it. She was not like other types of girls, even the indian girls living in Canada can’t match her body. As this girl was looking around, I was just standing in front of her checking her out, just concentrating at her huge tits right in front of her. She didn’t even knew I was checking her out.

I got hard in my pants just looking at her huge melons, so to make my erect prrick useful during my hornyness, I went up behind her and brushed up my cock against her big ass. The crowd got bigger and bigger around us so nobody noticed me. She didn’t even noticed herself, but as my cock got bigger while I was humping her, she quickly turned around and looked at me. I told her, “Sorry, I was trying to get thru the crowd here”. Just making up something to tell her. Suprisingly she believed me, smiled at me and turned back around. Further after I continued to rub her from behind. Within minutes I kept on rubbing harder on her, she didn’t even noticed or maybe didn’t care. It was almost like having sex with her right there on the street by all my humping. Then all of a sudden. she turned around and said, “Are you trying to get my attention? I was hesitating what to say next. I thought that she knew about it and I was going to get caught, but then she said,”Thank you for all that feeling, it felt good”. I was suprised that she knew and liked it. She told afterwards, “Come follow me”. Without hesitation, I followed her.

She took me to this buiding near the marketplace. The first floor had small stores but the the second floor had offices and restrooms. I followed her to the second floor and into the women restroom. As we went in, she said to lock the door. Soon she drop the inside piece of her Salwaar Kameez and sat down at the toilet. As she bend down, she showed off great cleavage. Then she grab on my hard tool in my pants and uzipped my pants and pulled my underwear down. Her eyes opened up brightly as my cock sprunged open right in front of her face. Then she took my indian cock all the way down her throat, almost choking herself. Same time I was playing with her huge tits out of her material. After around 10 minutes later, she took it out of her mouth, and got up from the toilet. I told her to stand in front of the sink basin and bend down. bending over exposed her lucious indian pussy. It was dark red with a huge bush around it. These girls in India never shaves their bushes. Soon with out wasting my time, I came up behind her and plunged my indian cock up her puss. My cock is eventually to big for her hole, as she screamed and yelled out loud with every push. I told her that in the western world this what we call “DOGGY STYLE!” She said she never gets fuck from behind before, so got alot of experience with me. As I was pumping in and out of her soaked pussy, she moaned so loud that the people on the first floor heard everything. Her tits were bouncing up and down with every pump, sometimes I let go of her big ass and hold on to those huge tits has I continued to fuck her. AHHHHH, YESSSSSS! She yells out as she get laid. Near the end of our fuck, I pull it out of her wet indian puss and poured cum all over ass. She calmed herself a little after cumming on her. Later I put the remaining cum on the palm of my hand and put in her mouth. She drank my cum like as if she was drinking Pepsi.

All this took 30 minutes in the bathroom with her. We quickly got dressed and left the bathroom together. Walking down the stairs she gave me a kiss and said thank you for a great fuck. I was such a lucky guy finding this girl on the streets, and just by humping her in the crowd, I got a chance to actually fuck her afterwards. I then thought that if I hump the other busty Indian girls maybe I might get lucky again, but I coudn’t get any Indian pussy afterwards. That’s ok, I enjoyed what I got at the marketplace. Now I know
how the Indian women lifestyles are in India. I never thought that the Indian women could be so easy get laid in India. Just for that, I will eventually move here!

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