The Best Summer Vacation

Hello Friends! My name is Sunny. I am from Los Angeles, California. The Best Summer Vacation This is a true story with my sister’s best girl friend Nisha. This is all happen when I went to India for my summer vacation. My parents and sweet baby sister (Who I love the most) lives in Mumbai. We live in one of the richest area of Mumbai called Juhu Scheme. Our flat is right across from Nisha’s. We live on the 8th floor and my room balcony opens out side. I love to work out and I’ve been working out since I was 12 and now I am 24 and you can image – that I am in the best shape of my life.

I arrived at the airport around 4:30 in the evening (India Time) and there I saw my mom, my dad and my baby sister and another girl (about 5’4” – about 55 kgs, had long dark, thick hair and very beautiful smile). I went to my parents – paid them my respect and my mom kissed my forehead and said, “Bettu (Son), you are taller then your father.” She gave me big hug and I felt so good to be into my mom’s arms. I was seeing them after five years. My dad gave me big hug too and then my sister came running into my arms and gave me big kiss on my cheek and started crying with joy. I felt so good to be with my family. Then my sister introduces me to her best friend.

We shook hands and she gave me hug too. It felt so good… We came home around 7 in the evening and my dad took us out for a nice dinner to my favorite hotel. We (my dad and I) had glass of vine. Nisha joined us as well because her parents were gone due to their family emergency in New Delhi. We came home around 11:30 and we were just sitting in living room – I was lying in my mother’s lap. My mom was playing with my hair and my sister and Nisha were sitting across from us. My dad went to sleep around 12:30 because he had to go to work next morning. My mom, sister, Nisha and I were talking till 4 in the morning. It was fun – catching up old time. Then we all went to sleep.

Next morning my sister, Nisha and I went for shopping and we also visited some of my old friends. We came home around 7 in the evening and my dad and mom were waiting for us at the dinner table. We came, had dinner and then sat till 11:30. My mom and dad went to sleep because they had to go to work. My sister, Nisha and I were talking and then my sister went to sleep too. So it’s only Nisha and I. Nisha and I came close with in two days. We became really good friends and I guess some were along the line – we kind off started having feelings for each other. I remember that night – she was wearing pink nightgown and her hair were open. I could small them all the way across the room. The window was open because it was so hot in the room. There was wind blowing slowly and Nisha’s hairs were moving with the wind. She was looking so HOT! We were just talking and I ask ed her. “Nisha, do you have a boy friend? Or any one that you like?” She said, “No, I don’t have a boy friend but there is some one that I like since few days!” I said, “Umm what is his name?”

She goes, “You know him – you know him like you know your self!” I was little surprise. I looked at her and she gave me smile. I gave her smile back and still there was a wonder in my eyes about the “mystery guy”. She came close to me and said, “You bubble head – its YOU!” And she tried to run away – I grabbed her arm and pulled her near me. Her eyes were closed and she was berating very heavy. I hold her from her arms and pulled her really close to me. Her eyes were closed – her hair was flying and I ran my hand over her silky hair and hold them. She was struggling to be free but I was holding her really tight. Then all of a sudden – she just gave up and rest her head on my chest. Put her arms around my west and came closer to me. I hold her tight and gave a little kiss on her head. We didn’t even hear my sister coming out of her room and getting a glass of water.

Next morning she was making fun of her friend and me. We didn’t know what was going on at first but then she told us that she saw what happen last night. She said, “Don’t worry brother, you will get your chance with her tomorrow – mom and dad are going to Surat and I will be at my friends house all day! – And she will here with you!!!” I was really happy for the support that I was getting from my sister. I just couldn’t wait till
next day. Just to be with her – all alone.

Next day my parents and sister went off their destination. It was she and I along in the house. I was sleeping in my bedroom. It was around 9:30 in the morning. Some one knocked on my door and I just said “yaa, come in…” There she was – in her pink night gown – trying to tie her long hair in to small roll – big smile on the face – she came to walk me up – I saw her from my half open eyes and smiled at her. She came and sat next to me and gave me a little kiss on my cheek and said, “Good morning.” It felt so good that I just smiled at her and pulled her near me. She came close to me and said, “Not now – go and brush first, then eat brake fast and then… what ever you want…”

And she got up – I pulled her hand and she fall into me. She goes, “Sunny, abhi nahi – go take cold shower and then brake fast and then… everything!!!” I pulled her by her head and gave her a kiss. It was so spontaneous that I cannot even tell. I got up – she got up and left the room. I decided that she is “The One” for me. I rushed to the bathroom and stared taking shower. I called her at the end and said, “Hey Nisha, would you please bring me towel?” she ran to my room and got my towel. She knocked the door and I said, “yaa, come on in – its ok” she came and left the towel on the side handle. She was about to leave and I opened the shower certain exposing my body. She took a good look at me and said, “Wow! You got the body of Sunny Deol (Indian Action Super Star) – no wonder why people call you ‘Sunny’” – I smiled at her and asked her if she would help me to dry my body? I thought she would get mad or wouldn’t like it – but she said, “Sure – would love to do it so”

She took the towel from my hand and came close to me. I sat on the table and she stared drying my head. I leaned forward and grabbed her west and give her little skviz. She moaned and paused for a second. I reached to the top of her head and untied her long, silky, thick beautiful hairs. They were about her west long. I could small them (they were smelling like rose). I pulled her near me and I kissed her tummy. She was drying my back and she paused and let a moan out! I look up and she and kissed her tummy again. She closed her eyes, bit her lip and let another moan out. She was looking so beautiful that I couldn’t control my self and got up – threw the towel and just kissed her. Our tong mate and explorer into each other’s mouth. She ran her hand all over my back and on my ass. I was skvizing her ass as well. We kissed like this for about two to three minutes. The she a part and looked into each other’s eyes. My hands went over her boobs and give them little skviz. She let a moan out. She kept her eyes closed and I kept skvizing her boobs. I took the top part of her gown off and for the first time I saw the most beautiful boobs ever. They were with and had pink nipples. I went down and took one of her boob into my mouth. I circled my tong around the nipple and gave a little pinch to it.

She pushed my head closer to her boobs and moaned hard. She and I were berating really heavy. She was rubbing my back and my hair. I was just having so much good time that I stated sucking her boobs really hard and she pushed me back – and said, “Sunny, jara dhire se… chubhan hoti hai! (slow down, it hurts)” I said, “Ohhh I am sorry, but your boobs are just so fine that I couldn’t control.” She said, “Then don’t – make me yours and be mine today, and for ever…” I got back to my business – now it was the other boob. She was letting moans out – they were loud, strong and with very passion. She was just rubbing my back and hair. I went little down and took her dress off. I kissed her on her tummy. She had very nice bally button. I stared sucking that and that made her out of control. She pulled my face away and said, “Don’t stop today! Give me everything that you have…” I stared sucking again. My hands were rolling all over her body.

I made my way to her panties. I rolled my hand over her private part. She shivered a little. I went little down and took her panties off from my mouth. There I saw the most beautiful Clint, clean shaved, very pink and very very very wet… she had the most amazing odder. It made me so crazy and I put my lips on her clint lips. She just pressed my head near and kind off locked my head. I stared sucking and licking her clint. I could tell that she was in 7th heaven. I had my hands on her butt and I was skvizing them as hard as I could at the same time I was tong fucking her. She was scratching my back and moaning loud. With a loud moan, she shivered, hold my head so hard, locking between her legs, she came. She had her very first orgasm of her life. Her came tested so well and I drank all most all of it!!! I cleaned my face with my towel and now it was her turn. I took her clothes off and turn the shower on. We jumped into shower-shestared soaping my body.

I was pressing her boobs really hard. By now my dick was really hard and it was in its full of 8” length. She went down and looked at me – gave me a smile and kissed my dick’s head. I closed my eyes and hold her head really tight. She was all wet and so was I. I started running my fingers into her hairs and she was sucking my dick inch by inch. Her lips felt really good on me. She was just sucking it like a candy. I was holding her head really close and pressing my self into her mouth. She was just enjoying it so much that she started going wild. Meanwhile she was fingering her self and getting really wet down there. I was about to shoot and I told her, she said (holding my tool with her teeth) go in her mouth. With in few seconds, I cam – I cam really hard and she drank every bit of it. She said, “You are very sweet! Like a strawberry.” I pulled her up and we kissed again. I was stocking her hair with my hand and with the other hand I was pressing her ass.She was moaning really hard. I picked her up and laid her on the bad. I just started liking every single parts of her body. I went up to her face and kissed her for long time. Our tough explored into each other and our hand explores the bodies. She opened her legs to welcome my self into her. My tool was really hard, big and hot. I applied some cream on her and my self and entered her slowly. She grabbed my hand and shut her eyes really tight and let a little scream out SSSSSSHHHHHHHH…. I pulled it out again and applied some more lubricate and tried again. I was entering her very slowly and she was giving me some moans, which were so beautiful. Now I was in her all the way. I paused and we looked at each other, gave a kiss and I started to move back and forth slowly. She was moaning really hard – AAAAAHHHHH AAAAAAHHHH OOOOOHHHHH … I kept moving slowly for few minutes and increased my pace little with each thrust. She was screaming and moaning really hard. I was afraid that our neighbor might hear us. I leaned over and stared liking her boobs, kissing her, playing with her hair, liking her neck and ears. She was just screaming and moaning harder and harder. I road her for about ten minutes and then she pushed me over and got on top of me. That was the BEST!!! She leaned over me and grabbed my tool, directed inside her – very slowly. She was shivering and I was just looking at her. She then smiled and said, “What are you looking at?” I said, “The most beautiful girl in the world – riding me!!” She just smiled and stared riding me slowly. I was skvizing her boobs and kissing her every now and then. She started riding me really fast now. She was screaming, moaning and riding faster and faster. I was skvizing her boobs and kissing her every now and then.

She leaned back and her hairs were flying. She was scramming AAAAAAHHHHHH AAAAAAAHHHH UUUUUUUU MMMMMMMM I told her that I was about to cum and she said, “Cum in side me… I want to feel that hot lava of yours….” I came really hard and she came too. After that she just threw her self on me – keeping my member inside of hers. We kissed, hugged so tight and kept each other into one another’s arms. I pulled my self out from her and she came next to me and rested her head on my chest. She was playing with my chest hair and I was rolling my fingers into her silky hair. We lay like this for few minutes – no words were spoken. I could feel her heavy breathing and she was really happy – cause she was kissing my chest every now and then. With the other hand, I gave little skviz to her boob. She moaned…AAAAAHHHH … I pressed it again… she did the same… my tool was getting l ittle hard now and she saw it and smiled at me – and said, “I want that in side me…” I rolled her down and got on my side and started to kiss her really hard. Our tong mate and – her mouth was so hot and it was so good… I started to skviz her boobs and got on top of her… she let a big moan out AAAAHHHHH… she looked at me, pulled me near and kissed me again. She then, opens her legs, sprayed wide – welcoming my member into her love hole. I rubbed my tool on her love hole and slowly entered her. She kept her eyes close and skvized my hand really hard. She let a moan out …AAAAHHHH… I stared pushing my self into her and when I was all the way in – I paused for a while!

She opened her eyes and said, “Sunny, I am giving you everything that I ever had and please keep it with you all the time and please keep it safely!!!” I said, “Don’t worry Nisha, I will never let go of you and will always keep this special part of yours with me – till the last minute of my life” With that, I gave her a kiss and stared to move in and out… in and out… in and out… she was just moaning with each stroke… AAAAHHHH…AAAAHHHH…EEEEEE….EEEE GGGGOOO OOODDDDD…. AAAAHHHHH… Her body was shivering, her boobs were going up and down with each stroke. I placed my hand under her and lifted up little and pulled her near me to kiss… I kissed her really hard… She responded very well. I stared stroking her harder and faster. She cried out loud with each strok. She leaned over and I took one of her boob into my mouth and started sucking it. She hold my head and kept on riding me like a “Cowgirl”. Her hair were going up and down, I was milking, stroking and playing with her hair. I was about to cum and I pulled her close to me to hold her really tight, she came close and hold me tight into her arms. We came together. It was just amazing. She just claps her self on me and we hold each other into one another’s arms and kissed each other. We got up and headed to shower to clean up. I noticed some blood on my bed sheet.

I looked at her and she said, “I gave you everything I had. Keep it with you all the time.” I kissed her again and headed to shower. In the shower, she shopped my body and I shopped hers. It was so good, I felted all of her curves. I made her turned around and kissed her cute butt. She moaned hard AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH. I knew she is up for another round – because I was. I pushed her down and she knew what I was up for. She sprayed her legs wide to give me a good access of her another love hole. I shopped my tool and washed it again. I slowly inserted my tool into her ass hole. She let a big scream out… AAAAAAHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCHHHHHH!!! I pulled it back. She turned around and said, “Sunny, please slowly… it hurts…sweetheart!” I said, “Lets try one more time… with all care” – she smiled and gave me a kiss, I entered her really slow. She screamed again AAAAHHHHH. Inch by an inch, I want in her and when I was all the way in her, I stayed there for few seconds. I moved little back and dragged her and now our bodies were out of shower fall but our parts where we were joined were in shower. The water was falling from top and I was going back and forth now slowly but hitting really deep strokes. She was moaning hard… AAAAHHHH AAAAHHHH AAAAA UUUUMMMMMM OOOOOOHHHHHH OOOOHHHHHH – the water was providing us a lubrication and it was making CCCHHHHPPP CCCHHHPPP sound with each strokes. Her hair were shaking, her boobs were dancing back and forth. I leaned over her and grabbed her boobs and skvized them really hard. I hold her from her west and stared stoking her really hard and fast She was moaning really hard with each stroke. AAAAHHHH OOOHHH GGOOOODDDDD FUUCCCKKK MMMEEEEE…. AAAAHHHH… YYYYEEEESSSSS..YEEESSSS YEEESSSS… By now, I was going really fast, hard and very deep.

She had came twice by now and I was about to cum. I pulled her hair and gave final strok and came like a mad man. She screamed too as she reached to her final orgasm. I pulled my tool out of her ass and she turned around and came into my arms. We hugged and kissed. I played with her boobs for while and she kept my tool into her hands. We looked into each other’s eyes and we both knew what we wanted. She read my eyes and went down and took my tool into her mouth. I placed my hands on her head and pulled it near me. I kept pushing my tool in and out from her mouth. I was about to cum but I pulled out and grabbed her. I picked her up and she raped her legs around my west. I gave her a kiss and pushed my tool into her wet and very sexy clint. I started stroking her really had and fast this time. She was just holding me really tight and with each strok she was screaming again AAAAHHHHH OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH MYYYY GOD – YYYEESSS YEEESSS AAAHHHH AAHHHHH AAHHHHH – I kept riding her for another ten minutes and I finally came into her love hole. She jumped down and took my tool into her mouth and took rest of the cum into her mouth.

We finally cleaned our selves clean and came out of the shower. We dressed up and went down stairs to eat some lunch since we were both out of our energies. That night, she came into my room and said, “Sunny, I gave you everything that I had, just remember that I love you and you are the only one who will stay in my life till the end.” I got up and kissed her and said, “Nisha, why don’t you come and sleep here with me tonight – I have more to give you!” She smiled and came right under my blanket – u know what had happen next!!!!

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