Tehmina’s Domestic Discipline – Desi Sex Stories

It was 8 a.m. on Saturday morning as Tehmina woke up refreshed after a pleasant night’s sleep. This forty-year old beauty had a very maternal look about her being nice and buxom and with a lovely smile. Her figure may not have let her pass any model’s entrance test, but a little extra flesh here and there worked to her advantage in developing her personality. Passersby sometimes turned round to look at her well-rounded buttocks evident through her shalwars and kurtas of thin cloth that she normally wore.

Tehmina found herself in a unique situation. Though unmarried she had been appointed as manager cum governess by a millionaire Mr. Malik for his mansion in Lahore a month ago. In this role, Tehmina also acted as mother to Malik’s 20-year-old daughter Nida and 18 year old son Mehmood. Malik stayed out of Pakistan for 9 months in a year and while in Pakistan sought the conjugal embraces from Tehmina, which she never grudged him. There was another significant role Tehmina had to play. Malik had been educated in England and had been caned in English schools. He wanted his children to be subjected to the same corporal punishments till they were at least 25 years old and sought Tehmina’s help in this regard. He had several tawses and canes imported specially from England to be used on his beautiful daughter and handsome son.

Malik was otherwise a liberal minded person. Through Tehmina, he had conveyed to his daughter that he didn’t mind her having sex with boys provided she kept out of trouble’s way and avoided drugs, diseases and pregnancy. Mehmood was totally under Tehmina’s training and was still a virgin – until that Saturday morning. Tehmina even attended his baths and sometimes embarrassed the young man by soaping his genitals and other sensitive areas. Meanwhile, the children adored the woman they called ‘mother’ and loved her although she was very strict. They had lost their mother several years ago and found themselves naturally drawn to this affectionate lady who laid down the law for them.

Tehmina meanwhile was getting impatient with the children. Although Malik had advised her to use the punishment implements as often as necessary, she had acted with great restraint. In the past month, it was only twice that her children had felt the sting of the tawse on their shrinking palms. Both times they received 4 strokes on each palm which made them beg for mercy but it seems the sting must have soon evaporated as they resumed their insubordinate behavior. On Wednesday things had come to a head. Nida was coming home very late at nights despite warnings and she had caught Mehmood masturbating very frequently. She called them both and told them that they were to be punished on Saturday for the entire morning and were to report at 9 a.m. sharp in the room she had designated as the Punishment Room. The huge room had a double bed, a closet full of punishment implements, a step-ladder fitted with a carpet and rings to be used to fasten a person for punishment and other pieces of furniture.

Tehmina got up from her bed and examined herself in the mirror. She liked what she saw, a loving face and heaving chest. It will soon be time for giving some loving correction to my children and bringing them out of their natural shyness. She took a bath and dressed up using her best perfume and lingerie. Her clothes were made of thin though expensive white silk and her nipples were virtually visible through her sheer bra and kurta. She remembered the time when she used to meet Malik about five years hence and used to provoke him by wearing bras in which the rings had been cut off so that her nipples were directly in contact with her kurtas. Malik couldn’t take his eyes off her chest in those days for which she would tease him. Of course Malik never deciphered the reason for such clear-cut impressions of the nipples on her outer clothes. It was time to get on with life and Tehmina looked at her watch. It was 8.55 a.m. as she reached the Punishment Room. She surveyed the room and about 8 minutes later there was a timid knock on the door and Nida and Mehmood walked in. She immediately hugged both of them and enveloped them in her large bosom and kissed them profusely. She then called her servants on the intercom to say that she or her children were not to be disturbed for the next four hours and left the receiver off the hook. She then played some soft music on her sound system that would go on until stopped. Still holding both children close to her, she told them that they had been misbehaving too much lately and making a wrong use of her leniency and she had no alternative but to give them a long, painful and loving correction. Then holding them at arm’s length, she asked them both to strip completely. “I don’t want a stitch on your bodies” she ordered. Nida and Mehmood looked at each other and were so embarrassed. Nida cried out, “But Mummy, not in front of —- . “I will have none of that improper shyness, today you will both come out of it and love each other like we should in a family. Meanwhile, you have erred and must be punished in each other’s presence.”

Nida removed her dupatta, removed her shoes, unzipped her kurta and removed it from her head exposing her lovely breasts enveloped in a dazzling bra and glorious arms. She then lowered her shalwar and removed it completely to stand in a mere bikini. Meanwhile Mehmood was also stripping and having removed his shoes, shirt, vest and trousers now stood only in his briefs and socks. “I said everything” stressed Tehmina and soon her children divested themselves of their remaining clothing and stood before their mother uncomfortably. Tehmina surveyed the scene impassionately. She had often seen the two naked but never in each other’s presence. She admired their graceful bodies and did not fail to notice some movement in Mehmood’s penis. She went forward and touched it. It grew a little longer. “This is punishment not sexual intercourse my boy” she admonished. ” I – I am sorry Mommy, I can’t control it”. Taking a ruler from her desk she struck his penis hard once. “Well my boy we will teach you how to control these things”. The stroke only served to grow the penis longer but Tehmina didn’t want any distractions now.

“Okay, Nida, Mehmood go to a corner of the room, kneel down on the carpet facing the wall and put your hands on your head until I call you” ordered Tehmina and the two complied. On kneeling down they realized that their knees were taking a lot of pressure and it was getting more and more painful by the minute. Tehmina took up an interesting novel and read it till 9.30, conscious of their position and pain. Sometimes she would glance at their nude, kneeling postures and smile. Tehmina removed the smile from her face and got up to inspect Nida’s panties and Mehmood’s brief. Her suspicions were confirmed. Nida’s panties had a very musky smell in them. She had apparently not changed them for 2-3 days and had spent in that period. Mehmood’s briefs were a little dirty and had definite semen like odor in them. “Look at Mommy, kids, have I not instructed you to keep your undergarments clean” she said picking out a tawse and senior cane from her closet and keeping them on her desk. The children turned around while kneeling and were shocked to see their intimate clothes in their mother’s hands. “Yes, sorry Mommy” said Nida while Mehmood was speechless with shame.

“Well then come here both of you” said Tehmina.

After 20 minutes in the kneeling position they were naturally relieved to be called but were alarmed to see the long cane and fierce looking tawse on the table. Tehmina hugged them again and admonished them for being late by three minutes. She told Mehmood to stand a little distance away and pressed Nida’s nude back against her chest and unfolded her palms with her hands. She then picked up the tawse and brought it crashing down on her quivering right palm. “That – that – that will teach you to be little late. Three strokes on each palm should be enough” She then took the other pink palm in her hands and made it red with similar three strokes with the girl wailing already. She then instructed Nida to go and lie on the bed and summoned Mehmood. Nida did so rubbing her palms like they were on fire. Pressing Mehmood against her chest she opened the nearby closet and took out a junior cane from it. Soon Mehmood was caned thrice on both his palms despite his pleas and frantic shouts. After the caning was over she instructed Mehmood to watch what she did to Nida next.

Nida was told to lie on her back and take her legs straight up in the air. In this position Mehmood saw her lovely pussy and couldn’t control his penis from rising. He felt a little guilty being aroused by his own sister but then she was female and he a male. Tehmina ordered Nida to take each foot of her to her breasts, which she did immediately. In the past month the children had learnt never to disobey during punishments for fear of extra strokes. As Nida brought her feet to her lovely breasts, her pussy and ass-hole were exposed to sight and this is precisely what Tehmina wanted. She extracted a thin leather strap lined with coarse horsehair from the closet and started lashing Nida’s pussy with it despite her shouts, screams and wailing. She carried out the punishment until Nida’s outer lips had received a dozen strokes and paused. Now with your feet where they are, open your lips with your hands. Terrified Nida complied and the strap lashed at the inner lips and anus for a further 8 strokes when Tehmina stopped and threw the strap on the floor. “That was for not maintaining your personal hygiene” she pointed out to the agonized girl who was displaying every aspect of her body by writhing about on the bed irrespective of her shame. Tehmina then turned to Mehmood and embraced him with his nose on her breasts. Holding him pressed to her boobs with her arm, she felt his buttocks and inner thighs, then picking up the senior cane lashed with all her might in the center of his buttocks. Mehmood was new to the cane and screamed. The screaming continued as Tehmina caned his buttocks and gluteal folds where the thighs meet the buttocks with unremitting fury until she had administered a dozen strokes. Nida watched in alarm as her brother’s buttocks were getting wealed and reddened more by the second. This was no ordinary spanking but a very very stinging and painful punishment, but Nida was having certain pleasant sensations and was blushed red to have such thoughts with the sight of her brother’s buttocks in such a position. “You play with yourself, I will teach you how to play more” promised Tehmina.

Tehmina threw the cane on the floor and started petting her child who had tears in his eyes and was choking after crying out so much. “There, there, Mommy will comfort you”, so saying she unzipped her low cut silk dress and lowered it a little further to expose her lovely bras. The bras were the sort that opens from the front. Opening the bra she made her 20-year-old son suck at her nipples. Remember this is where you first got your nourishment, she told her boy as he hungrily sucked at her lovely ripe and brown nipples momentarily forgetting his burning loins and buttocks. Nida looked in awe and touched her tortured pussy.
She was wet as if she had dropped a bottle of honey inside herself. She watched as Tehmina comforted her son in this novel way caressing the very buttocks, which she had tortured moments before. After a few minutes Tehmina told her son to lie face down on the bed and applied a lotion to his buttocks to relieve some of his pain bending down to kiss his lips with her hair falling on his face puzzling him.

She then turned to Nida and called her and embraced her. After a minute long embrace, she told her daughter that it pained her greatly to punish her but she was forced to give her 8 strokes of a senior cane on her buttocks and inner thighs for violating curfew. Keeping her in her embrace, she started lashing her daughter with the long springy cane until her buttocks were almost as wealed and sore as her son’s and she was sobbing and crying hysterically. It was true that Malik had imported these canes after great research. They were not the sort that caused any permanent damage, but they produced enough sting and pain in
naughty bottoms to prevent the punished person from wanting to tempt her punisher any more. Tehmina dropped the thin cane and inspected her daughter’s lovely bottom, which was changed beyond perception. She now kissed her daughter profusely and made her suck her breasts like her brother.

Meanwhile, Mehmood was having the time of his life. Notwithstanding the pain in his own buttocks, seeing his mother’s boobs and sister’s buttocks in such provocative positions turned him on. Nida’s cries were like music to his ears and the weals on her buttocks were driving him mad with lust. Soon after comforting her daughter, Tehmina placed Nida on her tummy in the bed and proceeded to apply the soothing ointment to her buttocks and inner thighs. She was not surprised to see Mehmood’s hard-on. She smiled to herself. It was time to make her son lose his virginity. She caressed Nida’s pussy and was delighted to see that she had been spending apparently since quite some time. Nida, she knew, was not a virgin and they would soon have fun.

She turned to her son, “Didn’t I tell this was punishment and not sex time” Mehmood looked terrified. “I am sorry Mom”. Tehmina picked up her son in her lap and kissed him on the lips. My dear dear boy, have you been fascinated by Mamma’s breasts or your sister’s buttocks? I guess I will strip too my children. So saying she removed her kurta completely, followed by her shalwar, bra and panties. Her children, particularly Mehmood was delighted to see her round pink buttocks. It was the first time they had seen their mother naked. Her breasts were heaving with excitement and her nipples were hard.

Tehmina applied some lotion to her son’s penis and made it slide between her breasts. Very soon he was about to come and Tehmina now focussed her attention on her daughter. She went in a 69 position with her sucking her honey from her tortured pussy-lips and making her kiss her clitoris. Tehmina’s bottom was in the air as she sent down on her daughter’s wet pussy. Mehmood went mad with lust on seeing her lovely big buttocks and started kissing and biting them lightly. He then attempted to enter his mother near his sister’s tongue but Tehmina put a stop to that for the time being. Getting up from her position she kissed her son on the mouth and locked herself into an embrace with him. She then found his well-lubricated penis and made it slip between her breasts. After a few strokes he came. The squirts of his semen flying around the room and covering her face, neck and chest region. They lay there for about five minutes while Nida hungrily ate her mother’s pussy.

Setting her son aside for a while, Tehmina looked at her daughter lovingly. “Come Honey, eat your brother’s cum from Mommy’s face, neck and boobs.” Nida was a little hesitant. Tehmina picked up the strap and lashed it across Nida’s breasts. “Do as I say dear” she commanded the strap again lashing her lovely breasts and reddening them. “Yes, yes, please don’t lash me” Nida leapt towards her Mommy’s chest and started licking in between her breasts to eager to avoid the lash but Tehmina lashed her all over her body six times more to teach her a lesson. “Will you ever disobey me again, Honey” “No, no Mommy, I am sorry” said Nida sucking up every drop of the semen mixed with the lubricating lotion as her body had ugly red marks all over her back and chest. The sight of his writhing sister was enough to give Mehmood a hard-on again.

After Nida licked the semen up, Tehmina got up and looked at her son. “So you attempted to enter Mommy, did you” she looked at her son and picked up a riding crop from the closet. “You wanted to enter the place from where you came out. Well maybe we allow you that luxury in view of your lust but not before you have done your penance” So saying she started lashing her son’s back, buttocks and thighs with the crop mercilessly holding him close to her breasts. Mehmood’s senses were in total disarray. Here he was getting the worst whipping of his life, yet he was mad with lust for his own mother. Soon the crop chastised certain delicate parts of his making him cry out in agony. Meanwhile, Tehmina put the crop down and admired her handiwork. She looked at Mehmood’s hard on and saw Nida’s hungry look. “Nida eat your brother” she ordered. Nida without hesitation starting sucking her brother’s long, hard penis almost choking her. She soon sensed that he was coming and looked at her mother for advice. Tehmina knew that Nida was near the time of her monthly period. She made Mehmood enter his sister’s pussy and started caning his buttocks from behind severely. With every stroke of the cane, Mehmood thrust into his sister’s pussy until she was yelping with pain and pleasure. Soon he came inside her and the caning stopped. Mehmood kissed his sister and seemed to drop dead after his second climax. After a few minutes, Tehmina made him come out of her and proceeded to lick the tasty mixture of her children’s spendings from Nida’s pussy. Nida went mad with pleasure. “Thank you Mommy, I have never had such pleasure” said Nida. So you see you risk your life by going out at night with shady friends when we can have fun inside the house as a loving family. Don’t you see the folly of your ways?” questioned her mother. Yes, yes Mommy she replied. And you young man said Tehmina turning to Mehmood, one day you will be married and wedded
to a beautiful woman. But what if you are wedded to a bad habit of masturbation already, then can you be of any service to your wife. “Mommy, I am truly sorry but what was I to do, being a young man and constantly excited by glimpses of your lovely breasts off and on” replied Mehmood. Now that you have seen the full picture perhaps you will masturbate more. So saying she took a ruler and started tapping his glans penis with it hard about ten times. I punish the very part guilty of the offence as you can see, she said. “Mommy can I enter you” said Mehmood as he got another hard on with the tapping. “Okay” but just before you come you will take out your penis and put it in Nida’s mouth” allowed his mother. Mehmood was wild with joy, he rode his mother for more than five minutes causing her great pleasure when sensing something he came out of his Mom and got into Nida’s waiting open mouth. As soon as Nida’s tongue made contact with his tortured penis he came and shot his load deep into her throat, with Nida eagerly tasting every drop before swallowing it down. She kept the penis into her mouth for a minute or two until it seemed to get limp.

Although Tehmina wanted Mehmood’s cock badly she maintained her dignity and thought of the dildo Malik had presented her which felt like jelly and was very long. “Okay kids, its 1 o’clock and I think you have learnt your lessons. Now I want you kneel down and as a mark of penance kiss the implements used on you and finally Mommy’s pussy. First Nida knelt down and kissed the tawse, strap, and cane, then Mehmood knelt and kissed the ruler, tawse, cane and crop. Finally they thanked their mother by kissing her pussy.

When they met at lunch after an hour, everything seemed normal although the servants might have wondered why the two youngsters squirmed uneasily in their seats and looked lovingly at each other and their lovely mother.

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