Swati Ki Chudai

This story is about 2 years old when my first cousin got married Swati Ki Chudai. At that time he was in Bangalore though right now he is in Delhi. My cousin was a complete moron and all of his friends as well as we all cousins used to make a lot of fun of him. Rarely we used to tease him by saying -Yaar tu itna dhilaa hai , apni biwi ko kaise satisfy karega , she will leave you and run away with someone else. One fine day however he got married , the girl’s name was Swati. As per my observations Swati did’nt had very beautiful features but had a sexy figure and very fair complexion. She had long black hair falling upto her GAAND (ass) and BOY ! . . . . what a big GAAND she had. As I evaluated Swati in her wedding dress she had really big MUMME (Boobs, almost 37 inches in all) and a very slim KAMAR (waist). As for her face it was not very beautiful except her big eyes. This made her look more sexy than she actually was. As it happens with all fuckers I started thinking that My cousin will not be able satisfy her and may be I’ll get a chance some day. Well I got it soon.

It happened after 1 month of his marriage. I was free on a day as I took leave due to some personnal work so in the afternoon I decide to visit my cousin. I rang them up but there was no reply so I assumed that may be the phone is dead and decide to go without informing. After all it was my uncle’s place. I reached there and rang the bell. The door was opened I saw it was Swati. She smiled and welcomed me inside. I asked where is everybody she said – Mom has gone to a relative’s place who was seriously ill , Dad is out of station for a week and my Cousin was also out on an official tour for 2 days. I felt awkward to be there which perhaps she noticed as she was very smart. She said -“Do’nt worry Mom will be back in the evening”. She made me comfortable and brought tea and snacks. Swati told me that she was going to take bath when I rang the bell. So as I take my tea she will take a quick bath . After that she’ll prepare the lunch.

I nodded. She went inside the bathroom and I started imagining her taking-off her clothes. As I always wanted to fuck her in my fantasies I thought maybe I am lucky enough to have her alone in house. But my relation with her was preventing me from getting bold and I kept taking tea. After 10 minutes Swati called me-“Ajay Bhaiya Please towel de dijiye”. I went there and said-“What’s the matter Swati you have gone to have bath without a towel” She said -“I’ll explain it when I come out, Abhi please towel de dijiye , I ca’nt come out”. I took the towel from her bedroom and moved towards the bathroom.

As I went towards the toilet door my heart started beating faster assuming that I might not be able to control myself and what will happen if I did something wrong. I knocked on the door, Swati opened it slightly and said-“Please towel side me hanger par rakh dijiye”. She was behind the door so I could not see her but as I placed the towel on hanger I saw her reflection in the mirror of the bathroom as it was on the front wall. I saw Swati’s back in the mirror and was completely stunned. . . . Her big white GAAND was shining with water dripping from it. I was completely shocked to see her naked body in the mirror but got back as I was still in my senses.

I came back to the drawing room and started watching TV but my eyes were still there inside the bathroom. I was wondering that Swati has such a fair complexion and a wonderful figure which a moron like my cousin is enjoying. Few minutes later Swati came out in the same towel on her body and her legs were visible upto her knees. She had tied her hairs but the water was still dripping. OOF ! she was looking fucking sexy almost half nude in that red coloured towel. I noticed that she was limping as she walked so I asked -“What happened ?”. Swati said-“Actually mai bathroom me slip ho gayi to towel aur mera bathing-gown dono bathtub me gir gayaa, that’s why I needed another towel. ”

I asked why is she limping and whether she is hurt to which she replied-“Mere ghutne(knee) par bathtub ka corner lag gayaa hai, wahi dard ho raha hai”. I said that she should apply some medicine on it or else it will swell and become more painfull. She did’nt said anything so I offered my services and said if she wants I can massage it with some IODEX or PAIN BALM. She thanked me for so caring and asked me come to her bedroom as the medicines are there only. I went there with her and took out the iodex from her dressing table and asked her to lie down on bed. She obeyed and lied on the bed in half sitting position and resting her back on two pillows and closed her eyes. I thought that she might be having the same thoughts as mine that’s why she came to bed and closed her eyes that too with just being in a towel. I started rubbing iodex on her right knee which according to her was hurt. I was almost in heaven as I was feeling her smooth legs with my hands. In between I used to get my hands a bit towards her thighs pre tending that it’s unintentional. Since her left leg was hanging to the floor from bed and right one was lying on the bed her thighs were almost spread but my view was being blocked with her towel which was upto her thighs. So while massaging I folded her right leg and lifted it from knee upwards as in the sitting position. Now her legs were wide spread with left one hanging on the floor and right one slightly up on the bed. Her towel was now wide apread above her knees and there was a complete view of her thighs for me as well as in the dark area inside. Suddenly I noticed her pink pussy and I could make out that she is not wearing even panty. Perhaps Swati noticed me starring inside her thighs but I did’nt cared. Now I started slowly moving my hands more towards her thighs occasionaly. Swati was not objecting and kept her eyes closed, I thought because she also enjoyed it. I grew bolder and started rubbing above her knee area, closer to her thighs. I could hear slight moaning of her and heavy breathing as she was ge t ting hotter. I felt some liquid discharged from my penis.

Suddenly to know her thoughts I stopped and took my hands off her legs. . . . Immediately Swati opened her eyes and looked into my eyes. I smiled notoriously and she reciprocated. I knew that this was my only chance so gathering all my courage I took myself close to her face and kissed her lips gently. She smiled again but did’nt said a word. I grew bolder and started kissing her on her face , neck, ears and finally sucking her lips. She pulled apart and asked notoriously-“Is that a part of medication”. I said-“The medication is still very long, by the end of it you will forget that your knees ever got hurt. Aaj mai tumhara aisa treatment karoonga ki saraa dard bhool jaogi”. She smiled again and now took her hands, grabbed my head with my hairs and started pushing it hard on her face and wide open mouth. I inserted my tongue inside her mouth and she inserted hers in mine and we started exploring each other. Meanwhile my hands reached upper portion of her thighs , almost close to her pussy. I pulled her right leg on my rig ht thigh and started rubbing it this time without iodex. Then I lifted her left leg also on my thighs and now I was in a perfect position placed between her legs. I placed my other hand on her left thigh and started rubbing it as well, slowly moving towards her pussy.

By now we both knew the inevitable so I climbed higher on her thighs and inserted my fingers inside her soft as butter vagina which was warm and moist with her liquids and with other hand I grabbed her ass. Swati’s chut was was clean shaven which made it soft and smooth like silk. Swati took a deep breath as my fingers explored her chut and started sucking my tongue with all her energy. As I fingered her pussy Swati kept sucking my lips and exploring my mouth , simultaneously I kept crushing her GAAND as well. This continued for 30 minutes till she got hotter and I could feel her lust. I freed her and threw her on the bed. She kept lying there and because I did not wanted to waste any more time I grabbed the towel from a corner and pulled it away from her body in a flash. She was completely naked inside without bra or panty. My fantasies were coming true. There she was. . . . . . . Swati – married to my cousin just a month back and lying naked in front of me waiting to get fucked. Her nude body was shinning like hell. I env ied my cousins luck but convinced myself that at this moment Swati is my property. I told her-“Swati I had been longing to screw you since the first time I saw you in the wedding dress. I was completely taken over by your huge Gaand and your boobs”. Swati then told me-” In any case you are the first one to fuck me as I am still a virgin”I was surprised ; then she said -“Your cousin is undergoing some prostate glands’ treatment for last two months and he has so far not fucked me. He will be over by the end of this month but seeing you I cannot wait even for a day. Come on fuck me like a bitch”. I was in heaven to know this that I am fucking virgin Swati. I got down and placed myself between her legs and started sucking her silky chut. Slowly I inserted my tongue inside her wet pussy and started exploring. The taste was great and a worderful smell was spread there in her pussy area which perhaps was a mixture of shampoo and her vaginal discharges. She started moaning and breathing heavily as I continued with my work. I s tarted using my teeth as well slightly bitting her vaginal lips for that extra pleasure. Suddenly the telephone rang and I stopped. Swati screamed-“Please Ajay Bhaiyaa do’nt stop . . . . . . . . . . mujhe bahut maza aa raha hai. . . this must be that fucker’s phone. . . i do’nt want him to disturb your concentration”So I again started my work this time bitting her chut more like a wild animal with all my energy. The phone kept ringing and Swati kept shouting at my cousin to stop calling her as she is busy with me.

Swati grew hotter as now she placed her hands on my head and pushed it hard inside her pussy area and folded her legs aroud my head to lock it inside her thighs. Meanwhile she kept moaning and shouting-“Please do it more Ajay Bhaiyaa. . . . . . . . . . . . ,OOH !. . . . . I love you so much. . . . . . . . , I want you to fuck me,. . . . please mujhe chod do. . . . . . . . . mai shaadi ke baad se aaj tak chudai ki pyaasi hoo. . . . . . I want you to rape me, crush me as much as you can”. I was smelling and tasting the rich fluids coming out of her pussy as she got an orgasm. I knew that she is going to have multiple orgasms considering that she was not over and still pushing my head. By now my LUND was fully erect at 9 inches inside my pants waiting for some place to spit. I stood up and asked her to help me getting undressed Swati immediately started taking off my pants while I took off my shirt. As she took off my underwear she saw my big tool and gave a sexy smile saying-“Aah ! That’s what I wanted, aaj chudai ka mazaa aa jayega ,aapke cousin ka LUND to kabhi 5 inches se jyadaa hua hi nahi aur wo bhi kabhi meri chudai nahi kar payaa”. I once again threw Swati on the bed pushing her rudely and stretched her legs wide apart . Now I placed my lund on her already well lubricated chut. As she got ready I pushed it hard inside her pussy. To my surprise Swati’s chut was really very tight as only half of my lund got inside after such a great push. Swati screamed in pain as she was having such a thick lund that too for the first time, but I showed no mercy and gave it a second thrust to make it completely get inside. Now I decided to be as ruthless as possible (as demanded by Swati) so I caught hold of her wet hairs tightly with my both hands and pulled her head upward. It was again very painful for her but this time she just took a heavy breath and kept lying there. Now I was in complete command and started pumping her pussy badly. As my lund moved to and fro inside her chut she kept screaming in a low voice and started shouting simultaneously-“AAh. . . Ooh. . . . Ajay Bhaiya. . . this is the pleasure I always wanted. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . mai aisi hi chudia chahti hoo. . . . . . . . . . You have fullfilled my dreams of getting fucked like this,. . . . . . do’nt worry about my pains. . . . . is dard me bahut mazaa hai. . . . . . . . Ooh. . . . . . . . . Aah . . . . . . . . just do it hard. . . . . . . . . . “. In between she kept abusing my cousin(her husband) for being such a moron and lethargic .

Iske baad main apna muh uske MUMME par le gaya aur uski CHUCHIYA(tits) choosne lagaa. Swati’s tits were fully erect by now as I continued to pump her and pulling her hairs in between. This continued for 20 minutes suddenly she gave a jerk to her body her body got stiff & arched as she got another orgasm. But I was not over. I lifted her in the same position holding her GAAND with my both hands and took her on the floor . I placed one pillow below her GAAND thus elevating her pussy area a bit more than her body. Then I continued fucking her hard, this time it was even more painful for her because the floor was hard and her pussy was elevated so it was feeling more painful hits than rest of the body. This time I left her hairs and decided to enjoy her MUMME. I got hold of her big boobs with my hands and started crushing them at the same time pushing my lund more and more inside her chut. At this time Swati grabbed the legs of bed with both hands and started screaming again in pain-“Ooh I do’nt want that idiot to fuck m e any more,. . . . . . . you are the one who has the right to take me. . . . . . . meri chut ki pyaas ab aapke LUND se hi shaant hogi. . . . . . . . . . I am all yours,. . . . . . Keep fucking me forever”. Suddenly I felt like cumming but I wanted more pleasure so I took a pause to control myse

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