Spicing Sex Life After Marriage

I kept on thinking about this for a few days, and decided to start telling him stories when we have sex. Spicing Sex Life After Marriage Stories like me fucking other man and even me taking on two men at once. One in my cunt and the other in my asshole. This made our sex really wild and Saurabh pounded my cunt furiously and made me come many times. These stories got him really hot he would cum like a fire hose. I thought if he got that horny from stories then what would he do if it were real? But how to bring it up to him without giving him the wrong idea? The marriage is very delicate and I did not want him to think that I loved other men more than him. No wrong message could be afforded. That would be the hard part. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t want to cheat on my man but it is getting to be a constant thing in our sex life. He wants stories all the time, and it is kind of turning me on to think of it to. Well a few days later I decided to try to talk to him about it. I said that I know it turns him on to hear those stories, and if he wanted it to be a reality then its up to him I will do what ever he wants to do.

He sat there and sheepishly said, ” I think I need to see somebody else fuck you. I have tried to neglect the thought but its really getting me on. He told me his friend Nasir is right. As long as we trust each other and love each other I don’t think there is anything dangerous in doing it. What do you think?”

“Saurabh dear! I was against it in the beginning and even fought with him. But when I meet Nasir I started thinking seriously about all this.

So it was clear that we have to do it. Other man fucking me while my husband watched! So I asked him how he wanted to do it and so we came up with a plan. We decided to invite Nasir to our house and do the things. We selected Nasir because he seemed so understanding and caring. That was the decision taken by both of us unanimously.

We decided on calling him to our house so that we all could be comfortable in any event going out of our hands. So Nasir came to our house one day and we sat on the couch talking some more. My husband to my right and Nasir to my left is how we sat, and then we got a little bit of a shock. Almost as soon as we sat down Nasir stuck his hand on my left tit, and started to squeeze and play with it. He looked right at my husband and moved back and forth between my two tits. My man just looked at him feeling me up, and I was so fired up by his touch with my husband there it was driving me crazy.

When he started to undo my blouse I looked at my husband and said, “This is what you wanted to see isn’t it? A guy feeling my tits, should I show him my big soft tits now, and let him look at my hard nipples.” As I was saying those words a sex fever flew through me. I was getting so fucking hot I could not stand it, and I wanted to get hotter. My whole body was on fire with each touch, and with each word it was so incredible.

I said to Saurabh, ” He’s touching my tits baby! look at him touching you wife’s tits. Look at him playing with my tits and rubbing my nipples. See how hard my nipples are. Ohh God! Saurabh! Watch us making love!”

I couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. They wouldn’t stop every time I said something it got me hotter. I was looking for stuff to say anything would do at this point. he undid my bra unhooked from the front so that my tits fell free. He dove into them, and started to suck on my tits. My husband shifted in his seat I guess to get a better look, and as Nasir was sucking on my left tit his hand went into my petticoat, and he started to rub my pussy. I came right there. A little orgasm but a good one, and I couldn’t see strait. I was so fuckin horny I could barely breathe let alone care what my husband thought by this point. Nasir was rubbing my pussy so well that I just lifted my ass up and pulled off my petticoat and then my underwear, and placed his finger in my aching pussy. Another orgasm, even bigger th an the last one! God this was so incredible.

“He is fingering your wife’s pussy baby. He is putting his fingers where only you are allowed. Ohhh! Ahhhhhhhhh! Watch him Saurabh!” I told my husband as he watched. Nasir started to fingerfuck my pussy, pushing his two fingers well inside.

” He is fucking my pussy with his fingers what do you think of that?” I asked my husband.

” I like it” is all he said Quietly.

Nasir just kept on sucking my tits, and finger fucking my pussy while my hubby watched. Suddenly Nasir takes his mouth off my tit, and lifts his waist to my face, and I knew what was coming. He wanted me to suck his cock, now I did not do this too

much for my husband so I did not know what he would think. But I was so horny that I really did not care, and as Nasir started to unbutton his pants I was pulling them down, and grabbing for his cock. His cock was almost 9 inches long and 6 inches in circumference. I had never felt cock that big! But I needed to suck his cock and I needed to feel his cock plunge in and out of my mouth. I grabbed it, and started to stroke it, and feel its stiffness in my hand. Then I dove on his cock sucking hard and fast acting like I was dying of thirst, and his cock had the only water, precome. He was groaning, and thrusting his hips back and forth so I let go of his cock, and let him fuck my mouth.

” God your wife sucks cock good I love fucking your wifes mouth.” Nasir said to my husband.

Now this is where it gets dirty, as I was letting Nasir fuck my mouth I stuck my fingers into my pussy, and started to finger fuck myself. I never did this for my husband. Now I’m doing it in full view of a stranger, and I liked it. Nasir could see it all, and my husband had to move over to the chair to see it. I could tell he was shocked, but fuck him! I was horny and if Nasir wanted me to stick a banana in my ass I would do it at this point. After about fifteen minutes he got up, and slid between my legs, and started to rub his cock head up and down on my clit. Saurabh flew back to the sofa to get a full view of Nasir’s cock going into my pussy.

” Oh god your cock feels so good! fuck me, shove your big hard cock into my hot fucking pussy! Oh god yessss fuck me! FUCK ME!!!!! Come on Saurabh! Watch your wife taking Nasir’s dick! You wanted it! Now watch it!” I said.

Saurabh watched us fucking and never said a word. so I know he’s thinking something by know. Nasir was pumping away sliding his cock deep in and out, and his balls were slapping against my ass. Now he took my legs and puts them over his shoulders and really started to drive his cock home, deep in my pussy. I felt so fucking good, real good. Suddenly Nasir pulled his cock out, and shoves it into my ass. My eyes must have bulged out of my head because Nasir stopped for a second, and looked at me and then my husband and said ” What your wife’s never had it in the ass before”? Saurabh just looked at him in a dazed and confused look. Nasir started to pump again slow at first but starting to really ream out my ass. After a few minutes I feel a hand on my wrist. It was Saurabh pulling my hand over to him. His cock was out, and he put my

hand on his cock to jerk him off. I didn’t care I was horny enough for both of them. So I started to stroke his cock, and Nasir kept on fucking my sore ass hole.

After a few minutes of this I feel Saurabh crawl up to my face jerking his cock, and before I knew it he was pumping hot cum all over my face. I never let him do that before, but I think he thought that he is entitled to get to do it since I’m getting fucked by another guy and all. He came a lot, all over my face from eyebrow to chin ear to ear I had cum all over my face. I don’t even think Saurabh was done cumming yet when Nasir pulled out, and climbed up my chest. He squeezed my tits together, and started to fuck my tits. He pumped my aching tits with his cock, and then pulled out of them and started to splash wave after wave of thick hot cum all over my tits, neck, and face. I was covered with man juice, and still horny as hell. So I took his cock in my mouth, and sucked his cock clean. I squeezed his shaft from base to head, milking and swallowing every last drop of cum from his dick. After a few minutes I got up, and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. There in the toilet Nasir followed me and when I started to pee he told me to stop. He then asked me to stand and spread my legs and he himself sat between them.

“Come on piss in my mouth! Ohhhhh! PISS! Let me drink your piss baby! Watch this Saurabh! Do it from time to time so that you have some variety.”

And he drank my piss! Ot was great looking at him slurping on my fluid and I fingered my cunt while I finished pissing. Saurabh was watching this and his cock grew hard again. We cleaned ourlelves and came out. I came out last as I had to dump shit through my freshly fucked asshole.

When I came out I sat on the chair across from Nasir and Saurabh, and spread my legs wide open and started to finger myself. ” Watch me fuck myself, look at me finger my pussy oh god yes” I said. I drove two fingers into my pussy, and diddled my clit with my other hand. Pumping my fingers into my pussy very fast, and with the guys watching me I came all over the place. I took my fingers out and offered them to lick. Both of them sucked my fingers and tasted my come juice. I and went back to the bathroom to clean up and get dressed. When I got back Nasir was gone, and Saurabh was ready to Start yelling about all the fingering and talking. So I said it was all for him an act you know to fit the mood, and that calmed him down some. His horniness went away after he came so he thought that the fingering show was uncalled for. He felt bad and depressed after that like he said he would, but he got over it after a few weeks. I still see Nasir once and a while. He loves that I’m someone else’s property it gets him off he says. Sex is still good between Saurabh and me, but that’s because I still see Nasir now and again on the side. He is just to good to give up, and you just can’t take that away from somebody when you gave it to them in the first place. Well he started it so I’ll decide when I want to finish it.

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