Smita My Aunt

I am a long time fan of desi sites especially Erotic stories Let me tell you all about my experience with a beautiful lady smita my aunt first about me, I am kishore 23 yrs from hyderabad completed B.E.

The incident took place 4yrs back when staying with my Aunti, She is of 26yrs at that time and has a 5 months baby, uncle always busy with his job, sometimes used to go for tour. I am with them for one year. I used to be free with her since my childhood I hugged her many times(not sexually), I didn’t think of making love with her those days . We used to chat, go to movies, she used eat with me when uncle not there. All going fine till that day I entered in my Aunti’s room for money, at that time my Smita was feeding baby, she smiled and welcomed me and asked what you want? asked some money. she with a smile told me to take from her purse. I brought purse to her she gave me money by raising her hand at that time I saw her half breast as baby covered an electric shock went in my body for a while, it is so white and fully bulged and took money went away. Later evening could not concentrate on my studies, the scene I saw for the first time live… is reappearing in my mind, I went to bathroom and masturbated thinking of fucking my smita aunti, From the next day whenever uncle not there I started fantasizing her. I go from back and touched her stomach it felt great due to softness of her belly she did not oppose and smiled and asked why are you showing so much love towards me today I said I love u very much so as but she took it light and continued her work. Next time I put hands on her breasts, as accidentally she didn’t took it seriously. This gave courage to me and next time hugged her from back without underwear only shorts, and used to grab hold of her and kissed her passionately whenever got the opportunity….. She didn’t give much response in the beginning later she noticed the change in me but didn’t say a word, I rubbed my cock against her ass she noticed and moved away from me started avoiding me when I am trying to come near her but didn’t say a word regarding my attitude, this gave me more dareness. One day my uncle gone for pune regarding his work for about one week, in the night after dinner I dropped my uncle at station and gone to my room to study could not concentrate and thought this was the right chance to satisfy myself with sexy aunti… I asked her that I want to sleep in the same room as fan is not working in my room and she accepted. She said not to off lights as baby might wake up. Now I was pretending as I sleep. After an hour I opened my eyes and was shocked to see my aunti’s hand moving into her saree. She thought that I have slept but I saw the whole scene and I could not believe my eyes. As I was only in my shorts I felt a hard-on. I could see the part of her thigh as her saree was up slightly and open, her saree is removed from the shoulders, 3 hooks of her blouse are removed, could see her white breasts standing firm and erect. Now she started moaning slowly and I could figure out what she was doing, She was fingering her cunt. By seeing the whole seen and a sexy shaped thighs I got aroused and getting hard my cock. After a while she got up and gone and came (I know where she gone) and gone to sleep. I controlled my hands as begin to tremble for squeezing her breasts. After some time my aunti is in deepsleep.

Now I decided to do something for my lovely aunti..I was real horny now with a strong desire to suck and fuck my aunti. I don’t want miss the chance got courage to touch smita’s breasts as she is sleeping. I spread my leg and placed it gently over her naval and pressed hard on it no response from her but sounds continue. I moved my hands on to her boobs and caressed the round mounds of her breasts, she started moaning, started to remove nada of petticoat, removed it and inserted hand into naval, I could feel hairs and no panty as she don’t ware I caressed the hair and kept for sometime moved deep to touch the hole of my beautiful lady (smita) started fingering deep into the heaven, she moaning uooooooooh….. sssssssss….she gave moment up and down. Could not hold the situation so removed petticoat slowly and I laid over her without putting weight I inserted my penis, suddenly she woke up and pushed me saying what r u doing, this is not right thing and immediately left place and slept in other room, this happened in a moment and could not understand the situation. My temptation all gone and didn’t get sleep all night. Next day morning could not talk to her boldly. But she is normal doing all work normally, we took breakfast and I went to college, later evening when I came to house, she talked to me normally and asked how the day gone, I replied and went to my room. Evening I saw her when she just came after bath with a towel covered her body which she didn’t notice as I am under the cot. She removed towel, to wear petticot the whole naked of angel lady is now infront of me was so horny and cummed there itself on my aunti’s petticot which she left there.

After dinner I gone to my room and started reading but could not concentrate and want to enjoy my aunti dear, she came and said that she is going to sleep as she was tired with her work, she told to, drink milk before going to sleep. One hour gone and now I am in a stage that want to do something with her, so got up and went to her room, she is in a sound sleep, so went near her put my hands on her breasts, slowly pressed and later took off saree and unhooked buttons of her jacket, balls bounced from jacket, took my cock from shorts rubbed over her tits and started jerking off and cummed my gum on her tits. She woke up and gone immediately from the place, after a while She came and lay beside me facing other side, I was shocked to see her again. I went into sleep without knowing to me. Next day I went to college and in the evening I noticed her in kitchen cleaning vessels. I changed my dress and put short and went to kitchen hugged her from back she asked me when u came and no sound….. I moved my hands unto her tits and caressed the round mountains of her tits. I could feel nipples get hard and she moved bit back as I was rubbing my erect cock to her ass, she didn’t even avoid me as she now started enjoying it, kissed on her neck, she is breathing heavy moving her face towards me, phone rang and she moved from the place (missed the chance thought in mind). Later I gone to a movie as my friend called, informed to her not to wait for me, take food and go for sleep. After returning from movie I changed my clothes and wore lungi of my uncle, there is bedlight, went near my sexiest aunti, she was in sleep as time is 11’ o clock, she is in a position that her saree shifted to oneside and I could see her stomach in that a beautiful spot of hole. It tempted me more my cock erected to 90 degrees. I lied next to her, turned to her and put my hand on her stomach and begin to feel the softness of her belly moved my fingers into her petticot and lied there for sometime.

She is in deep sleep I am enjoying the moment greatly, she in her sleep turned to other side and her butt towards me, I still did not remove my hand and moved more closely that my cock is rubbing her ass, with other hand I slowly pulled the saree from down till her waist, this is amazing her back is full naked I with cock searched the shit hole to insert, got the hole and started inserting, Suddenly She caught my hand and cried what r u doing Kishu .I got the courage and decided not to miss the chance. I said, Aunty I love you I know that now a days you are not satisfied, because uncle least commitment in sex, so you were fingering yourself many times, let me satisfy you and me as well. She tried to resist me but could not do it. I pulled her saree from her body and thrown it on the floor.

She tried to stand but in vein I gripped her waist hard from back. She was crying, don’t do this to me I am your Aunty equal amma. I said, You are so beautiful that I could not control myself from the time I saw your sexy breasts, let me satisfy you so that you don’t need to finger yourself. I pressed her legs with my legs and could feel the heat from her butt. Then I started to undo her jacket and with one leg pulled her towards me. She was trying hard to resist me but she could not. I unhooked hooks from her blouse and removed blouse and from her body, untied her petticot and removed with my legs now she was completely naked under me. Now I started kissing her face and lips.

Inserting my tongue in her hot mouth and exploring it, she is breathing very heavy and hot air from her mouth. Although she resisted me first now she is enjoying the passion and started kissing me, we enjoyed the English kiss for about 5 min. I kissed whole body as she is aroused and not resisting me, went to pussy and kissed and started massaging with my tongue, she is moaning aaaahhhhhhhhh…..uuuuummmmmmm…… saying eat her cunt as she cannot hold the enthusiasm. I folded her legs…..I smelled the pussy juice for the first time…it was tremendous…I still get aroused when I recollect it. I took my mouth and started licking it…with my hands I parted the pussy walls….and …as I started to lick her pussy…she again started to moan more louder. aaaaaa hhhhhhhh…… oooooooooooo…. naaku bagaa loppaliki(lick it harder inside)..uuuuuummmmmmmmm…. eeeeeeeehhhhhhh……. uuuuuuufffffffffffff……aaaaaahhhhhhhh….. aaaahhhhhhhhhhh… uuummmmmmmm ….. I told her to be in the doggy style and I was behind her…I fingered in her shit hole…she shouted and about to change her style meanwhile I took my cock in the hand and inserted it from behind…she cried out of pain in the beginning as I entered but later as it went inside of her hole it was ok for her…I held her butts with both my hands…and her boobs were hanging downwards… I slowly started to push in and out ooooooooo….kishu fuck me harder…..lopalliki poniiii ……aaahhhhhhhh ooossssssssssssssss….mmmmmmmmmm….. inkaa ballanga….thoiiiii u r killing me come on baaga……then after 15 min I loaded her butt with cum got relaxed, time is 3’ o’clock. She came to normal position I slept beside her kept my head on her breasts, I started sucking her milk tanks got milk into my mouth and pealed her tank until she cried to stop as baby needs milk. She said that she want to fuck in her cunt so it continued till morning 5’ o clock.

Next day she and I both took bath at once, I have no mood to go to college so once again enjoyed having sex…..Later she didn’t gave chance to have sex as she don’t want to spoil my future, but gave the chance to suck her milk tanks and lick her cunt when ever I insisted, after one year they have to go to pune as my uncle got transfer. After that didn’t have sex so I welcome lady who is not satisfied or girl who wants to have sex can contact me Young girls and Aunties at hyderabad who wanted to have friendship or sex can contact me with ur phone no. and address, it should be secret
It will be kept secret…….

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