Sleeping Beauty – Sex Story In English

This happened when I was 18 years old.
We used to live in apartments in those days. We had a good neighborhood around
us. One of our neighbors had this beautiful girl in their family. Her name was Radha
and was 17 years old at that time. We used to share lot of magazines. Radha’s mom
came to our house and was chatting with my mom. I asked her some magazines and
she told me to go to her house and ask Radha. So I went to her house. The door was
kept slightly opened. I pushed the door and entered their house. I found Radha in
sound sleep. Though we talked lot of times, I never observed Radha properly. I went
near to check whether she was sleeping or not. I found Radha’s chest rising up and
down with her breath. She had very big boobs. With her chest, I saw her boobs going
up and down. That scene turned me on very much. I cursed my self for not noticing
neighborhood beauty. I though of going home, as she was sound asleep. But I wanted
to feel her boobs. So I, slowly, went close to her and sat behind her. I put my hands
on her boobs. For the first time in my life, I felt a soft booby touch in my life. I was
very excited. I put my other hand on her other boob. She was still asleep. I took
advantage of that, and started squeezing her boobs. To my surprise, she did not even
move. So, I started to unbutton her shirt. I can’t believe I did that. She has white bra
in side. Fortunately, it has front hooks. So, I went ahead and unhooked the bra. She
still did not move. Now, I can see her light brown nipples. (Wow, u should see them,
buddies, they are too good to be sucked). I bent over and put my kissed on her
nipples. I can feel my hot breath. Radha awoke after feeling this hot air blow. I was
caught red handed. At first, she could not realize what was happening. I was shaken
badly expecting worse to happen. But to my surprise, she smiled at me and said,
“idiot, if you want to suck my boobs, suck them. And don’t stop”. After that, she
slept again. Now, I know that, she was acting as if she was asleep. That’s all I
wanted. I just started sucking her nipples one after the other. I can feel them arose.
I started squeezing the other boob. She started moaning. But she is still acting as if
she was sleeping. This turned me more. I put my hands on her legs and lifted her
skirt (school uniform’s skirt). And I took her panty out. Then also, she did not say
anything. I started to lick her pussy like a dog. I know she was enjoying it while
laying down motion less. I can feel her juicy pussy very hot. She put her hand on
my head and started pushing it towards her wet pussy. She was not even moving. I
could not bear that. I wanted to fuck her as quickly as possible. I took my dick out
and put my dick in her mouth. It was as if it I was doing it to a motion less person. I
had to do it with force. I opened with force and I put my dick in it with her still
lying down as if she was asleep. But, I can feel her tongue moving around my dick.
She was doing it with her eyes closed. I could not control my self. When, I was
about to cum, I took my dick out. And moved it towards her pussy. Then, suddenly
she turned her body upside down. Now, her ass is towards me instead of her pussy.
On seeing her big white buttocks, I started squeezing her butts. I can see her asshole.
I have decided to fuck her ass hole. I spread her asshole and tried to enter her. It was
tight. And she was still not responding. I know it would hurt her. But, I also know
that, she wants it from the back. So, I force entered her ass. I can feel the tight
asshole. She gave a moan and bore the whole pain under her lips with her eyes
closed. I put my whole weight on her and started fucking her. I know she was also
enjoying. I put my hands below her boobs and started to squeeze them while fucking
her ass. In five minutes, I started to cum. I leaked my juice in her ass. I laid there
like that on her for about two minutes. Then, suddenly I heard her mom talking to
my mom in the corridor. I whispered in her ears about the problem, and she asked
me to leave as early as possible. I took my dick from her ass hole. And got dressed
my self and went home with a magazine that I found beside her bed.
That evening, when I was reading the magazine, I found this sexy story
happened to the one of the heroines in the story. I understood, what had happened.
She was completely turned on after reading the story and could not control her self
when it happed to her through me. But the gimmick in the magazine’s story is that
hero fucks her pussy. But I ended up fucking her ass hole. Later she told me, that
she did not want to loose her virginity (which was understandable). After that when
ever, any of us found a sexy story, we used to implement it in our own way (only ass
fucking though). I never fucked her pussy. This saga continued for about 20 months
till her family moved to another town.
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