Shy Girl Sex Story

My real name is MAMTA PATEL, sometimes called MADHURI by my father and a few other friends. Not because I look like her, but more because I have a sweet innocent look, so I’m told……If they only knew……… Born in India, raised in America. Traditional values and goals. I’m 24 years old, black hair to my shoulders with long, loose curls, which I sometimes wear up or tied back. I’m 5’6″ tall and weight 126 lbs. I am, I’ve been told, very attractive. I have done some modeling for cosmetics and swim suits. I measure 34D-21-34. My breasts are very firm and nicely shaped and appear very large on my small frame, and I rarely wear a bra. My nipples are almost always hard and protrude way out when I get excited. I have nicely shaped, long, thin legs, that I love to show off, a nice flat tummy, and a tight round bum. Although it may not sound it, I am really quit shy. This anonymity thing allows exposing and saying things that would normally be only in my thoughts….and its fun and very exciting… SEXUALLY exciting!!! And now just thinking about who may read this, I can feel my nipples starting to get hard. I’m in school today so I am wearing a bra, a pink, lacy, demi-bra which doesn’t do much except look good and feel good but it doesn’t hold my nipples back they seem to pop right over the low cut of the bra and rub on my blouse. I’m wearing a pink silk blouse that just seems to cling to my nipples, a black pleated skirt just above my knees, nude stockings and black heels. Oh ya, and tiny, little, pink, lacy panties. Well I can’t continue right now, I’m getting too excited.

I’m home now, or I should say, in my apartment. It’s a rainy dismal Friday in Boston and I have no plans. Frankly, now that I’ve started this I can’t wait to get back to it. But, first off with my clothes, bra, and panties…..Back in a minute! Oh that feels much better. I’m wearing a gray cut off sweatshirt that just hangs from my tits and exposes my tummy and silky men’s boxer shorts, kind of blue paisley. I love these boxer shorts. They’re very comfortable and loose so I can get at everything. OK. I’ve tied my hair up, and put on my glasses and I’m ready to get on. I grew up in a small well to do community south of Boston. A mother, father and a brother named Acbar, and I still live there when I’m not at school. My brother is 3 years older than me. It was with my brother that I had my first sexual experience…sort of. I was 18 years old, it was a summer day around the pool and my parents had some friends over, which include a couple of teenage girls. The girls had gone into the cabana to change and I was looking for some water toy or something and went behind the cabana. There, standing on a lawn chair was my brother Acbar. At first I wasn’t sure what I was seeing, so I hid behind a shrub and watched. Acbar was standing on the chair looking in the little window of the dressing room. I could hear the girls inside and it only took a minute to figure out what he was doing. As I continued to watch I could see more going on than just peeking in the window. Acbar had his bathing suit on, he had pulled the leg aside and was playing with his little prick. I say little now, but I was 8 and he was 13 and at that time it didn’t look little to me. As I continued to watch I felt a kind of tingling all over. I could see his prick was kind of stiff and sticking out. He was holding it with his thumb and fingers and pumping away. Well, I had never seen a prick before, and certainly never one doing this. I couldn’t move, or didn’t want to. The tingling felt so good I didn’t want to move for fear it would stop. That was the first time my nipples got hard and they haven’t gone down since. Though I didn’t know what was happening, I did know that I liked the feeling very much. I could hear the girls coming out of the cabana now and I ran back to the pool. All day long , as we played around the pool I kept watching my brother. I began seeing things I never noticed before. Sometimes when he would come out of the pool his bathing suit would be sticking out in the front. Probably playing with it under water I thought, and when he sat on the edge of the pool I made sure I was in the water positioned just right so I could see up the leg of his suit….and there it was, his little prick. Well, I just kept doing this all day, because, when ever I saw it I got that tingling feeling, and I liked that a lot. Later that day I told Acbar that I saw him behind the cabana and I was going to tell mom. He said, ” If you don’t tell I’ll let you touch it,” and ran off. Now, I meant that I was going to tell mom about spying on the girls. It took me a while but when I figured out what he meant, it sounded pretty good. That night, around nine, I went to Acbars room, flung the door open, walked right in and said, ” Here I am.” His reaction, of course, was….what do YOU want?, get out of here!, beat it you little creep!!, etc., etc. After I reminded him of his promise and with the help of a few threats, we got down to business. “O.K.MAMTA, but if you say anything to anyone you’ve had it.” He still had on his bathing suit and was lying down, after some coaxing he stood up, slipped it off and sat down beside me on the bed. ” O.K.MAMTA there it is. Go a head and touch it if you dare.” Well, I wasn’t about to tell anyone. I mean, look what I was about to do, and it was my idea. Yes in deed there it was. It didn’t look quite the same as it did behind the cabana, but it was a lot closer now and it was mine…..sort of. And there we were, the two of us, just there sitting on the edge of Acbars bed in silence starring a his little prick. I reached out and touched the end with my finger, nothing. So I picked it up between my thumb and finger and started, ever so slowly, moving up and down. It only took a few strokes and things started to change fast. The little prick was now a big prick. ( all things taken into consideration) This was incredible. I don’t think Acbar even knew it could get this big. Well, I kept going at it, now with my whole hand wrapped around it and a little faster. It felt soooo good, my tingling was back and my tiny little nipples were hard as pencil erasers. I had one hand a Acbar’s right thigh, my right hand pumping away at this incredible toy that Acbar gave me play with, and still starring at it in disbelieve…….it felt soooooooo good. I could feel Acbars hips start to move and I looked up and Acbar had laid back on the bed and was making moaning noises. Well, I thought I had hurt him or something was really wrong, and I stopped. ” Oh my god, are you alright ?” I asked Acbar. In a very moany voice he replied “Yes, yes please keep going. It never felt like this before. It feels good, I like it.” Well I liked it too, and he didn’t have to ask twice. Now I was getting into it. But, something had changed. Now I was in control. What I was doing to Acbar gave me, not only this great tingling, but a sense of power that I never new existed. I began to experiment. I would go slower and then faster. Each motion would get a reaction from Acbar. I could get him to make different sounds, and twitch, and move his hips just by squeezing or pumping his prick a different way. Up and down, faster, slower, squeeze and pump, over the top, just on the end, full strokes, up, down, up ,down, up, down. I was bouncing up and down on the bed with the rhythm, and I felt incredible. How long could this last ? All of a sudden the thing squirted a stream about a foot in the air, Acbar let out a loud AHHHHHHHHH, and I jumped off the bed and just stood there looking at Acbar with my mouth open in total amazement. Acbar was still OOOOing, and his prick was still squirting. I didn’t know what happened. I knew it wasn’t pee, because I had it on my hand and it was white and sticky. However, I did feel that what ever just happened, I made it happen and it made Acbar feel real good, and I felt GREAT. As soon as I could move I ran to my room. Well, I thought about this a lot, and I liked it! The next day Acbar explained to me what happened, I guess as good as a 13 year old could. ” Cum ? ” I said. He said that he had never done that before and he was very surprised, but it felt sensational. It didn’t take long, and I not sure who talked who into it, and we were doing it again. We continued to do it for a long time. It gave me an incredible feeling all over my little body that I loved and I was in control and needless to say, Acbar loved it. It was our little secret……so I thought.

I would give Acbar a hand job when ever he,(I), wanted, and I was getting real good at it. After almost a year, Acbar asked me to do it to one of his friends. It didn’t take much coaxing and the excitement of holding another boys prick was overwhelming. It became an exclusive little club. Me, Acbar, and three of his friends. I would jerk them off anytime they wanted, and I would get rides to the mall, to school, or just about anything a 10, 11, or 12 year old girl could wanted they were always nice to me. Even small amounts of money, sometimes. I would have played with them for nothing, I guess they must have felt guilty or they just didn’t realize how much I loved it. It was always handjobs. No fucking, sucking, or titty touching. I never even thought about those things. All I wanted was to take their pricks out, make them big and stiff, and watch them cum off. That was all I needed…..I thought. There was one boy that I liked better than the others. He was the youngest, 15, and had a much larger and thicker cock than the others and I liked playing with his the best. I used two hands on him and it took a long time to make him cum and I liked that a lot. He treated me different too. He would talk to me while I was playing with his big very hard prick, tell me how good it felt and how good I made him feel. He would tell me when it was going to cum and I would pump it a little faster and aim it away from my face, which seemed to ba a favorite target of the other boys, and he would give me a little kiss on my check when he left. So the day Brian showed up all alone and said lets go to the tree house I didn’t hesitate. It was an early Fall day and the other boys had stayed at school for football practice. They had built a tree house in the woods behind our house a few years ago, and this is where most of our fun took place, but I had never been there with just one boy before. I knew what going to the tree house meant, I had been going there for almost 4 years, and going there alone with Brian was very exciting, I could already feel my body tingling. I was now thirteen and developing fast. I had long grown out of training bras and had worked my way up to a whopping 32B, and on my small 86lb. body, those little suckers looked good. I was still in my school uniform; a grey pleated skirt very short, navy blue sweater,(no blouse today), white knee sox, and black flats, and just like now, I rarely wore a bra. My tits have always been very firm and perfectly shaped and it always felt good when my nipples rubbed against my clothes, they’re are very sensitive. I never wore a skirt except to school and this is the first time I had to climb the tree house ladder in one. ” Go ahead up.” Brian said. ” I’m right behind you.” Half way up I stopped and looked down just in time to catch Brian, who was still on the ground, looking right up my skirt. Well, this was a first. I’m not sure what I thought but I felt a shiver go through me, but I didn’t do anything to keep him from looking. When we got inside we sat cross legged on the floor facing each other and I could see that Brian’s prick was already hard and thought it must have happened when he looked up my skirt,and I got another little shiver. Other times it wouldn’t get stiff until I started playing with it. Pricks were one of my favorite things and I had learned a lot about them in the last 4 years. I knew when a boy had a hard on, and Brians was already to go…I thought to myself. After some conversation Brian told me that he wanted to see my tits. Well, this was a new twist, and it was O K, but I always got what I wanted when the boys wanted something, and I wanted Brian’s prick. I wanted to see it pop out of his pants already stiff and thick and hard. We were sitting on the floor across from each other, my skirt covered my crouch and my little white nylon panties but exposed almost all of my thighs and legs. ” O K ” I said, taking a deep breath and sticking out my chest, I pulled my sweater up over my proud, perky tits exposing my hard, erect nipples. Your turn I said, but Brian just sat there staring at my tits, and my little shivers turned into uncontrolable tingling. ” Take it out Brian!” I insisted. He jumped up, quickly unzipped his pants, and his prick popped out like a jumping jack, then he sat back down and never once took his eyes off my tits. Well, he wasn’t down for more than 3 seconds when I reached out and grab his huge, stiff, dripping cock with both hands. At the same time Brian slid both hands under my sweater and lifted it up, again exposing my tits. Which was fine with me, I had what I wanted, and it was bigger and thicker than ever before and I wasn’t about to let go. Brian leaned forward and kissed my cheek, let go of my sweater, and cupped one hand around each of my tits. My hands stopped moving, but I never let go of his cock. An incredible sensation came all over my body. I never felt anything like this before. Brian had his hands on my bare tits….OH GOD……OOOOOOOOOoooooooo Brian firmly squeezed one tit and rub his thumb over the hard, erect nipple of the other one, and gave a little moan. I shivered all over, I felt like I was going to explode and I started wiggling in place, and tightening my thighs and my little ass, and flapping my knees up and down, but never letting go of his prick. I started pumping on Acbars, now throbbing cock to the same rhythm of my legs going up and down and Brian’s hands were all over my tits. Squeezing, rubbing, and pinching my nipples OH…..GOD I was going crazy and moaning loudly ……… then Brian let out a screaming AAAAAHHH…..AAAAHHHHHHH……AHHHHHHHH…and his cock fired a steady stream of CUM all the way up into my face, but I never flinched and kept jerking his cock and Acbar kept squeezing my nipples and moaning, OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD, which is what I would have said if I could have talked. I just couldn’t get out a word. I was panting, moaning, cum dripping from my face I was licking it from my lips, bouncing up and down and pumping away on Brian’s still hard, still cumming, big, wonderful cock. It was the most unbelievable feeling I ever had. Nothing that I had done over the past four years had even come close. I was in another world, I had no idea what was going on around me or where I was. I just couldn’t stop flapping my legs and jerking off Brian’s cock. I felt like I was being fucked up my ass, in my cunt, in my mouth, and between my tits all at the same time, but I wouldn’t know what that felt like for 5 more years. Cum on my face and lips was nothing new, but it was never Brian’s cum and it never tasted like this. Brian let out a big sigh and fell over backwards, his prick still hard and sticking straight up and I held on with both hands pumping slowly. I was on my knees between Brian’s legs, licking cum off my lips and watching Brian’s cock oooz cum on every up stroke. I leaned forward and put my mouth on the head of his prick and sucked it like a straw in a too thick shake. It felt like a big rubber lolly pop and tasted sweet syrup. I started moving my head with the motion of my hands, taking more and more of Brian’s thick shaft in my mouth. Brian was near silent, breathing very heavy, and raising his hips on every down stroke. I was rocking back and forth, my head bobbing up and down and hands pumping, and except for the slurping and heavy breathing it was dead quiet. Then out of the silence, voices, it was Acbar and the boys and they were coming to the tree house. We both heard them at the same time. Brian jumped to his knees and looked out the window. “It’s John and David and there coming over here!” He whispered, as he put my toy away and fixed his shirt and pants. I was still on my knees with my skirt lifted like a towel wiping my face and trying to catch my breath. Then we heard Acbar’s voice. “Hey you guys, she’s not home, come wait in here.” He shouted to them from our back door. As soon as they were gone we climbed down. Brian kissed me on the check and ran off and I ran home. When I walked in Acbar, John, and David were sitting there waiting for me. “MAMTA, do you want to go to the tree house?” They harmonized. “No. I cant right now, I don’t feel good.” I moaned, and went up to my room. The truth was that I felt sooooo good I wanted to be alone and enjoy it. Any other time I would have led the way to the tree house and been very excited by thier oooing and ahhhing while I played with little pricks. But I had just had the most wonderful experience of my life and I wanted to savor it for as long as possible. With my eyes closed, laying on the bed in my little, white, silk panties I recalled every detail of my escapade with Brian. My breathing had not yet returned to normal and my body was still trembling.

I could still taste the cum in my mouth and my lips and hands were kind of stiff and sticky. As I dreamed on I began to explore my own body. Feeling my tits like Brian did…pinching my nipples and rubbing the firm little mounds that totally filled my hands. I was making myself feel the same way. I had no idea I could this to myself and it felt wonderful. I kept rubbing and squeezing and pinching. I started sliding one hand down over my body to my tummy, I could feel the edge of my panties. I kept caressing my tits with my left hand slowly slid the other one under my panties and over the soft little mound new hair. I could feel wetness on the back of my hand. My panties were all wet. I felt my pussy, It too was all wet. It felt like Brian’s cum. I started to rub up and down on it like I did on Brian’s prick. I was breathing very heavy now and my my hips were moving with the motion of my hand. “OH Brians prick, Brian’s prick!!!!” I cried out and arched my back and pushed a finger inside my soaking wet cunt and SCREAMED OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD, and a feeling came over me like a tidal wave as if my body was being tickled by thousands of feathers, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes, and I came and came and came, and came, and came………… After that wonderfully, inlighting afternoon I only saw Brian in school a couple of times, we only said Hi as we passed in the halls and nothing more. Brian would give me a wink and a smile and just keep walking. I never tried for anything more. After that day in the tree house both Brian and I were different. We had changed some how, I wasn’t quite sure how, but nothing would ever be the same. Not for me, for Brian, or the rest of our little sex club. There would be no more fun in the tree house, no more hand jobs for Acbar, John, or David, and no more sucking on Brian’s big, thick, marvelous cock. That Winter Brian’s family moved away and Acbar was dating the younger sister of one of the girls he was peeping on in the cabana 5 years ago. She was beautiful and they seemed to hit it off very well….. probably gave great handjobs, I thought, but I’m sure that Acbar, just like me, had moved up to bigger and better things. Though I was still a virgin, (well lets say I hadn’t been fucked yet), I’m sure that Acbar had found Heather’s cunt to be far more satisfying than my hand….”How could he?” And tits, at 18, Heather was the envy of every girl in school, and she knew it and used it,(them), she was HUGE. Blonde hair, blue eyes, big tits, on a tall, slender body, and what else, a cheerleader. I hated her,(not really), not so much for her beauty, but more because she occupied all of Acbar. Acbar was maturing very fast I thought. He was tall, dark hair, he had my mothers blue eyes, (that I always wanted), and he was handsome like my father. He played football all through Jr. High and High School and was very good. Not a super star, but he was admired by all of his team mates, coaches, and of course, the cheerleaders. He was strong and muscular and very popular with everyone. He had earned a scholarship and was very excited about going to college. Both Acbar and Heather were seniors and were getting ready to go away to college after graduation. They were going to different schools and would probably only see each other during breaks. You would think that their world was coming to an end the way they acted. They were always hanging on each other. Or was it just the sex that made them that way? I didn’t know for sure, I just assumed she had taken over where I left off. My father was an investment banker and both he and my mother did a lot of traveling. When I was old enough to take care of Eric, (my younger brother, now eight), it seemed they were hardly ever home. It was a very hot afternoon in late June, I was just coming in from school and our parents were away. Acbar, being a senior, had graduated a couple of weeks before and Eric wouldn’t be home for two more hours. As I passed Acbar’s room I could hear voices, behind the closed door. Not words, but sounds. I stopped for a second and listened. It was Acbar and Heather, it didn’t take long to figure that out and the sounds were not unfamiliar either. They made me think of Brian and that day in the tree house and a pleasurable vibration went through my body and I felt those tingling sensations in my cunt. I swung my book bag in front of me and squeezed it between my legs, pulling up on the strap the bag came up under my skirt and the corner of the canvas pushed hard against the crotch of my panties, I squeezed my legs tighter and echoed the soft moan that came through the door, I quivered all over and ran to my room. I flung the book bag, fell across my bed, pulled up my skirt and began rubbing the wet spot on my panties, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to see what Acbar and Heather were doing. I wanted to see what it was that took him away from me. I tip toed past Acbar’s door to Eric’s room. Acbar and Eric shared a bathroom, with a door going into it from each room. If Eric’s side was unlocked and Acbar’s door was closed I might be able to see what they were doing. I tried Eric’s bathroom door. It was unlocked and I opened it slowly hoping that Acbar’s door would be closed. As the door opened the sounds from Acbar’s room became clearer and closer. It was as if I was right in the room with them. When it was open enough I looked in. “Oh Shit!” I thought, and pulled my head quickly back. Acbar’s door was open, not all the way but to far to make an undetected entrance to the bathroom and I started very, very slowly to close Eric’s door. When the door was almost closed I looked up and there, through the tiny remaining crack, reflecting in the mirror over the vanity, framed like I picture, was Heathers naked, glistening body. She was kneeling on Acbar’s bed, straddling his hips, and dripping with sweat. They were both stark naked. OH MY GOD! Heather! Naked! She was leaning forward, her hands on either side of Acbar’s head, her huge tits inches from Acbar’s mouth, her long, blonde hair covering her face, and her round, firm ass was moving up and down on Acbars hard cock. She was beautiful. She would toss her head back, shake her long blonde hair down her back and over her shoulders and give a low moan, then fling her head forward, her hair covering her face and Acbar’s, lean down, arch her back, throw her head back again and push her huge breasts in Acbar’s face, and never miss a beat as she continued raising her body to the very tip of his shaft and then engulf every inch of it with each downward thrust. I opened the door a little more in order to see the whole scene without moving my head back and fourth. The angle was perfect, the view was kind of to her back and to the side. I could see Acbar’s cock sliding in and out of Heathers very hairy, dripping wet, blonde cunt as she continued to glide up and down on what appeared to be a much large cock than what I used to play with. With every down stroke Acbar would let out a muffled AHH, AHH, AHH. He had his mouth and hands full of Heather’s tits. One hand was wrapped around her left tit holding it up feeding his mouth as he sucked on her big, protruding nipple. The other hand was squeezing, pinching, and pulling at Heather’s other big, dark brown nipple. I never ever thought I would get to see Heather’s breasts. I had heard girls talk about them at school, but Heather was 4 years ahead of me and in another gym class. Hearing the talk at school, and the way the boys would tease Acbar, had me, and a lot of others, very curious. Heather never tried to hide her figure, in fact quite the opposite. She would always wear tight sweaters, low cut jerseys, and blouses unbuttoned just far enough. Both boys and girls alike, would have given anything to be seeing what I was seeing right now. Heathers tits! They were even bigger than the appeared in her sweaters, and YES, they were real. The image before me was incredible. I had only heard about fucking but never in my wildest dreams thought the girl was supposed to be on top. Heathers moans became louder and faster and her pumping was harder and harder. Just then she sat straight up with her hands behind her head. She arched her body, her head tilted way back, and her hips lunging forward on Acbar’s cock, and my god those tits were reaching for the sky. She moved her hands down to her knees, then slowly slid them up her thighs, over her tummy, and cupped both breasts at the same time. Stopping to circle her big, hard nipples with the just the palms of her hands, she continued over the top wrapping her hands around her huge mounds, then smoothly down the sides. (There was a lot of area to cover). With her hands flat open and fingers extended up she pushed her enormous breasts up and together at the same time and in one continuous motion her hands shot straight up over her head and she SCREAMMMMMMMMMMED. She screamed and screamed and screamed, her hips surging harder and faster. It was the best cheer she had ever done. I knew she was cumming off and it brought me back to a hazy reality. The shock of seeing all of this had frozen me in place but when Heather screamed with delight it sent chills up and down my spine and ignited the desires that had brought me here in the first place. Heather had collapsed full length on top of Acbar, her beautiful hair covering their faces like a silk scarf. Thier bodies were in slow motion, still pressing together in a slow throbbing kind of way, their breathing was very heavy and erratic as if they had just finished a ten mile run. I too had lost my breath and my body was shaking all over. I dropped to my knees still keeping watch in the mirror. I released the door knob and my hands slid slowly down over my tummy pushing hard against my pelvis. My fingers were gathering up my skirt and rubbing my cunt at the same time. I pulled my skirt all the way up and pressed my fingers against my soft little mound and began rubbing my panties. My GOD, I was soaked right through, they were so wet it was as if I had no panties on at all . My little cunt lips had sucked my panties right in and were molded to the shape of my cunt. I started sliding the length of my index finger up and down in the folds of my vulva, my other fingers rubbing along the outsides of the little wet sack and squeezing together around my middle finger. OH GOD it was so good. I had never been this wet before, and it felt soooo different and soooo good. My panties were so wet they were transparent. I was holding my skirt out of the way with one hand, staring down at my pussy watching my finger slide up and down between my wet panties covered cunt. I could see the outline of my swollen, pink labia and the wet mated hair sticking to my panties. I rolled my finger back and forth in the crevice of soft, wet, fleshly tissue and kept sliding it up and down at the same time. My juices were still flowing and I was getting wetter and wetter. As I pressed on my slit and rolled my finger my cunt lips wrapped it up like a little hotdog in a soggy, white bun……. BANG!!! A gust of air hit me in the face, the door moved and closed my peep crack, but it didn’t latch. I froze.

It was Acbar’s door that slammed, someone was in the bathroom. I dropped my skirt and started to back up, on my knees. I could hear the water running and then the toilet flush, the door moved again and my view was restored. It was Heather, she was walking back to the bed where Acbar was waiting on his knees with his very wet, very hard, very red cock sticking straight out in front of him. As she got on the bed she reached out and grabbed a hold of Acbar’s prick and pulled him down on top of her. She then reached back above her head and wrapped her hands around the headboard, she pulled her knees up and wrapped her legs around Acbar’s back. He was up on his knees holding his stiff prick in one hand while the other was opening up Heather’s beautiful pink cunt. Was there anything about this girl that wasn’t perfect, I wondered??? Acbar was rubbing just the end of his cock up and down over Heather’s pink, puffy, beautiful cunt. It was driving her and me crazy. She gave a little moan arched her back and Acbar’s cock disappeared inside her soft, fleshy cavern. Heather, eyes closed began rolling her head back and forth on the pillows and moaning softly as Acbar pumped away filling her with the full length of his shaft, drawing it out almost to the end, then ramming it deeper and slamming his hips against her ass.”OH YES, OH YES, OH Acbar FUCK ME, Fuck me, Oh yes….Heather moaned. Now, this was fucking was, this is how it was described to me, this was great. I loved watching Acbar fuck Heather. He was just as beautiful as she was. His strong glistening body, muscles all tight, and his very big cock fucking away in Heather. It was almost like I was doing it with him. I returned to my position, on my knees, holding my skirt up, I slipped my hand in my panties and inserted my finger inside my tight, wet pussy and pushed it up hard every time Acbar would ram his cock in Heather. I could hear Acbar grunt with every slam and moan on each back stroke. His breathing was getting faster and very heavy and I knew he was ready to cum. ” Acbar, OOOH Acbar, …..Please be careful”. Heather whispered. Please be careful? What did that mean? “AAAAHHHHHHHH, AAAHHH…. AAAHHHHHH”. Acbar was cumming, I knew that sound. When I looked up Acbar had pulled out of Heather, she had a hold of his cock, jerking him off, and watching his throbbing cock shoot stream after stream of cum all over her gigantic mounds. They were like a shield protecting her beautiful face from Acbar’s cannon. Even lying down her tits were still full, firm and huge, and now shining with Acbar’s hot, sticky cum which she massaging into her tits with both her hands as Acbar finished squeezing the last drop of cum out of his pulsing cock. She seemed to enjoy her breasts almost as much as Acbar did. I wondered if she had ever sucked on Acbar’s prick, and flashed back to that day in the tree house with Brian. With Acbar’s fucking and my dreaming, I had totally lost any rhythm I had, and my masturbating had all but stopped. My finger was still inside me just resting, and kind of flicking back and fourth as deep inside me as it would reach, sending sparks through me with each little flick. It was great watching Acbar cum off like that, especially all over Heather’s tits. It had been a long time since I had played with him and I missed it. But given a choice, I wouldn’t have missed this show for anything in the world. Well, that’s what I thought then. I had gotten so caught up in all of this very hot action I think I came off with out knowing it. My cunt was like a soft little natural sponge, soaked in hand cream and dripping wet. It felt so good cupped in my hand with one finger sticking inside I wanted to stay there forever and play with myself while I watched Acbar and Heather. My curiosity was more than satisfied. I had seen far more than I ever excepted or could have imagined and I was content to just sit back on my knees, with my finger flicking inside me watching their bodies melt together and bring myself to a climax. I thought it would be the most exciting thing to cum off while watching Acbar and Heather fuck, and I was right on the edge. It was very quiet now and my breathing was all I could hear and hoped that I would not be caught before I could finish. Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, I was getting close. I was flicking my finger inside faster and harder and with my other hand I was rubbing that little hard thing on the top of my opening and not taking my eyes off Acbar and Heather. SLAM…It was the front door. “Leeessaa, Leeessaa?” It was Eric. Oh God, not now! How could it be that late already? As I jumped up I could see that Acbar and Heather were also in a panic, running around the room, picking up clothes, and trying to get dressed in record time. I ran out Eric’s door and down the stairs, fixing my skirt and drying my hands at the same time. Eric was in the kitchen with his head in the refrigerator I walked in and plopped on a stool at the counter. “Hi Eric.” I moaned, out of breath. “MAMTA! MAMTA! You should have seen what I saw! I was walking along the path by Jeffery’s house, right. And there was this dead cat, right. and it had blood all over. . . . . ” “Oh Eric, please, not now!” He slammed the refrigerator door and stood there staring at me. “MAMTA you look awful, are you sick? I’m hungry. That cat was gross!. . . . .” “Eric, please, just get a snack, and change your clothes before you go out, I’m going to take a shower.” Just then the front door slammed again, and I heard Acbar’s car screech out of the driveway. They had made their get away. Undetected they thought. “A shower? In the middle of the day? You must be sick.” “Eric, did you hear what I said? Eric? Did you?” “Yes, Yes, I will! He griped, as I left the kitchen. Acbar’s door was open and I stood in the hall examining the scene. The bed covers were pulled down and hanging on the floor, the pillows were all bunched up, and some of Acbar’s clothes were on the bed. As I looked closer, I could see something on the floor, sticking out from under the covers near the foot of the bed. It was a loop of a strap, a white lacy strap, a BRA STRAP! I ran in and flipped the covers over. It was Heathers bra. She must have really been in a hurry to have left it behind. I scooped it up, shoved it under my sweater and ran to my room. I pulled Heather’s bra out and spread it open on my bed. It was incredible. White lace all over, with thin lacy straps, three hooks, underwires, and cups the size of Acbar’s football. GOD, three hooks! Underwires! I had never seen a bra this big before, not even my mothers came close to this. I just kept staring at it as I got undressed. My little bras were very boring compared to this. I had some with lace, but not all lace, and nothing that you could see through. I picked it up and held it to my face. It was soft and smelled sweet like lilly-of-the-valley. I found the tag and read it aloud. “Lilly of France, ‘Lillyete’, 36 DD.” I whispered aloud. Even the name sounded like Heather. Now completely naked, I took the bra and sat at my vanity. I put it around me, hooked the three hooks, turned it around, and slipped my arms through the straps. I looked in the mirror and giggled. Heathers bra made me look like a six year old dressing up in her mothers clothes, playing the mommy. My little tits were dwarfed by the huge cups that hung almost to my waist. I tightened the straps, centered the cups on my breasts, and with both hands formed one of the lace cups tight around my firm, little tit. I could see the dark aureole surrounding my protruding nipple through the bra and the white lace made my breast look very sexy. I flicked my nipple with my finger, giving myself a wonderful little tingle inside. I hid Heather’s bra way back in my bra drawer, (and believe it or not, I still had it up till last year. That story in a future chapter.) I put on my robe and went to take a shower. Finished with my shower, I was standing in the bathroom drying off. I heard a noise at the door and knew exactly what it was. Eric. He had been chased away by my mother many times before, telling to “get away from that door while your sister is in the bathroom”. He had hit his head on the doorknob, trying to see through the key hole. , Oh God, this peeping thing must be heredity, and Eric must have it. I thought to myself. Mom wasn’t here to chase him away and I was in a very strange mood and feeling very sexy, and decided to let Eric have a good look. Even though it was Eric, and even though he was only eight, I still felt very strange…. sexy, or dirty, or horny, or something. I wasn’t sure what it was, but knowing he was out there watching me was very exciting. I got those same little tingles I got when I was peeping on Acbar. I pictured him staring through the key hole at my beautiful, naked body with a little hard on, twitching it between his fingers like Acbar did behind the cabana many years ago. . . Well, if he was going to peep on me, he was going to see something. I was standing in front of the shower facing the door with a big towel wrapped around me, I was completely covered. I dried my face and my hair, let the towel drop to the floor and turned to face the mirror. I began brushing my long wet hair. Raising my arms up over my head I was watching my tits rise and fall with each stroke. I turned slightly towards the door so Eric wouldn’t miss a thing. I felt like I was on stage. I liked Eric watching me. I liked teasing him, and wondered what he was thinking and doing. Finished brushing, I picked up the towel, put one foot on the toilet and started drying my legs. In this position I was facing the door, with one leg up and knees apart, exposing everything to Eric’s view. I kept drying off, opening and closing my legs, rubbing the towel over my soft little mound of jet black hair, leaning forward and hitting my hard little nipples against my knees, and being very careful not to cover anything for too long. I finished drying, slipped my arms in my robe, and held it open facing the door. In the full length mirror I could see what exactly what Eric was seeing. I stood there with my arms spread, my robe wide open behind me like a dark stage curtain, gazing at my beautiful, white, virgin body, little shivers of pleasure shooting through me. My eyes shifted and I stared straight at the key hole, closed my robe and headed for the door. I paused to give Eric enough time to get away, then opened the door. As I walked to my room, I heard Eric’s door close and I knew for sure that he had watched the show. Acbar Patel ,

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