This incident took place 25 years back when I was also about 25 years old. Shikar Before proceeding any further let me introduce myself to those who are new to my erotic experiences. My name is Sahebji frankly this is not my real name but everyone including my parents have called me by this name since birth. Let us therefore stay with it. I am six feet tall, slim and others especially the ladies find me quite handsome. I am a commercial artist by profession. With the introductions behind us let me proceed with the story at hand.

I had been working very hard and had just completed a long complicated assignment and decided to take holiday to the family estate. After a few days I got bored and decided to go on a hunt for a three/ four days. With my trusted servant Abdul I proceeded towards our family hunting lodge in the forest about 150 miles away. After settling down I went into the forest looking for game. Two days passed and I did not get a chance to fire my gun. On the third afternoon about 5 p. m. the sky suddenly became overcast and it started to rain cats and dogs. I collected my gear and got into my four-wheel drive and headed for the lodge. I drove along cursing the weather when I spotted a small slim figure standing under a tree drenched to the skin. Thinking, as it would be soon dark it was not safe for a young boy to be out in the forest alone. I stopped and called to him. The figure came slowly towards the car and I saw it was a young girl about 15 years old. I asked her what she was doing here alone. She said she ha d lost her way. I asked if she knew the name of the village where she lived. She nodded and told me a name. Not being familiar with the area I told her she should come with me and I will see that she gets to her village in the morning. She hesitated. I said it would be soon dark and it would not be safe here because of the wild animals. She hesitatingly got into the car and I continued my journey to the lodge. During the drive home she told me her name was Laccho and she lived with her parents and two younger brothers. She was drenched and she was shivering. I took off my hunting jacket and put it round her small shoulders. She thanked me with a pretty smile. I now looked at her more carefully. She was fair and had nice regular features long hair done up in pigtails yes she was decidedly beautiful. Her clothes were sticking to her body and the contour of her breasts was clearly visible.

After about half an hour we reached the lodge and I instructed Abdul to prepare a hot bath for Lachho. I gave Lachho a fresh towel and a cake of lavender soap and told her to take a hot bath so that she does not catch a chill. She said “Mere paas aur kapre nahin hai (I have no other clothes)”. I gave her one of shirts and told her wear this and to leave her wet clothes in the bathroom and Abdul will wash, dry and press them for her by tomorrow. She nodded and went to take her bath. I also went to another bathroom and took a hot shower and changed into a kurta and pajama for the night. It was now around 7p.m. Abdul came in carrying the makings of my usual evening peg. He was smiling and said “Huzoor nikale te sher to marne lakin hirni ghar le aaye (Master had gone to kill a tiger but brought a young doe home)”. I told him to shut up and prepare some snacks to go with the drinks and cook some fine dishes for dinner as we have a guest. Yes also get a large glass of hot milk for the girl w hen she comes out. Abdul was not to be stopped. He replied “Maine socha aap apne raat ka khana tau apne saath le kar aaye hain and started humming the song ‘Hum honge kamyab’ (I thought you have brought your dinner with you and started humming the song ‘We will over come’)”. Abdul knew about my liking for young hairless and tight choots. He knew all about my encounter with the sweet milkmaid (Read ‘Gualin ki lardki’). I told him to go away but he persisted “Sahebji cheez tau bahut acchi hai isse aaj raat ko chakh kar tau dekhiye (Sahebji she is very good taste her tonight and see)”. I laughed and shooed him out of the room he went still humming the famous tune. Dear Readers honestly I had no bad intentions toward the girl when I brought her to the lodge. My motives were purely humanitarian. But all this talk by Abdul had set me thinking.

I poured out a drink and while I was slowly sipping it Laccho came into the room dressed in my shirt. What a stunning sight she presented. Her pretty face cleaned, her hair combed and done up neatly it two pigtails. Her teen breasts forming a small hillock. With a big smile on her face she asked “Kaise lag rahi hoon main? (How am I looking?)”. “Bahut pyari choomne layak (Sweet enough to kiss)”I replied and pulled her to me and kissed her. She truly looked a delectable piece. Her proximity, her stunning looks and the knowledge that she was completely naked under the shirt gave me a hard on and all my good intentions vanished in thin air and I started looking forward to piercing her virgin cunt with my cock. Hearing her voice Abdul came in with the milk. While adding a large peg of brandy to it I told him “Tu theek keh raha tha kila tau fateh kanra he parega (You were right the fortress will have to be conquered)”. I told her to drink the hot milk and brandy it will ensure that she will not catch cold. She drank the milk slowly partaking in the delicious snacks while I sat sipping my drink and watching her pretty face and thinking of the pleasures awaiting me. We talked about her family how much they loved her and how this morning she followed a deer and lost her way. Wandering here and there the whole day till the rain came and I found her. She thanked me for bringing her with me. I wondered if she would be just as thankful in the morning. She said was very hungry, as she had not eaten since morning. I told her to go easy on the snacks as Abdul is preparing a special dinner in her honor. Soon the hot milk and brandy started showing their result. She said “Mujhe bari garmi lag rahi hai (I am feeling very hot)”. Jokingly I said “Koyi baat nahin apni kameez uttar de (Does not matter take off your shirt)”. She blushed and coyly shook her head. Abdul came and announced that dinner was served. We moved to the dinning room and ate a delicious dinner. Abdul paying spe c ial attention to Lachho and addressing her as Bibiji. She liked that and was very happy. Abdul had made ‘Chawal ki kheer’ (A rice milk and sugar preparation) one of his specialties but the girl had stuffed herself so much on the other food that she could not eat it. She joined me in praising Abdul’s cooking. Abdul asked “Bibiji inaam milega? (Bibiji will I get a reward?)”. I knew what he had in mind and before I could say something Lachho said in a grand manner “Haan muh maanga inaam milega (Yes you will get whatever you ask for)”. Before going to bed Abdul came to inquire if he should put something to eat in the bedroom for the night. Then looking suggestively at the girl said “I don’t suppose you would want anything else for the night”. Then addressing Laccho “Bibiji aapke liye maine Kheer rakh di hai (Bibiji I have put some Kheer for you)”. Lachho acknowledged the gesture with a smile. The girl was feeling sleepy I told her to go to sleep.

I read my book and after an hour or so I went to my bedroom to sleep. Laccho was sleeping on my bed. She was lying on her side. I slowly turned her on her back and she lay there with her legs slightly apart. I slowly unbuttoned the shirt and for the first time I saw her completely naked. It was a beautiful sight. Her tits hard and the nipples pointing towards the ceiling, her choot with slight growth of hair and the lips tightly pressed together. She was fast asleep. The days wandering, the rain, the hot milk and brandy, the rich food and the sense of security had taken their toll. I had no desire to wake her but to take her as she lay in slumber. I spread her legs and bent them forward towards her breasts and placed my raging erection on the entrance of her small-unfucked cunt. Suddenly she opened her eyes. Was it the warm touch of my cock at the entrance of her virgin choot or a gust of cool breeze from the window is any body’s guess. She saw me the way I was poised and asked “Aap kya kar rahe hai? (What are you doing?)”. “Main tujhe chodne ja raha hoon (I am about to fuck you)” I replied. She just kept looking at me without any fear or panic in her. I thought maybe she did not understand me and asked “Tu janti hai chudai kya hoti hai (You know what is fucking)”. She nodded and with a hurt look in her eyes she asked “Aap mujhe issi liye saath laye the? (Did you bring me with you for this?)”. I told her truthfully no but she looked so pretty that I changed my mind and wanted to fuck her. “Agar main aapse haath jod kar kahoon ki mujhe chord do tau aap mujhe chord denge (If I begged you with folded hand to leave me alone then will you leave me)”. Again I told her truthfully no. Reading her situation correctly, she decided to make the best of it. She took my raging lund in her hands and said “Aapka laura bahut barra hai aur meri kori choot bahut choti jara dhire dhire chodna (Your cock is very large and my virgin cunt small please fuck me tenderly)”. I nstead of replying I gathered her firmly in my arms and rammed my lund inside her choot. Only the knob of my cock entered. The next push tore through her hymen and half my lund was inside. The third stroke found my cock fully buried in her virgin choot. Laccho was screaming “AAAAAAEEEIIIII BAHUT DARD HO RAHI HAI NIKALO NIKALO MAINE NAHIN CHUDWANA etc. (AAAAEEEEIIII IT IS HURTING VERY MUCH TAKE IT OUT KAKE IT OUT I DON’T WANT TO FUCK etc.)” and started to sob softly. Ignoring her screams I kept ramming my lund in and out of her choot. Her cunt was very tight and I found it difficult to move my cock in and out and soon my cock released its life giving seed in her virgin fuck sheath. I withdrew my now half erect cock from her cunt and saw the mass of blood on the bed sheet, her blood stained thighs and her bleeding cunt oozing out my cum. ” Aapne bardi jor se choda bahut dard hui (You fucked me very hard it pained a lot)”. “Paheli bar aisse hi dard hota hai (First time it always pains l ike this)”. Then she saw my blood stained cock and said ” Mere Sahebji ka kasoor nahin hai kasoor hai tau iss khooni laure ka (My Sahebji is not to blame it is this ‘bloody’ cock who is guilty)”. I laughed. My cock was again ready for action and I pushed it in her cunt and started to fuck her slowly. After few minutes her cunt released its lubricating juices and the movement of the cock became easier. She lay there with eyes closed enjoying the new sensation. Her breath became shorter, her hips started moving in rhythm of my strokes and soft groans of pleasure escaped her. I kept pumping my cock in and out, her body became tense and she held me tightly and said “Haan haan thora aur rukna nahin oohhh (Yes yes some more don’t stop oohhh)” and with a deep sigh lay back. She had her first orgasm with a cock inside her choot. I continued to fuck her with long slow strokes. Soon she was again ready to cum. By the time I got to the short quick strokes and spurted my-cum in her cunt, she had let out her juices at least four times. After withdrawing I laid down next to her she said “Sahebji bahut mazaa aaya, itna mazaa pahele kabhi nahin aaya (Sahebji it was lovely I have never felt like this before)”. “Pahele dard aur phir mazaa (First pain and then enjoyment)” I said and laughed.

After resting for sometime I asked her whether she would like to eat some Kheer. Yes she wanted to eat it. I got up and sat on the edge of the bed with my feet resting on the carpet and I asked her to kneel on the carpet in front of me. I took the bowl of Kheer and threw the spoon in the corner. Lachho looked confused. I dipped my blood stained cock in the Kheer and asked her to suck the Kheer from it. Lachho giggled finding the idea of using my lund as a spoon quite amusing and got down to the task earnestly. Soon the Kheer bowl was nearly empty and my cock was also ready to cum. I put the Kheer bowl aside and I told her “Kheer bahut kha lee ab thorri si malayi kha le (You have eaten enough Kheer now eat some cream)” and holding her head firmly shot my load into her mouth telling her swallow it without spilling a single drop. After this we fucked one more time and went to sleep in each other’s arms.

A few hours later a noise woke me and saw Lachho was also awake. I started finger fucking her and then kissed her choot latching on to her clit. She was enjoying this and said “Sahebji bahut mazaa aa raha hai aur karo aur karo (Sahebji it is very nice do it more do it more)”. I only released her clit after she had given out her love juices thrice. My cock was now hard and ready for action. I told her that I am now going to take her ass hole cherry. “Bahut dard hogi? (Will pain a lot)” she asked. All I said was “Pahele dard phir mazza (First pain and then enjoyment)”. I put her in the butt fucking position and gave her a few strokes in her cum oozing cunt and then placing my cock on her rear entrance and gave mighty push. Lachho let out a loud scream but I kept on pushing my lund in her butt hole. I was going in and out and she was groaning with pain. I fucked her twice in her ass hole before withdrawing. I licked her cunt once more to ease the pain. We then went to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning I found Lachho busy sucking my cock. I pulled her on me and introduced my cock in her choot from below and we had a very satisfying ‘good morning’ fuck. After we had covered ourselves with a sheet I rang the call bell and Abdul came in with morning tea and some fruits. While we sipped our tea with a big grin on his face he asked “Sahebji, Bibiji aap raat ko theek soye? (Sahebji Bibiji you slept well?)”. I grinned back and nodded. Lachho however kept quiet and blushed. Seeing us lying next to one another and apparently naked under the sheet he remarked “Main dekh raha hoon ki kila fateh ho gaya hai (I can see that the fortress has been conquered)”. Lachho became redder. “Maine sunna ki aapne kile ke aage ke aur peeche ke dono phatak khol diye hain (I heard you have opened both the front and rear gates of the fortress)” he continued. The girl was now beet root red in the face. I told him it was enough now go. But Abdul could not resist a last parti ng shot. He picked up the discarded spoon from the corner and the near empty bowl of Kheer. “Iss chummuch ki kya zaroorat hai jab malayi se bhare chummuch se Kheer khane ko mile (What is the necessity of this spoon when one can eat Kheer with cream loaded spoon)”he said and quickly made his exit. The rascal had apparently been watching all that was going on in the room. Soon Abdul was back to collect the morning tea dishes and asked “Sahebji zara uss pyare kile ke deedar tau kara dain (Sahebji show me a glimpse of the lovely fortress)”. Before Lachho realized what he had said I caught the edge of the sheet covering her and pulled it off. “Kya kar rahe hain aap? (What are you doing?)” She said and quickly placed one hand on her choot and the other across her tits. I could see the big bulge in Abdul’s pants and I pulled her hands away and said let him see your beautiful body. Abdul looked carefully at her choot, her blood stained thighs and the spots of blood on the bed sheet and s aid “Hira hai huzoor hira (It is a jewel, sir a jewel)” indicating the girls choot. And then added “Lagta hai yahaan bahut khooni jung lardi gayi hai (It seems a very bloody battle was fought here)”he said and disappeared with the dishes. Lachho was very annoyed with me and scolded me saying “Aap ko sharam aani chahiye ki aapne mujhe apne nauker ke samane nanga kar diya (You should be ashamed of yourself for making me naked in front of your servant)”. I said “Jaan, Abdul mera nauker baad main hai pahele mera dost hai. Hamara rishta bahut nirala hai. Samjhana bahut mushkil hai. Burra mannane ki koyi baat nahin hai. (Darling Abdul is first my friend and then my servant. Our relationship is very strange. It is difficult to explain. This is nothing to be annoyed about. )”. But Lachho was not mollified. I took her in my arms and gave her nice long slow fuck. This restored her good humor. Dear Readers I am sure you will agree with me there is nothing better than a good fuc k to restore a girl’s good humor. The whole day we did nothing but fuck, sleep, eat and fuck some more.

Just before teatime Abdul came and said “Bibiji main apna inaam lene aaya hoon (Bibiji I have come to claim my reward)”. Lachho looked at me and I shrugged indicating it was between the two of you. Lachho said “Mere paas kya hai jo main tumhe de sakti hoon (I have nothing that I can give you)”. “Bibiji aapke paas tau hira hai wohi mujhe de do (Bibiji you have a jewel with you give it to me)” he said. Before the girl could protest Abdul released his hard on from his trousers and pulled away the sheet covering her and entered her now exposed choot. He fucked her three times before withdrawing and said “Kal se issi ka intezaar tha (I was waiting for this since yesterday)” and left. “Aap barre kharab ho Abdul aap ke samene mujhe chod gaya aur aapne kuch nahin kaha (You are very bad Abdul fucked me in front of you and you did not say anything)” she complained. “Main kya kaheta tunne hi tau usse muh manga inaam dene ka vaiyda kara tha (What should I have sa id it was you who had promised to give him what ever he asked for as a reward)” I replied. “Mazaa tau aaya na? (You enjoyed it?) I asked. “Agar ek sakht laura choot main ghuseser diya jaye tau mazza tau aata hi hai (If a hard cock is stuffed in the cunt then one does enjoy it)” Lachho replied. The girl was shaping up well.

After tea we bathed together and walked through the garden. The chowkidar came and wished us and inquired if we were comfortable. The chowkidar was a good-looking young man from our estate and about 22 years old. Lachho kept giving him furtive glances during the whole time we were in the garden. After an excellent dinner Abdul again asked Lachho “Bibiji inaam milega? (Will get a reward?)”. Lachho blushing said “Haan zaroor milega (Yes definitely)”. That night again we made love in all conceivable ways and slept in between only to recharge our batteries. This continued till through half of the next morning. After lunch Abdul came to claim his reward. Lachho rewarded him quite willingly. After the first fuck Abdul pulled her on top of him and started fucking her from below. Holding her firmly in his arms he said “Sahebji main aage ka phatak samhalta hoon aap peeche ka phatak samhalo (Sahebji I am looking after the front entrance you look after the rear gate)”. Lachho understood what Abdul was suggesting and tried to free herself but Abdul held her firmly and told her don’t worry you will enjoy it. I did not require to be asked twice. I quickly got behind her and pushed my already erect cock up her ass hole. Lachho gave a sharp scream and after a few minutes of in and out movements she started to enjoy two cocks inside her. When we had finished she said “Aap dono barre kharab ho lakin, do lauron se ek saath chudai karana mujhe achha laga (You both are very bad but I enjoyed getting fucked by two cock at same time)”. Dear Readers Lachho with two days of fucking experience was turning out to be quite a fucktress.

After lunch I told Abdul to start packing we will leave for home in couple of hours and drop Lachho on the way. Lachho started sobbing and said she did not want to go home and wanted to stay with us. I told her it was impossible. She said she will stay at the lodge and when we visited it again she will be at our disposal. This also did not seem possible how will she stay here alone etc. I called Abdul and explained the situation to him. As usual he came out with a possible solution. Lachho is 15/16 years old and could marry the chowkidar and stay here and you could fuck her whenever you visit the lodge but first she had to agree and then you talk to the chowkidar. Don’t worry about him he is from the estate and your wish is like a command for him added Abdul. I asked Lachho and said he is young, good looking, earns well and has a place to stay and what else could she want. After thinking for a minute she said she was ready but will the chowkidar be willing to accept her after knowing what has happened her e in the last two days. He does not know anything about Abdul fucking you so don’t tell him about it, as regards my fucking you he will deem it an honor to marry a girl whose cherry I have plucked. She looked confused and Abdul explained that on Sahebji’s estate the virginity of a bride is not the right of the husband to take. As a matter of fact the virginity of all the girls living on the estate is the property of the master that is Sahebji’s father but in his absence here Sahebji has exercised that right. Every thing was settled. The chowkidar was called and told to marry Lachho and make sure that she was happy. He agreed and promised to be a good husband to her. Two hours later we left.

After a few days I sent Abdul back to the lodge with gifts for the chowkidar and a small dowry for the girl. He saw to it that they got married with full religious rites. Thereafter he took them to her parents. Her parents at first did not accept the marriage but having no choice soon reconciled to it. Everybody was happy.

Well, Dear Readers there is nothing more to say except that it was a very pleasant hunting trip in which I did not get an opportunity to fire my 303 rifle but I did fire my ‘gun’ umpteen number of times.


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