Sex with the Finest indian girl ever

Hello zoneforsex, my name is Sunny and I live in Toronto Canada. Sex with the Finest indian girl ever I’m currently attending college where I’m studying music production. The story that I’m about to tell you happened about a year ago.

It was the starting of my final year at high school. There were alot of new students at my school. Alot of new fresh faces. Everybody had a group or gang to kick back with. There was the popular group, the gangsters, and even the nerds had a group to themselves. But there was this one group that made every guy’s head turn. No matter who you were, they would make you look. A group of the most finest and beautiful Indian girls all of Toronto had to offer.

I felt like a kid in a candy store, only instead of candies we have girls. But there was this one girl in that group who really caught my attention. Her name was Gena. A fine looking girl she was. 5ft and 8 inches with beautiful black hair and a fine curved body with Britney Spears ass. Her eyes were as blue as they can be (yes they were real and yes she was Indian).

It all started with my first period science class. I always liked to walk in a little late, you could say I like to be fashionably late. As I was about to enter my class I was stopped at the door. There she was in my class. I was surprised to see her in there. I was happy and excited. I couldn’t wait to get to know her.

Now I’m not the shy type so I walked right up to her and said ‘Can I sit here, I study better if I’m closer to the teacher’. She said ‘ofcourse’. So it had begun. I started of by telling her my name and asking hers. I didn’t waste any time in telling her how beautiful her eyes were. She replied with a thank you and a smile. Good god, her smile was outta this world. Beautiful lips and perfect teeth. Come to think of it, she reminded me of Ashwariya Rai with a mix of Rebecca Romjin Stamos (Victoria’s Secret model). For about two weeks we talked and hung out together. We had gotten close to each other. We even went out a couple of times. But nothing happened.

I really wanted to see how she looked in a suit or a sari. I was in luck. It so happened that there was Bally Sagoo jam scheduled. So I invited her to the Bally Sagoo jam at international plaza hotel. I told her that I’ve got V.I.P passes so we can hang out with Bally Sagoo. She agreed. So the following Friday we went. She looked nice. She was wearing a baby blue sari. She looked very sophisticated. Every guy was taking a look at her. So the evening was great. We danced, I had a little to drink (she doesn’t drink). We partied until like 3 in the morning. After the party we hook up with Bally Sagoo which didn’t excite her as much as it did to me. We stayed at the after party until 4 in the morning at which time Gena wanted to leave. She wanted to go some place where me and her could be alone.

Where we could just sit and talk. So I took her to lakeshore. It was now 5 in the morning. We were sitting in the back seat of my car. We talked for a little while about each other. Then there was this one awkward moment where we just looked into each other’s eyes and the next thing you know we started kissing. I was starting to get a hard on. I started to run my fingers through her hair. Her beautiful lips were locked with mine while our tongues wrestled. I slowly started to caress her body with my hand leading up to her breast. She didn’t mind, as a matter of fact she liked it. I quickly undid her bra. She undid my shirt at the same time. Ofcourse it was a bit harder for me because I had to get the sari’s chest piece of first and then the bra. She had nice breast and her nipples were getting hard from the cool summer breeze that was coming through the open windows of my car. I nibbled on her nipples a little and then I gave her kisses all over her body. I then pushed her onto her back. She was now lying on her back with her legs open. But she wasn’t naked down there yet. I still had to get her sari of which we both knew was gonna be alot of work. She would have to put it back on and that could take a while. So I compromised. I pushed her sari upto her waist and slit her undies of. She had a nice pussy with the hair shaved of. Now I didn’t ask her to give me a blowjob because this was on a romantic level. Nor did I eat her out.

So as I was saying. I kissed her a little there but just enough to get her excited. I fingered her a little to get her wet, I didn’t want to have any trouble putting my erect dick in after. Then when she was ready I pushed my dick in her slowly. She moaned and said it hurts. I told her that it would only hurt for a little bit. I kept my pace slow at first but gradually picked it up. I kissed her and caressed her on her neck, ears and breast. By this time now she was moaning with pleasure. She would occasionally scream at times but all pleasure I’m sure. We both started to sweat and you could smell the aroma of sexual pleasure coming from our bodies which got us more excited. I kept on going for a while. I was almost ready to cum so I picked up the pace more. I started to fuck her faster which caused her to moan more with pain and pleasure. Finally I busted. But not in her. I didn’t want her to get pregnant. My leather seats got the worst of it. After I just dropped on top of her. We both let out a sigh of relief and relaxed in each others arms. She then told me how she liked me from the first day of school. She had noticed me the same time I had noticed her. We both then fixed ourselves up and sat in the back seat with her in my arms until the sun came up. She’s now currently in California where she’s attending UCLA. I talk to her whenever I can and we see each other whenever we can.
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