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Hi to everyone. I am Dan King (not my real name). Sex With Rekha This is about an exciting incident I had with my neighbour. I am 20 studying in Bangalore. I was staying in college hostel (since my native was Mysore). I rented a house in an apartment which was 3 km from my college because of the problems in hostel. In my adjacent room a couple were staying. They had no children. The husband was a very lean man of 40 & his wife Rekha was 35. They are married for 14 years. Rekha was very pretty even at that age (just like our sex bomb Rekha). I had good relationship with the couple. They helped me very much. I have my daily breakfast & dinner in their house. I also go there & watch TV. mine & Rekha’s relation was very fine.

On JANUARY 8TH ,When I went for breakfast I found that her husband has gone out. I searched for her. I found her coming out of the bathroom with only her petticoat covering her entire body. I was a very shy type character, so I went away & sat at the dining table (the house is such that she could go to the bedroom only through the dining hall). She came and served me dinner as usual. After that I went to the college, I felt very guilty and could not concentrate on things. After having dinner, I went to bed. It was this very night I started dreaming about her. she had big boobs which could be 37D. I started comparing her with my favorite actress Rekha. From the next day, I didn’t see her as a neighbor. I noticed her big boobs and her round ass which shakes whenever she walks. I started searching for her bra & panties so that I could have her smell. I found her bra which measured 36d. I also found her bio-data in which she has mentioned her weight as 60 & height as 5’8″. I thought she was the one suited for me. I always dreamt of her in the nights.

When I went there one day, I found that she was trying to take some vessels from the slab by standing on a stool. the stool was not proper. She was dancing in the top. She saw me & said that her relatives are coming tomorrow, so she wants to prepare sweets & keep it in these vessels. she asked me to hold the stool for her. From under I saw her panties & I felt an erection in my cock. I took my hands which were holding the stool & touched it. This made Rekha lose her balance & fell on me. she was on top of me. I accidentally touched her panties but she was not able to notice it because she was busy laughing at this incident. Then I said that I will take it for her & I gave it to her. The next two days were pretty boring as their relatives were staying in their house & only a young boy who has come to their house came & gave me food. I learnt from Rekha that they had come to invite them for their son’s marriage next week.

She said that only her husband would attend the marriage as she did not like facing a large no of relatives (due to the fear that they may abuse her for not having children). Her husband tried to convince her but she was firm on her stand. He left for the marriage for 3 days & Rekha was all alone in their house. The next morning when I went for breakfast she told me that she had a bad dream yesterday night and she was very afraid to stay. Taking this as an opportunity I said that I too have an headache and I am going to take leave today. She then asked to stay with her throughout the day. I gleefully accepted it. We started chatting and asked about my college & asked me whether I have any girlfriends. I said no & said that I am basically a very shy person. She said that she was surprised to hear this word from me. She said that a handsome boy like me should have many girl friends & screwed many.

She also said that her husband for his appearance has sex daily with her. It was about 10’o clock in the morning when she went to take bath. She then called me from inside the bathroom to fetch a soap for her. I gave one to her & I didn’t have any courage in giving the soap directly to her. She didn’t undress her, I gave it turning to the other side & she laughed at me while taking the soap from me. she came out dressed in a white sari and white blouse. She asked me to hook a button in her blouse. While putting the hook I saw her bra which was black. She suddenly turned & touched my hand. She said “I want u to satisfy me”. She said that fuck me like a bitch. She then kissed my lips and I was astonished by this development. Then I responded to her by kissing her and by touching her back. Then she went down and removed my pant and panty. She was surprised to see my cock and said that you have a cock very big than my husband. She gave me a blow job. I felt like I was in heaven. I cummed right in her mouth and she took it all. Now it was my turn. I removed her sari and bra and carried her by hand to the bed. I started sucking her left breast and twisting the nipples in the other breast. Then I reversed this by sucking her right breast and twisted her left one. She got really excited and started giving loud moans oooooooooo. . . . . . ooohhhhhhhhhhhh!she started to shout like a bitch.

Then I undid her petticoat. I saw her panty which has become wet and I could see her nice shaved vagina clearly. For the first time in my life I saw a nude woman standing right in front of me. She said that I could eat her pussy. Since I was a virgin (not any more) I carefully followed her orders & started sucking her pussy. She was very happy at this stage and she let out a huge cry. she moaned ohohoh. . . . . . . . hhhhhhhhaaaaaa!She cummed and I drank her cum by licking it. It was great. Rekha then asked me to put my cock into it carefully as mine was very large. But this time I wanted to tease her, so I finger fucked her which made her very excited. I could smell her womanhood and she was continuing her business of moaning and shouting. She then pleaded me to insert my cock. With a heavy push I inserted my cock inside. The cum inside her pussy served as a lubricant for my cock for its easy motion inside. I started giving strokes using my cock.

She asked for more and more. The stroke got on heavier until I got exhausted. She was moaning oooooooooooo. . . . . . ahahahahahah. . . . . !I repeated this for 30 minutes. Then I laid her upside down and and went to fuck her ass. She said that her hole was very small for it and begged me not to do it. But I gave her a slap and was slowly inserting my cock inside her ass. With one full blow I got inside. This made her really pain and she nearly cried. I started to give strokes. I repeated this for about 15 minutes and we both were very exhausted. I finally let her and she was crying. I gave her a passionate kiss and made her lie top of me and we were fast asleep. In the next morning I got up first and saw her still lying top of me.

I inserted my cock in her pussy and started moving her in and out. She got awake and instantly she cummed. The cum was all over the bed. So she took the bed sheet and put it in the washing machine. We both went to the bathroom to have bath. There we kissed each other, had underwater sex etc. I fulfilled all my fantasies except one. So I said to her that I am going to lick her pussy in a different way. I lifted her upside down such that her breasts were in contact with my body. Her pussy was very close to my mouth and I started licking it. Meanwhile her face was near my cock and she caught hold of my cock with her mouth and started giving a blowjob. We had this double pleasure only for 5 minutes as I got really exhausted. We repeated the same procedure for the next two days until Rekha’s husband came. After that we used to have sex many times and now she is 5 months pregnant. She now allows me to anal fuck her. She always thanks me for giving her the most wanted thing-a child. She said I am the only one she will ever have sex with in all births. She always praises me that I am the only man in the universe who could satisfy a woman. My life’s aim is to have sex with actress Rekha even if she gets to 50 years old.

Any girl like REKHA is welcome for satisfaction. Any girl not having a child can mail me to the below address. I love malayali girls not above 35 and below 25.


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