Sex With Rani (Part 2)

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Dear readers, I will tell you in short what happened in the first part. After the summer vacations when I returned my room was no longer available. In the new accommodation my landlady had a daughter Rani. As luck would have it I was able to fuck her kori choot. Her younger brother was in the way and we could not fuck with ease. Rani suggested that I also fuck her friend Madhu so we can all three fuck at will and her brother would not be required to keep an eye on her ‘virginity’. Now this is how things went………

The next day she came and told me that we will get her the same way you got to fuck me. I will make her horny by giving her one of your smutty books to read and before she has a chance to relieve her cunt I will bring her here. There after you see what you can do. Having agreed on the plan one afternoon Madhu and Rani came to my room. Rani introduced me to Madhu and said that they planned to go to the movies immediately after the tuition therefore her friend has come with her and I hope you don’t mind. I told her any friend of hers is welcome. Rani started asking me about her problems and I could see that Madhu’s face was flushed and she was hotter than an oven’s lid. After some time I asked them whether they wanted something to drink. Both of them opted for tea. I said “Wait I will make some” but Rani suggested let Madhu make the tea and in the meanwhile you can continue to teach me. Madhu went into the kitchen to brew the tea and few minutes later she called out asking where the ingredients we re. I went into the kitchen and found Madhu watching the water boil on the stove with her back towards the door. Immediately I stood behind her and pressed my erect lund on her ass. Madhu pressed back and turned her face towards me. I kissed her and put my hand on her big tits and squeezed them. She moaned with pleasure. I then moved my hand down to her choot and first rubbed it from out side her salwar then inserted my hand inside it and rubbed her hard lump of joy. Madhu kept moaning softly till she gave out her love juice with a satisfied sigh. I whispered to her ” Madhu jaan aisse bilkul mazaa nahin aayega tum kissi din akele yahan aa jao (Madhu we cannot enjoy ourselves like this come here alone some day)”. “Kab? (When?)” She whispered back. I told her that tomorrow is Sunday and I don’t have to go to the college and Rani comes here only in the afternoon you can come in the morning at 11 a.m. if it suits you. She said, “okay I will be here exactly at 11 a.m. I then went out and M adhu followed with the tray carrying the tea. After the lesson was over they left.

That night after dinner Rani asked me as to what happened? I said, “Everything was fine and Madhu will come to me tomorrow at 11 in the morning. What will happen if she gets pregnant?” She said “I will keep a look out for her and will come up after half an hour this will give you enough time to get into her choot. Don’t worry she won’t get pregnant. She has just finished her periods two days ago”. I asked that if the time was sufficient. She said “I know my friend and the time frame I have suggested is already too long” and warned me not to finish fucking her before she catches us in the act. I was a little worried that nothing untoward happens so I asked her as to what she proposed to do. She said ” Aap dehkte jao bahut mazaa aayega (You just see it will be great fun)”. Her mother heard her last remark and asked what will be so great tell me. Rani was surprised and could not say anything. I had the presence of mind to tell her that Rani was telling me about the mov ie she had seen on Saturday and was recommending it to me saying that I will enjoy it very much.

Next morning I waited impatiently for the kori choot to come. The clock would not move forward. Punctually at eleven o’clock Madhu came. I am sure she was just as impatient for my lund as I was for her choot. When she came I took her in my arms and kissed her tenderly. Madhu was already very horny and I could have got her into bed in five minutes but as per my promise to Rani I had to wait. I pressed her tits and she started moaning loudly with pleasure. I took my time in removing her kameez and led her into the bedroom. I now sucked her ample tits and she came with a sigh. I laid her down on the bed and pulled off her salwar. Like Rani her cunt also had a healthy growth of pubic hair. I put my mouth on her choot and sucked her clit and licked her dripping cunt. She said “Sahebji ab der mat karo mujhe chudwane ka bahut dil kar raha hai (Sahebji please hurry I want to fuck very badly)”. Looking at the wall clock I saw it was 11.25. It was time I entered her choot. I lay down on top of her and pus hed my cock into her phuddi (cunt). The entrance of her cunt was as loose as Rani’s choot. I pressed further and with one sharp stroke broke through her hymen. She gave a sharp cry of pain “AAAIIIEEEEE”.

At this moment Rani came into the room and hearing the scream said, ” Madhu meri peeth peechee chudai ka mazaa liya ja raha hai (Madhu you are enjoying the pleasure of fucking behind my back)”. Madhu replied ” Chudai ka mazaa? Meri tau dard ke maree jaan nikali ja rahi hai (Enjoying fucking? I am dying of pain)”. Rani laughed and said “Tu hee tau chudwana chaheti thi (You only wanted to be fucked)”. Rani laughed again. Madhu said ” Jab teri kori choot phategi tau tujhe pata chalega (When you lose your virginity then you will find out)”. Rani laughed and said “Sahebji isse theekh tarehe se chodna bahut dinau se chudwane ke sapne dekh rahi thi (Sahebji fuck her properly she has been dreaming about getting fucked since days)” and went out. At the door she said finish your fuck and in the mean while I will make some tea for us. I am waiting for you in the study room. During this conversation I continued my in and out movement without missing a single stroke. S oon the pain turned into pleasure and Madhu started moving her hips in rhythm of my strokes. She kept saying ” Sahbji bahut mazaa aa raha hai. Haan isse tereh se chodo. Haan aur jor jor se chodo etc. (Sahebji I am enjoying it very much. Yes fuck me like this. Yes fuck me harder and harder etc.). Soon I also felt my sperm rising and we both came together. Madhu in the meanwhile had come four times. After the fuck we lay panting with our lips joined together. I again started to move my lund slowly in and out and my semi hard cock started to attain an erection. Madhu said ” Sahebji ab aur nahin phir kabhie aur sahi. Rani doosere kamare main hamara intezar kar rahi hai (Sahebji no more now some other time. Rani is waiting for us in the other room)”. We got dressed and joined Rani.

Madhu went straight to Rani and embraced her and said ” Rani tu bhi chudwa le tujhe bhi bahut mazaa aayega (Rani you also get yourself fucked you will enjoy it also very much)”. ” Madhu tujhe Sahebji ka laura mere saath batne main koyi etraaz tau nahin hoga (Madhu you will have no objection to share Sahebji’s cock with me)” Rani inquired. “Sahebji ka laura kya cheez hai? Tere liye tau meri jaan hazir hai (What is Sahebji’s cock? For you I will give my life)”. Rani hugged her friend and said, “I did not expect anything different from you”. When we were sipping our tea Rani told Madhu that the fact is that Sahebji has been fucking her for some time. You had told me that you wanted to get fucked and I thought who could be better a person than Sahebji to do it. So everything is okay you wanted to fuck and Sahebji has got himself another virgin choot to deflower. I said “Don’t forget about Raju’s gaand”. Madhu was shocked and said “You are a wicked girl y ou had your younger brother buggered for your own pleasure”. Rani laughed and said, “No, this was not the case” and explained that her younger brother Raju was a pain in the ass. Whenever I come up here to study Raju kept coming in and out and we could never enjoy ourselves without the fear of being surprised by him. “Why does Raju do that hasn’t he got anything better to do?” Madhu asked. “Sure but mother forces him to come up with me to guard over my virgin choot. She thinks that with Raju around nothing will happen to my virginity”. “How wrong can one be?” interjected Madhu. Rani said “I thought, if Sahebji also fucks you then you could join me in the tuition”. “How would that help then instead of one cock thirsty choot there would be two” Madhu commented. “You haven’t got the point, my mother and yours seeing that we two are coming here together would think we would be safe. That is if we are together then what harm could come to our v irginity and my mother would not force Raju to come up here with us” Rani explained further. “How wrong can two be?” Madhu quipped again. “Good idea if I have understood you correctly then you want me to ask my mother if I can come with you to study here with you” Madhu said. “You are a clever girl” Rani complimented her in a sarcastic tone. “Consider it done but you have not explained what happened to Raju’s gaand”. Rani laughed and said nothing happened to it, it is just a joke between Sahebji and me. She then went on to relate the connected story. When she finished we all had a hearty laugh.

Everything happened exactly as Rani had predicted. Rani and Madhu started coming together for tuition and Raju was very relieved as he could go and play with his friends. We fucked every day Rani insisted that Madhu suck my cock and take it up her ass also. With some persuasion Madhu agreed. It hurt her at first but after few days she was as comfortable with my cock in her ass as she was with it in her cunt. Our routine was when they came they drew cards as to who would go first and in the ass or in the cunt. Thereafter we fucked. Afterwards we studied. As in Rani’s case Madhu’s grades also showed remarkable progress. I think this had nothing to do with my spunk or my teaching abilities but with the sexual needs of the girls being regularly satisfied, their mind was concentrating better on their studies. Our arrangement was working fine till one day Madhu came and told me that her mother wants to meet me and I should come to dinner some evening. Alarmed I asked, “Why has anything happened?” Madh u with a serious expression said ” Meri amma uss aadmi se milna chaheti hai jo usski kuwanri beti ko chod raha hai (My mother wants to meet the man who is fucking her unmarried daughter)” then laughed loudly and added nothing has happened she just wants to meet you. I was relieved and told her I will be pleased to come.

On the appointed day and time I presented myself at her house and was introduced to Madhu’s mother and her 14-year-old younger sister Sudha. Let me describe them to you. The mother was a beauty about 35 years of age with big tits clad in tight salwar kameez. In her younger days she must have stiffened hundreds of cocks and made them ooze pre-cum in gallons. It was now clear from whom Madhu had got her good looks. Sudha was the younger version of her mother, beautiful with tits of the right size for her body also clad in a tight salwar kameez. Just seeing her made my cock stiffen and ooze pre-cum. The evening went of very well. The mother was polite and Sudha cheerful and friendly. All evening I kept thinking how lovely it would be if I could get to fuck her tight choot also. It would be just like deflowering my ‘Gualin ki lardki’ all over again. Next day when my two pretty ‘students’ came I thanked Madhu again for the nice evening and said that your younger sister Sudha is very pretty. Just talking about her made my cock harden. Rani saw my erect cock and quickly grabbed it and said ” Aisa lagta hai ki Sahebji ka laurda Sudha ki kori choot ko bhi chodna chahata hai (It seems that Sahebji’s cock wants to pluck Sudha’s cherry also)”. I said I am looking forward to it. Rani looked at Madhu and asked “Kyon tujhe koyi eteraz tau nahin hai (Do you have any objection?)”. “Nahin. Mujhe maloom hai ki usski choot bhi usse kafi tung karti hai (No. I know that her cunt is troubling her a lot also)” Madhu replied. “How do you know?” I asked. Madhu said that she had seen Sudha many times reading smutty books and masturbating herself half to death. But how are we going to go about it? Rani as usual came up with the solution.

She said we will follow the tested “modus operandi’. “Remember the same way I got you for Sahebji” Rani said to Madhu. “You did not need to resort to such method. All you required to do was to ask me and I would have come willingly with open legs” Madhu replied. “Okay to follow your suggestion all we have to do is to ask Sudha to come here with her legs open and let Sahebji fuck her’ Rani said. Madhu blushed and said “I meant in my case but for Sudha we will do as you suggest”. Rani grinned and continued “Coming back to the subject on hand. On this coming Saturday Madhu you take a new smutty book from Sahebji and leave it in plain sight of Sudha. When she starts reading it, keep a close watch on her and do not let her finish masturbating. When you think she is about to cum you interrupt her and tell her we are going to the movies and if she wants to join us she should come immediately. She will try to delay in order to finish the job in hand but don’t leave her alone. Bring her to my house and I will make some excuse to come up here. When we are here we will play it by the ear”. I asked Madhu you think she will cooperate. Madhu said “If my sister has a cunt as hot as mine, which I think she has, then when she leaves here her cunt will be oozing your cum and blood from her lost virginity.

Dear Readers with the prospect of fucking the ‘kori choot’ of a 14 year old I could hardly wait for Saturday to come. Time does not stop for anyone. Saturday came and so did my two beautiful mistresses with Sudha in tow. As it was usual on a Saturday afternoon Rani’s mother was asleep on the ground floor and Raju had gone to play with his friends and we could indulge in our games without fear of being surprised or discovered. They settled down comfortably and started to chatter as if they had no worry in the world. Sudha was getting impatient and said, “If we do not make a move soon we would not get tickets for the movie”. Rani said, “We are not going to the movies”. Sudha asked “Then what was the hurry and why did you bring me here?” Rani and Madhu said in unison

” Hum tujhe aaj yahan Sahebji se chudwane ke liye layain hai (We have brought you here to be fucked by Sahebji)”. “Mujhe nahin chudwana (I don’t want to be fucked)” Sudha protested and placed her hand in front of her cunt as if to protect it and turned towards the door to go. Both the elder girls quickly caught hold of her and said Sahebji you wait here while we prepare this virgin bride for her ‘Suhagraat’ (Wedding night) and pulled the protesting girl into the bedroom.

I waited out side impatiently and after ten minutes or so they called me inside. When I went in this is what I saw. All three of them were naked Sudha lying on my bed with her legs spread ready to receive my lund and both of the elder girls sitting on either side of her. Madhu said “Sahebji aayiye Sudha ki choot chudne ke liye tayyar hai (Sahebji come Sudha’s cunt is ready to be fucked)”. Sudha looked beautiful her choot had very little growth of pubic hair, her clit was erect and quite prominent and her nipples were hard and pointing towards the ceiling. I undressed and approached the bed. Sudha saw my big cock and with fear in her eyes asked ” Didi itna bara laura meri choti si choot main kaise ghussega? (Didi how will such a big cock enter my small cunt)”. Rani said ” Jaisse yeh meri choot main ghussa tha aur Madhu ki choot main ghussa tha waisse hi yeh teri choot main bhi ghuss jayega (The way it entered my cunt and Madhu’s cunt it will enter yours also in the same way)” ” Sahebji apna laura jara dihere dihere meri choot main ghusserdna (Sahebji shove your cock slowly in my cunt)” Sudha begged. I lay on top of her and rubbed my cock between her already wet cunt lips. Placing my cock on the entrance of her tunnel of love I gave a gentle push. The head of my cock entered her. She howled OOWW. I told Sudha ” Ab thora dard hoga (It is going to hurt you a little)”. Madhu said ” Sahebji ek jhatke se isski phuddi phard do. Darne ki koyi baat nahin hai abhi isski mahawari bhi shuru nahin hui hai (Sahebji take her cherry with one hard push. You can fuck her without any fear her periods have not yet started)” and took a pillow in her hand to stifle her cry of pain. I caught Sudha firmly in my arms and with one hard stroke put an end to her virgin days. Sudha let out a sharp scream stifled by the pillow. As soon as I entered her I lay inert on her enjoying the good feeling. Her choot was very tight and it held my lund like in a vice. Rani said ” R u k kyon gaye? Chodo na isse dard diya hai tau isse mazaa bhi do (Why have you stopped? Fuck her. You have given her pain give her pleasure also)”. I slowly started to move my cock in and out giving her long measured strokes. Sudha was already very hot she started sighing loudly and moving her hips in the rhythm of my in and out movement. I fucked her three times without withdrawing my cock from her choot and in the mean while she must have released her love juices at least ten times if not more. My other two beauties sat watching us and masturbated as hard as they could. Fucking over we sat in the study and Rani asked Sudha ” Paheli chudai main mazaa aaya (Did you enjoy your first fuck)”. Sudha said that it was heavenly and she could hardly wait till the next time. Madhu’s prediction came true and when Sudha left her cunt was oozing my-cum and blood from her torn virginity.

Sudha also joined the girls after obtaining her mother’s permission to take tuition from me along with her sister presenting black and white evidence of much improved grades of Madhu and Rani. All three came daily for their ‘tuition’. By and by I fucked Sudha’s in her ass hole also. The daily routine was that one of them took my laura in her cunt, the second up her ass and I sixty-nined with the third and then we studied. They decided among themselves as to who takes my cock where and I had no say in it. One afternoon after fucking Sudha in her ass hole I was fucking Rani and Madhu was patiently waiting her turn to suck my cock. Sudha after wearing her clothes went into the study to brew some tea. She heard some noise on the stairs and came running saying some one is coming. Madhu and Sudha left the bedroom immediately and I after dressing joined them leaving Rani alone as she required more time to dress. As soon as we had settled down to study Raju came in and not seeing his sister asked, “Where is my sister”. Madhu raised her little finger signifying that she has gone to piss. At this moment Rani came in and feigning surprise asked Raju “Raju what are you doing here? Haven’t you gone to play with your pals”. Raju told her that mother wanted to speak to her. Rani asked him what has happened and he said I don’t know you go and ask her yourself. This scare made us more cautious. From that day when we fucked one of the girls kept a look out for intruders. Things went on smoothly thereafter.

Dear Readers all good things must come to an end. The time for the final exams came and all the three girls did well. I also took my exams and had to return to my father’s estate. I broke this news to my ‘students’. Luckily they took it very well and said they knew that this would happen one day. We bade fond farewell to each other by exchanging locks of our pubic hair and had our last fuck together. The day I was to leave Rani came to me and said ” Main aapko kabhi bhi nahin bhoolungi aap bhi mujhe kabhi nahin bhoolana (I will never forget you. Please don’t forget me ever)”. When I came to study in this town I had had lot of experience of fucking but had never fucked a kori choot but by the end of my studies I had the good fortune of deflowering four virgins. On the whole (hole?) the two years had been very enjoyable. Dear Readers there is not much more to tell you but before I sign off I would like to say few words to Rani.

Dear Rani,

Wherever you are I hope you are happy. If you are reading this then despite changed names and some situations you will recognize the chain of events that had taken place. You will be convinced that I have not forgotten you and I promise that I will never forget you. Bye.

With love, Yours, Sahebji


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