Sex With Rani (Part 1)

My name is Sahebji. This is not my given name but every one calls me by it including my parents. I am writing this episode Sex With Rani of my student life. I am a commercial artist by profession. I am now married and have children. This incident took place when I was studying in the final year of my undergraduate degree many years ago. Those of you who have read my erotic experience with Bela, the sweet milkmaid (Read ‘Gualin ki lardki’), during the first year would remember that when I came back from my summer vacations, my landlady had rented away my room to a married couple, albeit under some compulsion. She was however kind enough to recommend me to another family.

This is why cursing my luck on losing Bela’s tight choot, whose cherry I had plucked a few months earlier, I found myself in a strange part of town looking for an address. I saw two very beautiful girls around 15/16 years old dressed in tight salwar kameez and large grape fruit sized tits growing from their chest, talking to each other. I decided to ask them for directions. I walked up to them and handed the slip of paper on which the address was written to the prettier one and asked her if she could help. The girl glanced at the paper and handed the slip to her friend and said ” Rani tu dekh (Rani you have a look)”. The girl called Rani looked at slip and said “Aap meri amma se milna chahte hain? Amma ander hain (You want to meet my mother? She is inside)”. Then addressing her friend she said “Madhu mera intezaar kar main abhi aati hoon (Madhu wait for me I will right be back)” and led me into the house and introduced me to her mother. The mother was a portly woman about 40/ 45 years old with even larger tits than her daughter had.

I introduced myself and told her what I was looking for and who had sent me. She said “Rani inhain upar ke kamre dikha de (Rani show him the upstairs rooms)”. Rani asked me to follow her and told her friend Madhu that he is our new tenant and this would take some time and she will talk to her later. I followed this beauty watching her tight ass as we went up the stairs. My cock was already hard. I asked her as to who all lives here. She said she lived on the ground floor with her mother and her 10-year-old younger brother Raju and her father who is in the army is on a posting to a non-family station. When we reached the first floor she said this flat is empty and belonged to her chacha (uncle – father’s younger brother) who works for a company and has recently been transferred to another town for two years. The rooms for rent were on the second floor and were very good. I was actually looking for a room with a bathroom and a small kitchenett e but the rooms on offer were more like a flat consisting of a bedroom, sitting/study room, bathroom and a regular kitchen. After seeing the rooms my eyes fell again on her nice firm tits and as I was staring at them she asked ” Kaise hain? (How are they?)”. Without realizing I said ” Dono barde aur achche hain (Both are big and nice)”. Not understanding what I had said she looked at me and saw me staring at her ‘mammas’, she blushed and said “Aapne kya kaha? (What did you say?)” Realising my ‘faux pas’ I quickly corrected myself and said ” Maine kaha ki dono kamare barde aur achche hain (I said both the rooms are large and nice)”. She smiled and led me downstairs to talk to her mother. The price she was asking was more than I had wanted to pay but Rani’s tits and her ass had already decided the matter in their favor. She said ” The rent would include the rooms with linen, cleaning service and dinner with the family. The matter settled I moved in.

One night after dinner as we sat chatting (I tried to spend as much time as possible with the family in the hope to get to know Rani better and win her confidence) Rani asked me if I could help her with a problem in mathematics. I said I would be pleased to do what I could. Her mother said that Rani was quite weak in her science subjects and it would be nice if I could help her once in a while. Rani showed me the problem and being a science student myself had no difficulty in solving it. I told her that she should not hesitate to ask me anything she wanted to and added that in the morning I have to go to the college but after 2 p.m. I am invariably at home and she can come up any time. So she started to come up to my room to get her problems resolved but always brought her brother Raju with her at the behest of her mother to guard her virgin choot. Soon I had started to tutor her on daily basis. For several days I did not get an opportunity to make any progress towards my goal to fuck her kori choot. One day when I came back from college I was feeling very horny and started reading a smutty book with photographs of naked men and women and scenes of fucking etc. and while I was reading the book I heard a friend calling me downstairs. Leaving the book on the table I went downstairs to meet him.

After about half an hour when I came up I saw Rani sitting in my room reading the book with one hand inside her open salwar masturbating. She was so engrossed in her ‘activity’ that she did not hear my approach. From the increasing speed of her hand I could guess she was about to have an orgasm and as I did not want her to cum I touched her on the shoulder and asked “Kitaab achchi hain na? (The book is good isn’t it?)”. Several things happened together. She gave a small cry of surprise, her face turned beet root red, the book fell out of her hand and she got up but as her salwar, which she had untied earlier to masturbate, started slipping down but she quickly grabbed it.

I took her face in my hands and kissed her tenderly and she kissed me back. I then put my arm round her, placing my palm on her ample breast and pressed it gently. She moaned with pleasure. ” Aao hum kitaab saath padhenge (Come we will read the book together)” and picking up the book I slowly led her into the bedroom Before reaching the bed I quickly loosened the string of my pajama and stepping out of them I took her hand holding her salwar and placed it on my raging hard on. Her salwar slipped to the floor and bending down I disentangled it from her legs. We then sat down on the bed I kissing her and pressing her breasts with one hand and massaging her choot with the other and she moving the foreskin of my lund up and down. I tried to take off her kameez but she protested. Her protests were so feeble that it would not have deterred a child.

After her kameez was off I struggled to unhook her bra. I said “Please isse khol de (Unhook it)”. Still kissing me Rani unhooked her bra and pulled it off and her grapefruit sized tits spilled out. I then pushed her back on the bed and sucked on her pink nipples. She groaned loudly. I then moved down to her choot and started to suck her clit. With a loud sigh she had an orgasm. Now I placed my cock between the lips of already wet choot and pressed the knob of my lund ins i de her. The head slipped in easily. Her choot was quite loose. I thought “My dear Rani you have already been fucked by someone before”. I asked her “Pahele bhi kissi se chudwaya hai? (Has someone fucked you before?)”. “Nahin yeh meri paheli chudai hai (No this is my first fuck)”. I thought she was lying but when I entered further my cock came up against her virginal barrier. Well she had told the truth, might be she was born with a loose choot I thought. I stopped and told her that it is going to pain her a little. She braced herself for the pain and with a firm push I tore through her hymen and my cock was buried inside her to the hilt. She gave a sharp cry. I started to fuck her with slow measured strokes. After a few strokes her hips started to move with my strokes and she kept saying AAhh AAhh with each inward stroke.

It was not long before she came again but without stopping I continued to pleasure her. She was soon in throes of pleasure and I felt my sperm rising. I stopp ed. She said ” Sahebji ruk kyon gaye aur chodo (Sahebji why have you stopped fuck me more)”. I asked her as to when her next period is due. She reflected for a second and said in six or seven days. Having assured myself that there was no danger of pregnancy I recommenced to fuck her now with short and harder strokes. She was soon on the brink of releasing her cuntal juice again and I was also ready to shoot my load. With loud AAAhhs we both came together. Without withdrawing my lund from her dripping choot I lay panting on her palpitating breasts. She said “Ab mujke uthne do (Let me get up now)”. ” Ek bar aur chod lene de phir udh jana (Let me fuck you once more then you can get up)” I requested. “Phir kabhi chod lena abhi Raju aata hoga (You can fuck me some other time Raju will me coming soon). I had forgotten about the pest Raju and let her get up.

After dressing we went back to the study room and started our lesson. Panting heavily Raju came in and said ” Maaf karna didi (a respectful term of addressing the elder sister) der hogayi, per amma se mat kahena (Sorry didi I am late, but don’t tell mother)”. She grabbed Raju and embraced him and started kissing him with abandon. This to the intense embarrassment and disgust on the 10 year old Raju and said “Koyi baat nahin mere pyare bhaiya fikar mat kar main amma se nahin kahoongi (Doesn’t matter my dear brother and don’t worry I will not tell mother)”. Raju looked at me and made a face and raised his eyebrow in query as to why this sudden burst of affection by his sister. I just shrugged my shoulders in reply. I knew this was Rani’s way of thanking Raju for coming late and giving her the opportunity to enjoy her ‘paheli chuddai’. As for Raju he had come to guard a stable whose ‘horse’ had been already ‘stolen’ by my laura twenty minutes earlier.

Next day when she came up she asked angrily as to why I had asked if she had been fucked before. You know I was a virgin when you fucked me. Truthfully I told her that her choot was quite loose at the entrance and I thought some other lund had loosened it before me. She laughed and said this is easily explained. You know my friend Madhu, the girl I was talking to when you first came to the house on the first day. I nodded. Madhu is my bosom friend and we know each other since childhood. We grew up together. Three years back when our sexual feelings started arising in us we took to masturbating first alone then together. One day Madhu found a smutty book like yours in her father’s cupboard and we read it together. We got so aroused that we tried to fuck our selves with a cucumber, which we thought looked like a man’s lund. We could get only a little of it in our choot before it started to hurt and we stopped thus leaving our hymen intact. This we tried on several occasions with different sized vegetables w ithout being able to take more than a little of them inside our cunts. There after Rani and I fucked at every chance we got but the opportunities came far in between because of the young Raju. Rani wanted to do every act written in the smutty books. She sucked my cock with gusto and swallowed my-cum and even made me fuck her in her ass hole though I was not averse to it. At first it pained her considerably but she wanted me to do it again and again till she could take my lund up her ass with ease.

Dear Readers believe it or not since Rani started to drink my lund juice from both her upper and lower mouth her science grades improved dramatically. Did my- cum have magical qualities? Not getting a chance to fuck her for many days and one day out of frustration I told her ” Rani hamain Raju ka kuch karna parega. Nahin tau kissi din main gusse main aakar uss haramzade ki gaand mar doonga (Rani we have to do something about Raju otherwise one of these days in frustration I will fuck the bastard’s ass hole)”. With mock anger she said ” Khabardar agar mere chotte bhai ki gaand main apna lund dala. Tumhare laurde ka uss ki bahen ki choot aur gaand marne se pet nahin bhara? (Don’t you dare put your cock up my younger brother’s back hole? Your cock is not satisfied by fucking the cunt and the ass hole of his sister?)”. Then becoming serious she agreed “Yes we have to do something about him. A couple of days later she said she had an idea to get rid of Raju. ” Kaisse? (How?)” I asked. “Madhu ko bhi aap har dopehare ko padhane lago (You also start teaching Madhu every afternoon” she replied.

I said how is this going to help us then instead of Raju we will have Madhu to content with also. She said ” Bahut aasaan baat hai aap pahele Madhu ko chodo. Phir aap hum dono ko roz saath chodna (It is very simple matter first you fuck Madhu then you can fuck us together every day)”. Hearing this my lund swelled at the prospect of fucking another ‘kori choot’ even if it is a little loose like Rani’s. Without showing any enthusiasm I asked Rani if she had told Madhu about us and would she agree to get fucked. Rani said “Madhu doesn’t know anything about us and this should be kept a secret till the right time comes”. She further explained that a few days back Madhu and she were reading a smutty book and Madhu got real horny and said “Rani agar tujhe koi achchaa sa lardka milee tau mujhe batana mera chudwane ko bahut dil karta hai. Tu tau darpok hai aur apni k o ri choot apni suhagraat ke liye bachaa ke rakhegi (Rani if you find a nice man tell me I want to get fucked very badly. You are a coward and you will save your virginity for your wedding night)”. “Therefore I have decide to introduce her to a nice young man that is you, so that she can get herself fucked to her hearts content” she said. “How are you going to do his without telling her that you are also fucking me?” I asked. “Don’t worry I will think of a way” she said.

Before she left she said ” Iss tarike main kayi fayede hain. Pahela Madhu ki chudwane ki ichchha poori ho jayegi, doosra aapko ek aur kori choot chodene ko millegi aur teesra mere chotte bhai ki gaand sahi salaamat rahegi (This arrangement has many advantages. Firstly Madhu’s wish to get fucked will be fulfilled, secondly you will get another virgin to deflower and thirdly the ass hole of younger brother will remain unharmed)”. I laughed and said “Don’t worry about Raju’s gaand I was only joking but keep me posted about your plan. I am looking forward to pluck Madhu’s cherry”. “I know I can she your eagerness by the hard on you got while we were discussing her. Don’t worry I am not the jealous type specially when it comes to Madhu. Sure I will keep you posted without the cooperation of your lund we can’t achieve anything” she said and left.


End of part 1


Dear readers if you want to know how things really went with Madhu then please CLICK HERE to read Sex With Rani (part 2).

In the meanwhile do not forget to send me your comments on this part to I am looking forward to your e-mail. Take care. Sahebji

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