Sex With My Wife Friend

Hi I am Shahid From Karachi. First of all I will appreciate zoneforsex for providing such a place to convey our feelings Sex With My Wife Friend. Before starting I must tell u that I don’t know about other stories but this is my true story. First I will introduce my self. My name is Shahid I am 23, year old and my height is 5’10, fair color, jet-black hair and eyes, I like hairs Since my childhood I have been attracted towards sex. I had my first masturbation at the age of 11 over seen an erotic movie but I cannot make sex with any women but after the the age of 22 I got married.

Now Story Begins…

This happened on 3 week later when my wife friend come from Lahore to attend her cousin marriage alone with out her husband. I meet her in our marriage Let me make a picture of her. She was 23, white color She has big brown eyes and long light brown hair and she is good looking girl she is also got her marriage but I personally feel that she was look towards me as an hungirly women. One day she come in our kitchen where my wife call me and told me that she want some money for expense on shopping with her friend then suddenly she enter in kitchen and take knife from my wife hand from which she cut onion and that was the moment, incidentally she dropped knife she immediately bend down to pick the knife and with that her buttocks moved out and collided with my front portion. and by mistake I placed my hands on her back to stop her.

In a million of a second we realized that this was not a good position to be in. luckily my wife was busy in her cooking and was not looking at us I think that time she can slap on face but cannot she stand up and give me smile as nothing is going on at that time I was shocked this is our first accident and second accident was happened on my fault I save my internet password on connection I knonw that there is no any sexy pics in my computer but in Sunday afternoon when my wife was sleeping and I come from my friend house my wife friend tell me that she want to understand that how Quicken Basic (accounting software) can worked so as a friend I start my computer then she trap me in her talking and after one minute some sexy pics of nude girls come in screen saver she said me see there I was really shocked then suddenly her hands was reached my dick she immediately open my zip and suck my dick as an ice cream I said no but she don’t want to hear any thing she put down all her clothes and still my dick was in her mouth and at that time I cannot do any thing I was feeling great pleasure and certainly I also involve with her in sex she still suck my dick and drink all cum then she kiss me on my neck then I kissed on her lips I pressed her boobs suck her nipples hardly and take my dick near her vagina for erection suck her pussy and kiss her vagina and after that my dick come alive again and it is then I put my dick in her ass without any movement but she want some pleasure then she up and down and change position she now in a position of doggy I fucked her and take my all cum inside of her vagina and we stop our program very early because we don’t that my wife and her friend can see us in this way and after our work we take our clothes back and treat that nothing happened but at that night after lunch I asked that why she do with me if my wife known then she really hate me but she tell me that I am really sorry but I cannot control my self and want some manhood because after marriage my husband cannot give me this satisfaction of sex which u give me and she also tell me that she download all sexy pics of nude girls from Internet and she cannot say a single word to my wife I heard all her story and I kiss her and we also make sex before her gone but I still remember her memory that how sweet she was any way.


I wait for girls and womens for meet me and make sex with me….

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