Sex With My Teacher

I m Amit and am 20 yrs. old. I wanted to share one of my experience Sex With My Teacher which occurred when I was studying in school. Well it was a boarding school with only boys. We used to see very less girls as our school was out of town and due to this we only had to satisfy ourselves by seeing the lady teachers of our school. Few of them were quite aged but few were young and real hot. One of them was Mrs. Uma Mehta. She was married and had a kid but then also she was too hot to handle. She had the body of a goddess. She had the body that any guy should die for. All the students of the school had their eyes on her. She had those big breasts that were always visible while she used to bend and thus give an erection to every student of the school. There were few other teachers also such as Miss Madhu, who was divorced and had a kid who studied in our school in lower class. She was quite old but then too she looked a lot younger and everybody thought her to be in her mid twenties. She had that lovely ass that guys would jump for. There were rumors that she had affairs with many students and one of them was a classmate of mine named Suhel.

Then there was Mrs. Abha, she had real big breasts and also she was quite old with three daughters, eldest of them might be around 16 yr. right now. But then also Abha looked quite young and also real sexy. She had those real big breasts that were sized liked football and whenever she moved they would jump up and down. Sometimes she used to wear those semitransparent blouse which turned every guy around the campus on even few male teachers. Rumors were that Suhel has affair with Abha also and has even had sex with Abha and Madhu. He was a frequent visitor of their house. Well but then Uma was the one whom I had sex with.

Well when I was in class 10th that time this incident occurred with Uma and me. I was a bit weak in geography that was her subject. So one day she told me that to meet her after the classes. I met her and she told me to come to her house in the evening with my subject books. As it was a boarding school so the teachers had their residence in the school campus itself. I went to her house in the evening. She was wearing a salwar suit and was looking cool. We sat on the chairs and she started teaching me. While teaching she used to bend down and being close to her I can’t resist my eyes following her cleavage, which were visible quite clearly. Then suddenly a person came out of the next room holding a kid. He was Mr. Mehta, her husband who is a doctor.

He said that now its time for him to go out with the kid and she should continue teaching me. With that he left and she started teaching me. Again I adjusted my eyes on her cleavage, which were now visible more clearly. I started getting an erection and now it was a problem for me sitting over there. So I asked her to use the toilet and asked where is it. She said that there is only one toilet and it is next to the other room and for that one has to cross the bedroom. I went to the bathroom and closed the door behind me. And then my eyes fell on her few things that were in the bathroom. It was her bra and other cosmetics. I took her bra and started sucking it and then I took out my dick rubbed it on her bra and then opened her lipstick and started rubbing the head of my dick on its tip. Now I wanted to shag, so I shagged thinking of her big breasts and her lovely rosy cunt and shagged on her bra.

Then I came out and told her that I ain’t feeling well and I am leaving. Next day when she came to class she didn’t say anything but asked me to come to her house daily. I asked her whether I have to come on Sunday also to which she replied yes. Now I started going to her house daily and her husband would leave daily after I would arrive for a walk with her kid and then I would go to the toilet, shag on her bra or panty and rub her lipsticks on my dick.

Then on Sunday I had my breakfast and went to her house. She opened the door and on seeing me asked that why had I came to early today. I replied saying that today is Sunday and I had some work in the afternoon so I wont be able to come. She said ok and asked me to come in and sit down. She was wearing a nightgown and looked as if she didn’t have a bath yet. She then asked me to wait for some time as she had to clean up her house and if I want I can watch TV meanwhile. I said its ok with me and asked her where is the tv, to which she said that its in her bedroom and I can go in and watch as her husband has gone home along with the child. I got excited on listening this, as now we would be alone for quite a some time. I went into her bedroom and there I saw a vcr and then I asked her whether I can watch any movie or not on her vcr, to which she replied that whatever I wish I can do and should not disturb her and told me that there are some cassettes in the TV rack and whichever I want I can watch.

So I started looking for the cassettes and found that there were some English movies and some Hindi movies. I thought of watching some English movies, but then I saw the names of hindi movies and it seemed to me that I haven’t seen any movie with names such as ‘Din mein suhaagraat; Pyasi Jawaani’ and English movies were ‘Speed, The Entity’ and some others such as ‘Animal Instinct and Basic Instinct’. I thought of watching the hindi one first and so I inserted the cassette of Pyasi Jawaani and started rewinding it. Now I switched the play button and got on her bed and started watching the movie. I didn’t knew that the movie was an adult movie until a scene came of a man fucking a woman and the woman was shouting “oooooooohhhhhh, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, marrrrrr gaaaaaayyyyyyyeeeeeee maaaaaaaa, meri choot phad dali tune sale harami and all these kind of words. On seeing the scene I started getting horny and wanted to shag, but then I thought why to shag just now and I should watch the whole movie and without being afraid of Uma I again started the movie and now the movie was full of those kinds of scenes only.

Then there was a scene of two girl having sex with ten men and that scene really turned me on and I also wanted to do something. So I opened up my pant and took out my dick and now I was completely naked from my waist down and then I started rubbing my dick on her bed sheet and then I went to her cupboard and opened it up and took out her bra and panty and started rubbing my dick on to it. Then suddenly the door opened and she came in and seeing me in that position asked me that what the hell am I doing, but then on seeing my dick she also started getting horny ad I replied that after seeing this thing in the movie I wanted to do it. She asked me which movie am I seeing to which I pointed over to the TV and said that movie. She went over to the TV and told me to sit over near her and watch movie with her. I was really happy by this time and I went over to her and sat down on the bed and as I started wearing my underwear she stopped me and pointing to my dick said that underwear will create problem for my dick and I should watch the movie without it.

I did as she said and sat on the bed semi nude and then she instead of sitting on the bed sat on my lap and asked me to hold her from behind. To which I took my hand and placed it on her stomach and started caressing her gently. Now she was getting horny and now I was time for me to struck and then I moved my hand down to her thighs and started touching her cunt and then she told me to wait for a minute and the she went to the cassette rack and took out a cassette and inserted it in the VCR. Then she switched on the play button and came and sat down on my lap.

I started sucking her nipples like a mad guy and started biting them one by one. Now she started pleading me to fuck her as she cant take it any more. Now I said to her that I would fuck her only after she sucks my dick and gives me a blowjob and drinks my cum. She said anything you want me to do I will do. With that we got in position 69 and I inserted my dick in her mouth and started sucking her cunt. I started doing my tongue in and out and then she shuddered and had an orgasm. I drank her lovely juice and licked every bit of it. I liked it very much and so I again started sucking her cunt, meanwhile as she was sucking my dick I wanted to cum so I held her tightly and shot a load of cum in her mouth and she drank every drop of it. She wanted more of it but I said that as it is my first time she should stop and take it once more in her mouth to get it erected. She obeyed faithfully and started sucking it until it got erected and I kept on sucking her cunt and she had another orgasm.

Now I went over to her breasts and started sucking them until juices started flowing from her breasts and I started drinking her juices. Now it was time for me to get into her so I went down to her thighs and asked her to fold them so they touched her chest revealing her hole clearly. Now I placed my dick on her hole and asked her is she ready to take it in. she told me to go ahead. So I gave a jerk to my dick and nearly one fourth of it went into her cunt. She started shouting with pain and begged me to stop, as it was paining very much. But I said that it was she only who wanted to get fucked and she should bear it. With that I gave one more push into her cunt and she again shouted, but instead of stopping I kept on pushing my dick until I was completely into her. Now I stopped as she was shouting a lot due to pain. I started kissing her lips and caressing her breasts until she became normal. Now I asked her that if she is feeling ok then I should start fucking her. She said that she is ok now and with that I started riding her like a horse. First I started slowly and then I gathered some momentum and started fucking her with a speed of a train. She came to early and stopped due to which I had to do rest of the things myself. And then I also came and cummed into her. Then I laid on her for quite a some time.

Then I got down from top of her and told her that now I wanted to fuck her ass hole. She got afraid and said that her husband has never fucked her ass hole and so it is still a virgin and it will pain a lot to her. But I wanted her ass hole at any cost as it was virgin and looked like cream. So I inserted my dick in her mouth on order to get it erected. She sucked it until it got erected and then I turned her and said her to be ready to get her ass hole torn apart. She started crying that it will pain a lot and she can’t bear in the pain. But I got her into doggy position and got on top of her and took my dick and placed it on her ass hole and then with one push I inserted my dick in her ass hole tearing it apart. Mine only half of dick was inside and she started shouting ‘oooooohhhhhhhhh aaaaaahhhhhhh oooooouuuuuuc hhhhhh you killed me. You tore my ass apart aaaaahhhhhhhh. Pleasssssss leave me other wise I will die. I slapped on her ass and asked her to be quite other wise I will insert reddish in her ass hole. She started crying but I instead of stopping started inserting rest of my dick in her ass hole. Mean while I was holding her breasts from behind, I started molesting them and pressing them real hard. I entered into her ass hole successfully and then started fucking her. Now I started enjoying it as her ass hole was real tight. Mean while she kept on crying and begging me to stop it, but I told her that she is a big bitch and this time I wont leave her. Then I cummed into her and when I took out my dick I saw that her ass hole was bleeding and it was torn. After that I left. Our game continued for a much long time.

I left the school after my 10th class. I haven’t seen her after I left the school but wish to see her again and enjoy the same old time with her.

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