Sex With My Sales Girl

The names in this story Sex With My Sales Girl are changed to keep confidentiality. This is Raman. I am a guy of 23, good looking & fair (as people say) with slim body.

I have a very famous cosmetic & gifts shop which I look after. Recently, looking at our sales, a very reputed cosmetic company offered me to appoint a sales girl to sell the company’s products. I agreed to the offer as it was a very good one.

Now the real story begins here. The company’s representatives brought a very beautiful & sexy girl & said to me that she will be appointed in my outlet. They showed me her Bio-Data. Her name was Rani & she was 19. She had completed her +2’s & did not want to study any more. She was from a middle class family & her father too was a businessman. She was the only child of her parents. She was trained at all the company’s products. I was very happy. (Obviously I should be). She had a perfect figure of 34-26-34. She was also very smart & intelligent. She started to come in the morning at 9:30 am & used to go at 7:45 pm. Soon she learned everything & not only sold company’s products but looked after everything in the outlet. We became just like friends. I was very happy with her performance. At times, when there were no customers in the shop, I used to stare at her beautiful body. Her firm breasts & tight round big ass can glue anyone’s eyes at them. She knew that I wanted her beautiful body. She used to wear tight jeans & tight top with high heels. So, when she used to walk, her ass used to shake beautifully. Sometimes later we started visiting each others houses on holidays. Her family members respected me very much.

One day, she told me that today was her birthday & insisted that I should come to her birthday party. After knowing that, I passionately kissed on her juicy lips & sucked whole of the lipstick she had applied on them and wished her. She was a bit shy but said nothing to me. I brought a beautiful & very costly denim skirt & a beautiful tight fit red top for her birthday gift. She took half day leave that day & went home at lunch time.

I went to her house after closing my shop but saw there was dark all around and did not seemed like there was a party. I rang the door-bell. She came out from inside and opened the door and I entered inside. To my surprise, the room was not at all decorated and the birthday cake was lying in a corner. I gave her the gift & asked her what the matter is. She kept the gift aside & started crying & kept her head on my shoulders. I again asked her about the matter and she said that her mother had a heart attack today & has been admitted to hospital. I asked her that why she did not go to the hospital. She said that she went but came back as I was to come to her birthday party. I said her lets move & we hurried to the hospital in my car. In the hospital, her father was there. I asker her how was aunty. He said that the heart doctor refused to come and nothing can be said now. I knew the doctor very well .He was very peculiar type. I had very good relations with him and would never refuse if I say anything. I went to the doctor’s house and said him to attend the patient and he came along with me to the hospital. He did many tests and took good care of the patient. After 3 hours he said that she is alright and there is nothing to worry. He also said that we must go to home now as it is too late. Rani’s father thanked me a lot and told me to leave and to drop Rani in their house as he would stay in the hospital whole night.

I and Rani moved towards her residence. After reaching her house, I requested her to cut her B’day cake. She cut her B’day cake and I wished her by kissing again on her lips. She responded this time and she too kissed me on my lips. She then brought dinner for both of us. After dinner she opened the gift that I brought for her. She liked the outfit very much. I said her to wear them. She then took them & came within 5 mins. She was looking absolutely gorgeous in that outfit. In the tight top, her big boobs were trying to come out by tearing the garment. I was stunned after seeing her and was speechless. She came near me & asked how she was looking. I said you are looking absolutely beautiful. I then took her in my arms & kissed her. Then I put one of my hands on her one boob and pressed it gently. She moaned with pleasure and said aahhhhhhhh…….please don’t do it I will die. But I did not stop myself and the night was in my favour. Now I inserted my hand inside her top and moved my fingers on her body. Within five minutes she was aroused. Then I took my hand out of her top and removed it. Wow what a scene you can’t imagine. She was wearing a red lacy lovable little size bra which was hardly able to hold her 34C boobs & were trying to come out but I did not remove her bra as I wanted to see her only in her undies. I kept on pressing them for about five minutes. Then I moved on towards her skirt. As I was to remove her skirt, she stopped my hand from doing so. I asked her why. She said she was very afraid as she was a virgin. I said nothing to worry and I would not do anything against her will & let me do that. I anyhow convinced her and also said her that she would really enjoy it. Then I removed her skirt. Wow another amazing sight. She was wearing a matching little red lacy panty. She was just looking like a model of MTV. I never thought that she could have such a good taste for her undergarments. We then moved towards her bedroom. My 8’’ cock was trying to tear out my underwear & come out. I then said her to undress me. She took out my T-shirt, my pant and then my frenchie underwear. She was shocked to see my thick & long cock and also feared how she would take whole of it inside her. She was still in her red bra & panty and really she was looking so gorgeous that I did not want to remove he undergarments. I then started to kiss all over her body. I also kissed on her boobs through her beautiful bra. I kept on kissing whole of her milky body till whole of her body was moistened with my saliva.

Then I removed her bra. Those two big watermelons came out. Her boobs were very spongy. She had pink nipples which I love a lot. I started sucking her boobs one by one. She started moaning with pleasure aahhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhh………… suck them hard yes I am enjoying very much. Oohhhhhhhhhh…. Aaaahhhhhhhhhaaahhhhhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhhhh oh Raman suck them they are yours. I sucked those great boobs for more than 15 minutes. Then I moved towards her panty and slowly-slowly I slipped it down. Her pussy was covered with hairy bush. I did not wanted to insert at-once & I wanted to have the pleasure whole night.

I said her to bring a razor. She obeyed me and brought her fathers razor. I said her to lay down on the bed as I was to shave her pussy. She laid on the bed and I shaved her pussy very neatly. Now she was looking very beautiful in her naked state. I then said her to bring some massage oil as we were to massage each others body. She brought olive oil. First she gave my whole body a good massage. Then I gave her a good massage.

After the massage program, we both had warm shower and cleaned each others body by applying soap. Then we came out of the bathroom and felt very fresh. I then took Rani in my arms and asked whether I should screw her or not. She said yes. First, I said her to suck my cock but she refused it saying it’s dirty. I did not pressurize her to do that. Then I asked her about her periods as I did not had condoms. She said they are over and not to worry about that. I lay down her on the bed and put my dick on her pussy and started pushing it inside. She started screaming with pain and cried out loudly aaaaahhhhhhh….. ohhhhhhh. Then I gently applied pressure and inserted my dick at once inside her pussy. She cried out loudly. I started fucking her speedily and she too was enjoying it a lot. She was shouting “yes fuck me fast, yes come on fast, fast I say”. We both were about to cum. I took out my dick from her pussy and sprayed my juice on her chest all over her boobs. I started to lick all over her chest with my tounge. Then I told her to stand in doggy position as I was to fuck her ass. She did that. I applied oil on my dick and on her ass hole too. Then I slowly started inserting my dick in her ass hole till it was inside her. Then I fucked her ass hole. She was screaming out of pain but was enjoying. I then wanted to lick her pussy but she did not allow it saying it is dirty. I fucked her four times in the whole night and it was really an amazing sexual experience. She was fully satisfied with me.

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