Sex With My Mums Best Friend

Hello all u zoneforsex readers this is a story of me Cool Dude with my sexy aunt Rabia. Sex With My Mums Best Friend I live in India in Dehli. As I am the regular reader of zoneforsex I wanted to share some of my incidents and finally leading to sex with my aunt who is 39 and is Extremely sexy for her age. I called her aunt cause she was my mums best friend.

This is the first experience of mine .one day I had been to my grandma’s house in after noon at 3.30p.m.Fortunately for me my aunt was there that day and she was wearing a Green Dress which made her look so sexy and I could see her White Bra and panties as she was sweeping and this made me Big as either side of her breasts could be seen inside her Dress. The same day after sweeping she came and sat next to me with a cup of coffee to watch some serial. She had bought some coffee for me and as she bend to give it to me i could clearly see her Lovely breasts and this made me Big and she noticed how big i had become. I could not take out my eyes of her and continued to have the pleasure of her lovely 34″ breasts and she was not wearing ta bra as the blouse was thick enough to prevent her tit from visibility. She saw me seeing her breasts yet she never said anything and didn’t even try to cover them and gave a smile to me.

Since then my aunt and his husband went to Mumbai as my uncle got transffered. After two years she came to Dehli and boy was I delighted to see her back into business with those sexy breasts of her. She took me in her arms and kissed me on my forehead and I pressed her breasts and my cock was hard and pressed her lower part and held her tight with her belly I was in heavens and went to my house and masturbated over her name and I laid down on my couch and started to dream of her taking of her Dark Blue Dress and all of her clothes and I could not sleep the whole night. The next day when I woke up I had a good news that my parents and all others were leaving for a marriage to Pune and my aunt was to remain in the house for two days with me as I had mid term exams and had to leave with her in there house.

Then they left to the destination at 9’o’clock in the morning and I was with my aunt in her house and she said she would take her bath then it was 10’o’clock in the morning and she went into the bathroom and then she called me and said there was no soap and asked me to find one, I found one and went to give to her. She opened the door and I saw she still had not taken of her clothes completely and said I could enter and give it to her. Then I went in and she said her hands can’t reach to the hooks of her bra and asked me to remove the hook and then move out of the bathroom. I did as she said. After she took her bath she had covered her breasts with a towel and a petticoat to cover her lower part and she went into her room and started to put her clothes on with the door half open and I could see her breasts as she was trying to put her bra hook and she again called me inside into her room and asked me to hook her bra. I went in and when I was hooking her bra she laughed and said u budhu. This immediately ma de m
e make my move as I kissed her on her back and slowly got on to her lips and smooched her. I could feel her sweetness in her saliva and I put my tongue as deep as I could, she was slowly getting into the mood and then my hands fell on her beautiful Sexy white boobs and I could feel her nipples getting hard and I opened her bra cups Saw her boobs and started to squeeze them as hard as possible mercilessly and she undid my Nike T-Shirt while I was doing this to her she told me that she knew that I wanted to have her from a very long time. She noticed the way i use to look at her sexy feet alll the time and how big it made me and how i continously looked at her all the time. She said she wanted to fuck me from a long time as i was Young and Had a Big Dick. She asked me to full fill my thrust for her today as long as possible and she had got her juice from her breast on one side then I shifted to the other and started to do the same as I did for the other she also removed my Jeans and she saw my half e r ect cock and
caught hold of it and started to suck it I was in heavens and what a sucker she is I said to my self. I was sucking her sexy feet as he was giving me a blow job. I sucked them hardcore and did not stop as i was enjoying it.

Then I undid her petticoat and I could see her White panty was wet and I opened her panty and could see her vagina. This was the first time when I saw a woman full naked. And by this time once my cum was out and it was in her mouth and believe me she did not even waste a single drop of my cum.She was the best cock sucker in the world. Then she said it was my turn to do anything with her as I was a virgin I didn’t know what to do then I remembered to suck her pussy as I am used to seeing some xxx movies and started to do that to her. And her cum was taken by me and still continued to suck her pussy.Then she told me to stop teasing her and she would let me to eat her pussy if I liked but she wanted me to put my cock first and start fucking her. Then I finger fucked her.

I fucked her for some time once again she cummed again and I could smell her womanhood and now she was moaning uuu!! Ahh!! Ooo!! Yes! Yes! Harder and Harder And said please don’t stop and she was in her height and cummed out and now I felt I could put my cock into her as her cum would serve as lubricant and placed it in her clit and started to push my cock in and out slowly and then fastened it up and she was moaning for more and more and this only excited me as she pushed me as close as possible and wrapped her legs around me, holding me from my head to fuck her harder and harder and i was about to Cum. I asked where to leave she said in her pussy itself and said to me that she had taken care and would not become pregnant. After this I became tired and slept naked next to her and she saw that I was tired and she sat on my cock and started to push her pussy up and down on my shaft this continued until she was tired and we had sex three times after this in the remaining 1 and a half day. From then on I have had sex with her many times. All this in my next story.Any girls or Ladies wanna get fucked,email me at

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