Sex with Cousin Brother

Hi all, my name is Pooja this is my first posting Sex with Cousin Brother to all the fans I am 23 now 5.6″ tall with little big breast and nice thigh. I am married now. I love men staring at my breast so I always wear tight clothes this story happened when i was 18 and I still remember it enjoy it.

When i was 18 my parents had to go out of station for 3 days so they asked my cousin brother to stay with me. That day I went to collage and came back home my brother also came back from work and we had dinner and sat before the TV then I sat on the sofa and my brother was sitting on the floor I was wearing only shirt and short skirt and my brother was wearing only shorts because it was summer and after seeing some songs in the TV my brother went and brought some beer from the fridge also asked some beer he gave and we started drinking it and a movie started in the TV and after some time a kissing seen came on the TV while seeing the kissing seen some beer spill on my shirt and my tits becomes hard it could be seen through my shirt. My brother saw it and he also sat on the sofa and I saw his chest there was lot of hairs on it I had an intention to touch it. After this he changed the channel there was some hot movies coming on the cable I was aroused then I spread my legs so that so that my legs touched my brothers legs. He kept quite then I was so aroused that I removed buttons of my shirt then he saw it and he was also aroused I saw a huge bulge in his shorts. he slowly slides his hand up my thigh. His hand slides to my waist and up to my 32C tits. He rubs them firmly through my half open shirt. Then he pushes me down onto the bed and holds me there by my wrists. I can feel his hot throbbing dick on the inside of my thigh. My pussy suddenly becomes wet. He rips the front of my shirt open, exposing my firm tits, covered by a sheer white bra. He grabs my hair and jerks my head back as his hand squeezes one of my breasts. He gently bites my neck, then licks over it. “Oh, brother aahhahhh” I moan. He lifts me up and remove my shirt He covers my neck and shoulders with hot wet kisses. He remove my bra and throw it into the floor. He push me back down and begins sucking my nipples so hard they burn. “Oh, yes, brother!” Immediately, his mouth is at mine and he deep throats me with his tongue as his hand slides dow n to my panties, and I moan into his mouth. He takes off my panty. Next, he kisses my stomach and thighs as he slowly takes my panties off, exposing my cleanly shaved pussy. “Oh, yeah brother likes that. You are such a good sister!” He says as he begins rubbing over my mound. “Ohhhh brother lick it brother. Pleeeease!” I beg him.

He plunges his tongue deep into my hot slit. His saliva and my pussy juices mix and run over my asshole and down my legs onto our bed. “Oh, Brother!” I scream into the night. He rams a finger into my pussy. He jabs my hole over and over then takes it out and rubs my juices over my asshole. “Do you want this, sis?” he says seductively. “Yes, give it to me!” He rams his index finger back into my pussy and his middle finger in my asshole. I scream again as he fingers them at the same time. He lowers his head onto my clitoris and sucks it so hard it hurts. The pain and pleasure send me over the edge. “Oh, God, brother!” My body shakes as the orgasm washes over me. “Oh yea, sis. I can fee l your pussy tightening! “Get down here and suck my cock, you cute little bitch.” He told me and gets on his knees on the bed and I get down below him. I slowly lick the head of his 7 inch penis and grasp the base of it tightly with my hand. I lick up and down his hot shaft. Then he grabs my hair and slams my head all the way down on his cock. I can feel the head of it down my throat and I moan in ecstasy. He drives his dick in and out of mouth, letting out deep throaty moans. He withdraws and says “What do you want, baby?” “I want your dick, brother.” He grabs me and throws me face down on the bed, and holds me down with one hand on my back. He places the head of his penis against my hole. I feel like I could explode. FUCK ME, PLEEEEEEASE!” With that he slams into my cunt. His cock fills my little wet hole! He bangs me hard and fast. “Yeah, yeah! Harder! Please!” I beg him. “Oooo, yea that pussy is so wet and hot! What a good pussy my little bitch has! I love your cunt, you sexy little whore.” He begins gru n ting with each hard thrust. “Uh, uh, uh, yea, uh! Oh Oh, oh, oh!” I moan as he plunges deeper and harder! “Oh, harder brother !” He rips out of me and grabs me from behind, pulling me up onto my knees with my back to him. He places one hand on my breast and a finger in my pussy hole.

After this he throws me down on the bed again and begins slapping my ass cheeks. He pushes his dick against my tight asshole. “No, brother Your dick is too big! Oh, it will hurt me, brother!” I plead. But he does not hear anything and begins rubbing his dick up and down my ass crack, dipping the head slightly into my pussy. He covers his dick with pussy juice and pushes it against my shithole again. He rams his big and long into my asshole, and I indeed scream. The pain is intense, yet it makes my cunt tingle and the juices run onto the bed. He rolls over so that I’m now laying with my back on his stomach. He continues to pound my ass as he begins rubbing my clit. “Does it hurt, sis ? he asks. “Oh, yes brother and it feels so good ” I slam my ass down on his dick as he fingers my slit. “Oh, I’m gonna cum brother!” And I do. Pussy juice runs down my legs onto his. “I can feel your juices running down my asshole! Oh, shit! I’m cumming you little whore!” He pumps away harder and faster, throwing his hips aga inst my ass. I can feel his cock throbbing in my shithole as it pumps his burning load deep inside me.

He again throws me on my back and bangs my pussy so hard my head hits the wall. Thump, thump, thump, as we moan in time with the rhythm of our fucking. “Oh, here it comes, bitch! He starts cumming in my pussy!” I am filled with flood of hot sperm. “Oh, brother!” I scream as I am wracked with my own hot orgasm! He collapses on top of me, holding me tightly. “God, I love you, and I love fucking you just as much” he whispers. “I love you, too. You fuck me so good.” I whisper as we slowly drift off to sleep.

For next three days we did the same thing and we used to be naked all the time in the house from that day on wards. I had sex with many other peoples. I will tell you about those later.

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