Sex With College Friend Pallavi

This is Sanjay again. It’s been a while since I wrote my first story Sex With College Friend Pallavi on zoneforsex. This happened a few months ago. I was in Pune. It was my birthday and few of my friends arranged a birthday party for me, at one of their house in Pashan. We were school day friends, a group of 6 guys and three girls. There was this girl Pallavi in our school and lots of guys have hots on her. My friends knew about my crush on her. But nothing more happened between us.

After all of us gathered, I cut the cake, and as we were enjoying cake, there walked the 4th girl. I looked at the door and I was totally surprised to see Pallavi walking in. My friends have arranged this meeting as a birthday gift. I was awestruck looking at her. She had grown into full bosom girl, standing at good 5’6 and with heels, she was really looking tall. She was wearing black tight skirt and silver color sleeveless silk top that appeared to be a size shorter to conceal her full breasts and forming a huge bulge in the front and a deep cleavage. She had broad neckline and most of her shoulders were seen naked. She kept her hairs fall on her shoulders. To match with her sensuality she was wearing silver heeled sandals thus giving contour to her butts. Overall she was as sexy package and full of raw sensuality. She walked towards me and shook hands an d wished me birthday. I was getting harder at the mere touch of hers and was getting aroused by her presence in the room.

My friend has put on the music and everyone started settling down talking to each other in groups of 2 or 3. I finally come out of my schooldays shyness and started small talk with her, catching with her over the past so many years. While talking, I came to know that she was still single and working for an IT company in Pune. I felt lucky to found her that evening. In a short time, we both started feeling comfortable in each other company, eating in bits and pieces. I was stealing lots of glances on her cleavage. She seemed to notice, but she ignored them well. She got up to refill her soft drink. I ogled at her ass swaying under her tight skirt. Her full ass was filling up her skirt pretty well and looked as if saying come and feel me.

When she returned, some of the people started dancing and my friend lowered the lights to suit the mood while playing slow Titanic number by Celine Dion. I got the nerve finally and asked her for dance. She smiled and next moment was on her feet and followed me to the other corner of the hall, which was relatively darker. She put one hand over my shoulder while mine rested on her waist and other holding her second hand. We started dancing slowly looking at each other. After a while we changed positions, she wrapped her hands around my neck, while I held her around her waist, just coming closer to each other. I could feel her breasts heaving close to my chest. I could feel the heat of her body next to mine.

I pulled her against me closer and put my arms around her, hugging her closely, to which she didn’t object. Holding her closer I told her that I have one confession to make, I always found her one of the hottest girl in campus and always wanted to be with her. I also told her that she was one my fantasy girls. She smiled and blushed a little bit as well. In return she told me even she always liked me during our school days but never had the guts to come and say it to me. Now we both started to open up and a very positive signal. Our bodies were touching from head to toe, and I rested my cheek against her, as we moved to the music. My hands were exploring her neck and back and were moving all over her back. She put her fingers lightly in my hairs and my hands moved down to feel those sexy mounds of her curves. Her smooth ass filled my hands and felt very smooth and taut. I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer to me. She could feel my hardness at her thighs. We moved together slowly and sensually, and as we danced, I dared to hope that this would turn into something more. I looked around the hall, and everyone else was busy dancing to the slow number with their partners and 2-3 were enjoying their drinks in another corner.

Slowly, I moved my cheek away from hers and looked at her. My lips were slightly parted, and I leaned towards her to capture her juicy lips with my own. It looked like my all those years fantasies were coming true, thanks to my friend who arranged this wonderful evening on my birthday. She was getting all charged up and moved against my lips gently, attempting to find my tongue with her, and succeeding. Her tongue licked around the inside of my mouth, around my teeth and lips. I closed my eyes. I couldn’t believe that this was actually happening. It was like dream come true. I ran my hands through her hair and stroked her lower back. I moved lower, feeling and caressing her ass through the fabric of her skirt, and she gasped. Her arousal was getting intensified, and I longed to feel her all over.

My friend announced for dinner, so everyone gathered around the food table. We filled our plates and settled over the couch in living room. Everyone was just chilling out refreshing old stories revealing each other’s crushes during our school days. After dinner two guys wanted to leave early, so they left at around 11:00 pm. We had another hour to the party, so we moved the table back to kitchen and made room for another round of dance. Now we were perfect equal number of guys and gals. My friend had an idea and brought some twist to dance round. He made a chits of all 4 guy’s names written on it, folded them properly and put them over the table. Now he asked the girls to pick one and that person will be their partner for next two songs. It sounded fun and a girl named Mini got my name. Mini was a cute girl around same height as Pallavi, petite and looked delicious with those full and juicy lips. She had medium s ize perky tits that were poking out from her deep cut spaghetti strapped red tank top. Below she was wearing skintight lake blue jeans a much below her navel. Her petite figure was carrying it pretty well.

The first song was a Britney Spears number and all of us started shaking out legs and hips to the music. As we were dancing, I could see Mini’s tits were bouncing up and down with every move she made and it was very erotic. She looked she wasn’t wearing any bra. Her breasts were tight and rather didn’t need one for any support. While dancing with Mini, I glanced a look at my hot babe Pallavi at other end of hall and saw her looking at my direction. We exchanged smile and conveyed each other to hold on to one more song and then we will hold each other close. The next number of course was a slow one to build the romance into the air and get a breath from earlier fast sequence. I held Mini closer by the waist and she quickly wrapped her hands around my neck. I glanced at Pallavi and she was also in same pose with her partner. I put all my attention to beautiful and gorgeous Mini close to me wrapped around in my hands. I slightly applied more pressure to my grip and getting the signal, Mini came closer to me hugging me more tightly. I was getting aroused again feeling her perky tits below her top dug into my chest. I felt her small and firm butts with my hands and she moaned a little and gave a small kiss on my neck and a nibble on my ear. I moved my hands a little higher and her bare skin around her waist came in contact. I moved my hands under her top and caressed her back and felt the warmth of her back and ass. We were moving slowly with the music, exploring each other softly and arousing each other. Finally the second song was over and we didn’t realize how the time went by. Now it was time to go back to our original partners and enjoy music for another half and hour before party ends. I thanked Mini for being wonderful dance partner and gave a small kiss on her cheek, in response she naughtily squeezed my ass over my jeans.

The last half hour was meant to be exclusively romantic and enjoy the closeness of your partners over the soft and romantic numbers. Now the couples were moving slowly with the music. Since the hall was pretty big, everybody wanted more space to themselves and hence moved as far as possible with other couple. Pallavi and myself moved to our darkest corner with hand in hand and mischief smiles on our face. She was all heated and charged up and so I am. I was all aroused since the evening and since I shook hand with her. She is just a hot babe that could make guys come in their pants instantly. I was fighting myself not to come.

As we hit the corner, this time I hold her from behind and she came closer to me with her hands over my head and around my neck. I bent down a little and planted a kiss on her neck and another one on her bare shoulder. She gave a very light moan and pushed her ass towards me. I was caressing her tight belly and smooth stomach. As she pushed herself towards me, I also pulled her closer. We were moving together with the music in slow motion, slowly gyrating our hips. Her ass butt cheeks were rubbing against my now hard dick and she wanted to feel it more and more. That’s why she kept on rubbing her cheeks to my groin, thus making me harder and harder. She was facing one corner of the room and myself facing her back. Thus my back was towards the rest of the room and rest of the other couples. I believe others were also in similar positions enjoying the closeness of their partners. Nobody wanted to be disturbed for next remaining half and hour.

She was caressing my hairs and I rolled my hands exploring her stomach and moving upwards. I grabbed her breasts and filled my hands. I caressed and squeezed her breasts over her silk top. Her silk top over her breasts was adding to sensuality I was receiving while caressing her tits. It felt more smooth and silky and very erotic. I was giving small kisses on her neck and cheeks and she turned her face towards me and I smooched her juicy and inviting lips. The music was keeping the mood live and we were slowly moving our bodies with music and enjoying sexual chemistry that was building up between us. The heat and desire was building up and my hands were moving under her top stretching her top to her limits. Already her tits had made it tighter. I cupped her breasts and caressed them over her bra. From behind, over her shoulders I could peek into her top and her tits held in her black bra looked and felt very delicious and ready to be eaten. I played with her tits and tweaked her tits making her groan and moan. I hope others didn’t listen to those sounds. I am sure they were hardly bothered to any sound in the room but their partners. I slowly turned her around holding her close grabbing her delicious ass and found her kiss under mine. She opened her mouth invitingly and our tongues explored each other’s mouth. It was one of the wonderful juicy kisses. She knew how to kiss a guy pretty well.

And then the friend announced the end of the party. We bid goodnight to other couples. Mini gave me a full body hug. I loved her warmth. I drove Pallavi to her place in the city and on our way we exchanged our business cards and made plans to meet the coming weekend and continue the party at my place.

I will continue many encounters with her then onwards in my next episode of this story. Feel free to write your comments at my email.

I assure you my reply to your messages. I always love to hear from my friends and thus making more friends

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