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I am now 29 years old, working as—————- at hospital in London, its strange story i would have never be able to tell if i did not accidentally fall upon sex stories site. I come to read lots of sencus stories about love between siblling, some I believe and some i did not.

But who as i to judge,my story actully start at my birth may be before when me and my bro concive in my mother womb,you we are twin,i would not go about faimly back ground,cuz lots of ppl will get hurt and most of me and my bro. While growing up it was natural to be more affectionate to each other then other member off the faimly,being belong to prominent faimly of lahore we went to good ——— to school and universty,about five years back my bother got married to one of our cousion in england.though i never thought i will miss him that terriably,but i did. Year after when he come back to visit us in pakistan. I was overjoyed, even my sis in law comment laughingly that like i have found lost love.time pass quickly and their holidays was over and they have to go back.

It was terrible time having say good by to one u love and charised and to say good bye wasnt easy. I cried all the time was miserable most of the time i look my self in my room,things was miserable i was lonly and miss freed very much,some how i could not understand why later on very much late i realized its not brotherlove it was pure love not sex but love. when one day my mom ask me some ask for my hand from england i said ok,i did not even look at his pic or ask any question,deep down i knew its my brother i am going to see be near him Poor chap he did not know what hit him,most of the time i was talking to my bro,vistting him,make lots of ppl unhappy including my sister in law. She start putting restriction on us,my own husband start getting anoyyed andevery one miserable,but i was happy.

Three years passed,and my husband had enough he ask for divorced and i said yes,i thought i will be free to see my bro but my sisterin law ask him to chose and he chose her. I was heartbroken i come to know after word she blackmailed him saying she ias pregnet,and if he keep seeing me he wont be able to see his child. I was in same sitution,out of the bue——hospital offerd and i said yes.i wanted to get away from all,so i moved back to london bye a house and try to gather my life as good i can have boyfriend and try to forget him. And some how i long after him,i try to find him through other ppl but my heart long after him,op to this time i was aware that i need him sexually as well mently,so it happen,i got a call for him that he is travlling to london for a conference and would meet me for few hours if i can managed to catch him in hyde park,i said ok It was gray rainy september day rain drizzling all day,and i could wait so i see him my heart was gallaping my whole body was heavy and i could not breath,and i felt like i have fever.

Anyhow i took train to hyde park could not trust my self driving the car,so i saw him standing there waitting,waitting for me i ran towards him and hang to him on the neck,he hold me tight. my heart was thumping like mad my breast pressed to his chest,and i would not let it gotears rolling down my cheak on to his face, he hold me tight and keep saying thek thek sab thek ha come on,but i could not let it go he hold me from shoulders and wipe tear off my eyes and then he did which i never could dream ,he kissed my eyes,and tyhen then very lightly kissed me on my lips. OHHHHHHHH oh i was gone i wanted to kiss him back my legs were trembling i was hot my breathing was heavy andmy breast were heing up and down i could not look at him and some how i knew i got him, after a while we cool down we went to mac to get some food and we talk like old times we did not talkabout faimly or his wife or mom or sister or any one else.

WE played chased eachothers on ,i wasnt bother its raining,as we sitting on banch talking he was holding my hand and i feel content happy,he turned around look in my eyes and kissed on my mouth this time more forcefully and automatic my mouth open and i responcehe turned me around and ambrased me still kissing me his hand start wondringon my body just like another lovers we did not spoke not say a single word just imagian we were committing the ultimate sin devouring each other and top off that in public. But i did not care neither did he,i wanted him wanted him inside me i wanted his body his lund his dick his prick small or bigger thin or thicker i wanted him to plunged in me in my phuddi in my kussa in my pussy in my cunt i wanted him ohh-i wanted him i still had my doctor white coat on underneath my shalwar kameez was thin and flimsy .he tried to feel my breat through the clothes but it wasnt nice hehold my hand trak to his lundoh -its was hard hard ohhhh i wanted it for so long all my 27 years of life i wanted himi wanted him to fuck me fill my womb make me pregnet all the journy this was the manzel this endstation and i didnt care if its public place.

I was hony and some time love overwhlemd me,but at the moment i want only one thing in the get fucked by my twin brother.havbe him in my choot to make phuddi wider deeper and bigger. i was i whisperd to him toilets what ,he said toilets, oh we look around, he spotted one quickly, we went toward toilets i still holding him his hand around my waist,tiolets were hide in the corners and and there was lots of bushes around it. we look around there wasnt lots of ppl around,but just before we went in i heard some one having sex oh oh oh fuck. after our eyes adjusted to darkness of tiolet there was girl sitting on her knees sucking a white man dick, fred standing behind me hilding me from my waist his lund boring in my chooters.and belive me itwas so long it nearlly touching my hand on the the front,i could notr wait any longer my whole body was on fire and so was he without speaking some how he rip open my shalwar from the middle and make a big whole now he can directly touch my phudi his finger slowwly rubbing my choot andonce in while he grab whole choot in his hand hard and rough. ohhh — and then he push me on the railling with one hand so my ass stikking out in the air he his rain coat around us just like two lovers push his lund toward my choot hole, belive me his toppe of his lund was bigger then my hole choot,he rub its op and down and involuntry i open my legs wider and wider oh i want him in boring in me fucking me tears was rolling down my face he was just rubbing it——-.

Oh i push my gand towards him frustrated hungry hungry for love—–oh, and all this time he said dal duun ander, i could have screem behanchood i said and laugh he like laugh as well and push tooppa in oh——oh i was slippry running like fountain, but it would not go in his lund i put my hand down and open my pussy lips open so he can lodge his lund head in my hole, and thats what i done.suddenly pop oh oh and his lund slip in ——the pain was unbearable and like he knew he stay still and waited only head of his lund was in but my pussy was streached wide to the limit. after a while he start moving very slowly care fully just not to hurt me he is my lover and my fucker not my sex partner after about 20 stroke he was fully in.oh what a pleasure it is heaven on earthi push my gand toward him wildly and he start fucking me earnestly. usi ka intazer tha na. bahi sa chhodna ka haan i screemed behanchood chod. chod behn ki phuddi khuli ker da zoor sa.-oh i was having orgasam comming like nigrafall i dont know how long it took two minute five who care he was in me me mere choot ma apni behn ki ki ohhhhhh he was fitting me very nicely.his big fat lund was in all the way oh he belong in my choot moving in and out oh it was wonder full , suddenlly he start moving hard and fast he pulled all out and tump all in sound off plup -plup was music to my ears i was pushing my gand wild at him,never before i make love so wildlly,so abondend.

Oh i love his slamming his lund now hard in my phuddi,slippry with my lave and then he came filling my womb over flowwing my pussy ,it took him quite a while to emtpy him self in sister cunt, i followed him suit.bukking screeming———-oh come come fill me fill my phuddi. chod diya na behn ko ohhhhhh asi ki intazer tha sare umer. he hold me tight holding my breast.then i felt warm on my shoulders he was crying i just hang there on the railling corner of hide park feel loved priveldge cuz i knew why he is crying his …. goal has ben achived he has come home.his lund still in my pussy filling me complettly not even now he went soft.he was still hard, he did went to his wife that night we went back to my house and make love all night. Now i dont care what ppl would say about us may be we are mad may be we would be punished.may be it suppose to be like that,but its not only sex.its love just being nearhim make me happy and horny.

I am happy content nopw but after this first epside it will go another year before thing really happen,yes do ppl in my faimly know yes my older sister does no one else. if i got time i will let u ppl know how we really come all sibbling…

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