Sex With Aged Woman

I am telling you a story which is really true.

I have to tell you my childhood play. I was living in my native town a northern area of our country where the ladies are bound to separate from men. I was at that time studying in my earlier classes say sixth class when my age is in between 10 – 12 years

I was living with my parents. An aged woman named APA (elder sister in the meaning of local language). Her husband was always remain on visits to other cities as he was involved some government business. In the absence of her husband APA used to take me to her house as she was alone in the night. My parents did not protested as I was not of a age to sense something.

During the time I remained at APA’s house APA used to give me apples, milk and many other things to tease me to remain in her house. This is the era of 1973 or 1974. I used to sleep with APA on the same bed but at that time I wan not aware of any sex or anything.

One night I have to go for pee and I saw that APA is sleeping with me without any clothes. I thought that like the other children APA had pee on the bed and she had to change her clothes but forgotton to wear the other clothes. I gone to bathroom and after pee I saw that APA came out wearing a long cloth in local language a CUMBLE. I asked about APA’s pee on the bed APA smiled and said that she had not pee on the bed but she feel some hot and took off her clothes.

I came in with APA and laid with her. APA asked me to take off my clothes but I refused of shy. Suddendly I felt that APA’s hand on my thighs which squeezing here and there slowly but with very much love. APA kissed me and asked about my penis that it is like a KULFI (a little wooden stick which is covered by ice cream) in local language and I feel very much shy. APA touched my penis and my penis become more woody and I feel ashamed. But APA told me that this thing never to be disclosed to anyone otherwise she would told the whole thing to my father. I didn’t reply. APA took my hand in her hand and taken to her pussy and ordered me to squeezing with my hand. I, under fear that APA will tell whole to my father, obey the order. After some time my hand wet and I felt that APA pee on my hand. I complained that to APA but she only smiled and took me on her boobs and said to suck the nipples. I replied that APA I was not a child to take milk from there and I used to take milk by glass. APA said that when I will marry I have to suck of my wife’s nipple and I ashamed on that. However, I started to lick on the nipples of APA. APA’s breath very much high her boobs are like mangos as she was at that time of 40 – 45 years of age. I liked that very much and love to have her nipple in my mouth and my penis is in full wooden shape.

She asked me to come on her and to take my penis I didn’t outstand the meaning of giving and taking of something. She hold my penis in her hand and started to squeeze on my testicles and penis and tried to take my penis in her pussy. My penis immediately go in as I think that her pussy was too large and my penis is too small for her. She took her both hands on my buttock and pull me towards her I didn’t understand but I felt that all that had been feeling good to APA and myself too. After some time APA remove me from her and ordered me not to tell anything to anyone otherwise she will not give anything to me at the night and also tell my father that I have fucked her.

I was very much feared and not told anything to anybody. This play was played by APA almost all the nights I remained in her house. Now when I am of 34 years of age I remember that days.


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