Sex On The Kitchen Platform

Hi everybody. I’m 23 handsome 6 ft guy from jaipur. I’m a big fan n a regular reader of sex stories Sex On The Kitchen Platform. I check on daily for new stories on Porn n sex is my biggest n fvt hobby.

Here is a real hot story happened an yr ago. I was all alone at that time in sense of gfs, so I was looking for one desperately. One evening I was standing out side my house n I saw a nice looking girl passing by with books in her hands. I stood there the next day also n saw her again. This time even she noticed me n passed a smile. Next day I took my bike n stood on the corner of the lane to talk to her when she was about to come. I talked to her n was successful in making her a friend of mine.
She lived in the next block n used to come over for tuitions for one and a half hour walky talky.

Now starts the main story you all r waiting for. We soon became very intimate n started meeting frequently after her tuitions for few minutes. Once I asked her to bunk her tuitions the next day cause I want to meet her for longer duration n she agreed. I brought my car that day n picked her from the way. I took the car to a lonely place n parked it there. She asked me y I stopped n I said I wanted to talk to u in a lonely place. Then I slowly moved closer to her n placed my lips on hers. I smooched her for five minutes n slowly started moving my hands on her arms. Then slowly I started moving my hands on her shoulders n then on her neck continuing my hot wet kiss. She was wearing a top n a jeans. My hands started moving down n reached her boobs from over her shirt. I started pressing her boobs n her nipples. She was enjoying it n making sexy hot sounds like ooooooo aaaaaaa. Then I moved further down n started to put my hand in her shirt from below, reaching her stomach n then moving up slowly I reached her bra.

I moved my hand behind n unhooked her bra. Now I brought my hands in front n touched the soft hot creamy n beautiful globes for the first time. I started massaging them slowly under her shirt increased my pace pressing harder n harder. She started enjoying it like a hell kissing me wildly again n again. Then slowly I took my hands out n reached for her shirt buttons n as I started to open them she broke the kiss n said don’t do this here in the open? I said I just want to kiss u everywhere n started to kiss her again passionately. This time my tongue went deep down in her mouth. Slowly I removed all her buttons n my hands were all over her soft hard boobs now. I said honey ur so soft n she melted in my hands hearing this n let me touch her everywhere. I enjoyed her body for half an hour but could not go further cause of a little fear of getting caught. I was a bit disappointed but I got a better chance again.

Few days after that she called me n told me that she’s all alone in her house as both her pop n mom r gone to the clinic as they were doctors n her sis who used to be home normally is out of station for few days. I was so happy on hearing it n I got ready in few minutes n reached her house. I rang the bell n was delighted to see her on the door in secs. I went inside n started smooching her as soon she closed the door. She responded me very well. she broke the kiss n asked me whether I want something as I have come to her house for the first time, I said I want a glass of water. She went to the kitchen to get water for I followed her. I came behind her n started kissing her on the neck as she was taking out water from the pot. I said this is wht I really want n turned her around n started kissing her on the lips. I took the glass from her hand n put it in the basin n started French kissing her hard. She was all for me now, so I kept kissing her n slowly took over her. My hands were all over her now n exploring every part of her body over her clothes going in once a while. I caught her by her hips n made her sit on the platform of the kitchen continuing my kiss. Now I started removing her clothes one by one taking of her top then her bra then her skirt n finally her panties making her lie on the platform. I started sucking her nipples with my one hand rubbing her clitty n other massaging her other boob. She was really enjoying now with all sort of sounds in the kitchen. I even sucked her pussy n fingure fucked her making her cum for atleast three times. Feeling uncomfortable here I took her in my arms n carried her to her bedroom n made her lie there on the bed. Now I removed all my clothes except my briefs n lay down on the bed. She came over me now n slowly removed my underwear n took my dick in her mouth n started sucking it hard. My eight incher came to its full size n strength. Seeing it she was surprised n asked me how am I gonna take it all. I asked her not to worry n made her lie down n came over her in 69.

V enjoyed sucking each other for atleast 15 minutes making us both wet. I said it will be much easier now n I turned around made her stretch her legs n placed my cock on the opening of her cunt. She had her eyes tightly closed. I gave a big push n my cock was in her small virgin pussy hole breaking her hymen. Blood came out n she was screaming like hell but I placed my lips on hers to avoid anybody else to hear. I kissed her along with my small n deep strokes n slowly her pain got converted into pleasure n she started giving soft moans of enjoyment. She was supporting my strokes n moving along with each stroke of mine. Slowly I increased my pace n she became more n more wet. I fucked her in all positions n she cummed for at least four times before I bursted my load into her pussy. She told me that she had one of the best time in her life ever n she’ll love to have more again. V enjoyed it number of times when she was alone in her house. Now she has gone to another state for her further studies leaving me all
alone here.

Any aunty, bhabhi or girl from anywhere in rajasthan who wants one of the best time in her life to contact me on ‘’. i’ll definitely get in touch cause I keep traveling all over rajasthan for my business. Bye everybody.

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