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Hi ! i am a regular reader of zoneforsex and proudly say that this is my favourite web site. Sex Monster i too have some real life encounters and would like to mail you one of them. i was in a high school. it was a co-educational school. it was a great school whose dress code for girls was a big turn on. they used to wear small divided skirts. and legs are my weakness. we had many swimming sessions with the girls. but there was a girl about whom i used to fantasize about. she was a very sexy girl and had a good looking boy friend. all the girls were after the guy and the guys were after the girl but they were dedicated to each other …. and that was the real problem. whenever she used to come in the pool with her sexy swim suit on i used to get a hard on. but one day my luck smiled and i had the best time of my lfe screwing this sexy babe.

It was a sunday and she came to the pool for some extra sessions to improve herself for the upcomming interhouse competitions. i went to the swimming complex to get a tennis racket and i heard the shower in the girls bathroom on. there was no one in the complex and i thought of peeping into the girls bathroom. i tiptoed into the girls bathroom and to my ultimate surprise i saw my dream babe wetting herself. i knew there would be no one around till evening on sundays. do i dashed back to the boys hostel and got hold of my camera and was back in the pool within minutes. by now she had finished her bath and was wearing her 2 piece bikini. she had her back to me so the only thing i could see was her well shaped buns. i felt like masturbating right there. she came out was did all the lovely swimming strokes for about half an hour. then she was back to the girls bathroom and put on the shower. i neaked inside and clicked a few snaps with her panties and bra on. after her bath she came out and was shocked when she found me staring at her with my camera in my hand.

I was a bit scared too. but i knew it was now or never. i told her about the snaps. and that i always loved looking at her in her least clothing. she was silent. i went closer. and told her that if she doesn’t do what i ask then i’ll sell the pictures in the market. she was angry and confused. i placed the camera on the dressing bench and took her hand. she didn’t resist. i hugged her tight and she let out a soft moun and said that this is the first and last time. and that i’ll give her the reels immediately after we finish. i agreed.

I gave her a kiss below her ear and started licking her there. she was mourning and said that her biyfriend used to do the same in the evenings before she went to the hostel. i took her arse in my hands and pressed it hard. she simply put her hands over my shoulders. i sarted licking her neck and drove my hands underneath her t-shirt and felt her boobs wit her bras on. i took off her shirt and took off mine too. then i gently took off her bra with my teeth and started lickinh her cleavage. she was getting damn excited by now. now i put my hand over her womanhood and then pulled down her divided skirt. i quickly undressed myself and rubbed my dick over her panties. she simply hugged me hard. i couldn’t make it any longer and pulled down her soft silver panties. i picked her up and se out her thighs around my hips and her arse hole was resting on my erect dick. her boobs were around my neck. i rested her back on the wall and shoved my dick into her pussy. it was so hard. she told me that her boyfriend screwed her and that’s why she’s not a virgin. i pulled her ultra small tits with my lips and started jerking. she gave was wild cry filled with passion. she pulled my hair with her fingers and pulled my arse hard to her to get a better shove. i pumped and pumped and whenever i was nearing to cum she used to touch my balls and squeeze it hard and my orgasm used to halt and i kept on pumping into her. after sometime she was nearing to her orgasm and my digging became faster. after some time we orgasmed together. she got down and gave me a long kiss which nearly drove me out of my breathe. she told me not to tell this to anyone. if i kept my promise then she’d go for another session before we left school. i kept my promise and did get to screw her once more. and this second screw was the best screw i ever in my life. i shall tell you about it next time. hope you enjoyed my story.

I am presently in delhi. if there are any girls or ladies who’d like me to give them a good time please don’t hesitate and mail me at

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