Sex in the park

I am a regular reader of zoneforsex. My height is 6.1,fair,brown eyes, black hair, average body. Sex in the park The stories in here are far more exciting then the snaps of sexual act. I want to share with you my real sexual experience.

It happened last year in Delhi. I had a girlfriend named Payal. She is 5.4 Very Fair, Sexy Butt, Sexy Boobs, Sexy Eyes, infact sex oozed out of her. She lived in Kanpur and was in Delhi for some exams with her mother. Her mother knew me before and didn’t object to my phone calls to Payal. next day we met in Delhi after she had finished her paper in Rohini. I gave her my friends residence number who lived in Rohini (Delhi). She was also staying at her uncles place for a couple of days in Rohini.

At night we spoke on phone for a long-2 time. My friend was getting angry since I was talking to her for almost 3 hours continuously. We chatted on different topics and then the topic changed to sex. She told me that she never had a sexual experience and was virgin. (which i doubt) Then she told me that she has to go on morning walk with her mom in Japanese Garden in Rohini next morning at 6 AM. I promised her that I would be there.

Next morning i reached the park which was full of morning walkers. I somehow found her sitting with her mother in a corner and managed to find courage to go to them. Her mother was shocked to see me there. I told her that I was at my friends place for the night which is very near to this park then she calmed down. I started talking to Payal with her mother following us. We soon left her behind and got on talking. We left her mother far behind and saw from a distance that she had sat on a bench. Then we chose a bench from where her mother could not see us but we could see her. I was exhausted by all the running and was breathing heavily. We sat very close together on the bench but had to maintain decency since many people were still in the park. The time was 7.30 AM. Gradually people started leaving park and by 8.00AM the park was almost empty. Then we two got a chance and started kissing slowly keeping an eye on people coming in the park. Slowly the kissing increased and my PAPPU was ready to come out in the open. She put her hand on my thigh. I told her yahan pe hath mat rakho. She said why? I told her `current lagti hai’. She smiled mysteriously and put her hand on my PAPPU which was rock hard till now. I told her to hold it from inside.

She started massaging it and I was getting excited. Soon precum came out from my PAPPU. She asked me whether i was done? I said No. She said Phir yeh Geela Kya hai. Then I explained her about Precum. In the meantime the park was almost empty. We also started to leave. There was a small opening in the bushes which went deep into the small jungle. I thought that i had a chance but what to do. I asked her if we would have come a little earlier then we would have been able to go in the bushes and had sex. She said that she is ready to go at that time also. I
looked here & there and saw no one is near. I took her deep in the bushes and started smooching her. Her butt was excellent and i started massaging her butt & boobs. My PAPPU which was already on fire was now out of control. I laid her down in the bush and removed her pyjamas. She said Idhar hi, I said haan Idhar hi. Her hairy Pussy was looking great. She was also wet and I entered her pussy with ease (Thats why i doubt that she is virgin). I stroked her slowly and she was moaning my name. Ahhhhh Ahhhhh I love u su…..I love u su……… As my PAPPU was already on fire I could manage only 5 minutes fuck and then I ejaculated between her legs. Then we left the bushes and went to her mom who was furious. Payal behaved as if nothing had happened (These girls are so good at drama). We left each other and promised to meet sometime in future when we could have sex without any hinderance. I ultimately fucked her again in Kanpur in my hotel but thats another story which i will tell later on.

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