Sex In The Heat Of Summer Noon

Sex In the Heat of a Summer Noon By Samrat Sen It was a hot summer day. I had taken leave from office for some personal work. When I returned home it was around 2.30 pm. The summer sky was like an invisible dragon breathing out fire from its nostrils. The road was almost empty. Our apartment was also looking lifeless. I was relieved after reaching the inside of the building and started my way up thru the cool semi-dark stairs.

My apartment was in the 2nd floor. When I was approaching the landing of the first floor, suddenly I heard the sound of a door opening. There were two flats opposite to one another. The door to my left was opening very slowly but suddenly it started to close again. It appeared to me that whoever was behind the door closed it after hearing me coming up. I continued on my way up and after reaching halfway to the floor above, I hid my self behind the stairs and waited. My eyes were fixed on the door downstairs. A little later the door opened again and a person stealthily peeked from the half open door to make sure no one was outside. It was the venu, the 17 years old son of our guard man. He hurriedly went downstairs. The door closed behind his back again.

That flat belonged to Mrs. Maitra, an elderly widow. She worked as a teacher in a day-school and used to live alone after her only daughter got married. A few month’s back she had hired a young maid, to live with her. Her name was Nisha. She took care of the apartment and helped Mrs. Maitra in the household work. As I belonged to the management committee of the building association I sometimes visited the lady to get her sign on official papers. On one such occasion I saw Nisha for the first time and I was stunned by her looks. From the appearance she appeared to be a lady from a well to do family. I, at first, thought her to be a relative of Mrs. Maitra. But later when I came to know she was her maid I was surprised. She did not belong to the class of maids we find in most houses. Moreover she had the raw sexy look that can give a sudden erection to even a dead man. She was not more than 20 years old, about 5’ 5” tall and her skin was oily, chestnut brown with all the curves and smoothness to ooze sex from every inch of her body. She had a thin waistline compared to her wide and round buttocks.She wore her saree quite low exposing her navel which looked deep enough to give an erect cock a second alternative. I felt a sudden dryness in my mouth and uncoiling of my penis when she faced me while serving tea. I had been thinking of finding a way to drag her to bed since that day. Now I had what I was looking for. Nisha was having an affair with the Guard man’s son in the absence of Mrs. Maitra and I had discovered it. It was mix of rage and passion that I felt boiling up inside my groin.

I watched Venu for some days and found out his daily routine. I also found out that on weekdays Mrs. Maitra goes out between 10 – 11 AM and comes back between 4.00 – 5.00 PM. A week passed in planning and in anticipation. It was a Friday and I stayed back at home. I was alone in my apartment and I kept watching Venu throughout the morning. At around 1.30 PM our guard finished his lunch and went to his room for a little nap. Venu was supposed to take his place. From my window and verandah I watched the young chap roaming around the premises and occasionally looking at our 1st Floor window. Then all of a sudden he disappeared. Immediately I came out of my apartment, closed it and took my position at the landing between 1st and 2nd floor and watched the entrance of Mrs. Maitra’s apartment. Within a few minutes Venu came up and stealthily entered the apartment. The door was already open. I let some 5-6 minutes pass. Then I came downstairs and stood in front the apartment door. I planned to ring the bell. Even if Nisha wouldn’t have opened it for an outsider, but after seeing me from the peep hole she would think I have some information for Mrs. Maitra as usual. Once she opend the door I would force my way inside and catch the boy red-handed. Thus Prepared I was about to ring the bell then something struck my mind. I quietly turned the latch – and it turned. I gently pushed the door – and it opened. That bugger had forgotten to close the door even. I thanked my luck and went inside.

The drawing cum dining room was partially dark as all the heavy drapes were drawn. No body was there. I walked towards one of the bedrooms tiptoed and heard whispers inside. The door was open and a single look told me whatever I needed to know. Nisha was lying on the big double bed. Her legs were hanging at the edge of the bed with her petticoat and saree pulled up around her waist and between her legs Venu was standing with his pant dropped below his knees. His young and naked back was faced to me and he was busy fingering her cunt. The girl was moaning and wriggling her body in ecstasy. He had opend the buttons of her blouse already and was squeezing Nisha’s breasts. He then tried to penetrate his erect cock head into Nisha’s cunt but she resisted him. Nisha’s hand was masturbating and tugging at his erect cock and at the same time keeping it away from her cunt whenever he tried to enter her. Suddenly the boy pinned her both hands by her side and mounted her. At this time I entered the room and pulled Venu off Nisha’s body by gripping him by his neck. The boy was so rattled that he slipped on the floor. His face was white as dead and he gaped at me in fear. I kicked at his ass and he almost jumped out of the room and fell again. Some how he managed to pull his pant up and stormed out of the apartment. I followed him up to the doorway and then locked the door and turned to find Nisha standing behind me. She had managed to cover herself somehow with her sari. she was gaping at me with fear in her eyes. I looked at her quietly and walked over to the sofa and sat on it. I asked her – for how long were they having this affair. She remained silent. Then I asked her whether the boy was fucking her regularly.

She suddenly dropped on her knees and grabbed my feet. She said she had never allowed the boy to fuck her cunt as there was the risk of pregnancy and asked me to forgive her and not to tell her employer about the incident. She went sobbing and holding my feet against her body with both her arms. She was holding me in such a way that it was difficult to stand up. So I looked down at her sobbing figure and felt my legs against her soft body. The dimly lit room, the closeness of the voluptuous female body and the smell of her hair oil was doing magic on my mind and I sensed this was the time to make my move. I slowly began to fondle her bare neck and hair. Her hair got released from the knot and flowed down to her waist, while my cock started revolting against my pant. She also began to rub her face slowly on my thigh. I opened my thighs wider so that her face automatically came over my groin and I held her neck and let her bury her face on my groin. My hot and fully erect cock was rubbing against her face and she began to kiss it allover its length over the thin fabric of my pant. I held her neck with one hand and opened the chain of my pant with the other and the monster sprang out of its confine. My right foot pushed its way through the opening of her sari till it found the hairy pussy and rubbed the fat thumb against her cunt. She adjusted her body so as to allow the thumb inside her narrow opening and moaned with pleasure. I fucked her cunt with the thumb of my feet and slapped her face repeatedly with my erect cock. She hungrily took it into her mouth. She sucked and licked at the head of my cock but did not take it deep inside her mouth. So I held her face with both hands and pushed the entire length of my cock inside her mouth.

She almost chocked and slowly controlled herself. I raised my buttocks and began to fuck her mouth with long strokes. . She closed her eyes and moved back and forth, her lips tight around my dick. My young shaft became shiny with her saliva and made a slurping sound as I pumped it back and forth in her mouth. I humped her harder as the sensations throbbed through my body. I took her head and pulled it back and forth, back and forth as she slurped on my cock. The semi dark room was filled up with the groans and moans of pleasure. My cock exploded inside her mouth and jets of sperm came surging out I ejaculated time after time and emptied my balls into her pretty face. She had no other option but to drink my cum and I made her lick and clean my cock as well. Sitting on the sofa I embraced her kneeling body hard against mine. She was trembling with passion. Soon I had my tongue down her throat as my hands started roaming all over her body and over her ample buttocks. Embracing her with one hand I pulled her sari and petticoat above her waist and explored her spongy ass and her bush. She responded by holding my face against her bossom. I picked her up and carried her on my lap and nibbled on her ear and neck. Gradually I removed her blouse and started fondling her breasts. She was getting excited now and while grinding my erection against her bush and asshole I removed her bra exposing the jutting beauties and mauled them hard with both my hands. She closed her eyes and continued to moan. I made her lie with her on my lap with her face downwards. The wide and round bum stayed exposed before my eyes. I started to spank her hard on those spongy cheeks. There was a candle on the adjacent table I took it and slowly inserted its end into her asshole.

Her exposed and shapely legs were beating against the arm of the long sofa. I slowly rotated the candle and at the same time inserted it deep into her asshole. Then I continued to spank and squeeze her ass cheeks. It made loud sounds which would have been reached the other nearby apartments had the windows not been closed. Nisha was moaning loudly with pleasure and pleaded me to go on. Then with a sudden swift movement I took the candle out of her dry asshole. She cried aloud with pain. I turned her over and threw her on to the carpeted floor roughly. Then dropping my pant I fell over her. I ran my tongue over the underside of her breast ,making circles first on one and then the other as I gradually moved towards her nipple and finally I started sucking on one and then the other. I lifted up her arms and started licking her armpits . The strong earthy smell was fantastic. Then turning her over I ran the tip of my tongue over her spinal column down to her waist .She sighed with pleasure as I bit her fleshy ass. I licked and sucked every inch of her voluptuous body. When I reached her slightly rounded stomach I dipped my tongue into her deep navel and at the same time ran my hand up her thighs to her moist box. She was hot and dripping. I brought my finger up and tasted her juices and also put it into her mouth .She licked my fingers hungrily. Then I removed her saree and started kissing and biting her thighs over her petticoat. Her body was twisting and turning. I sat on her belly facing her legs and undid the knot of her petticoat and with a swift motion took it off her body. She was fully nude now Then I buried my face between her sexy thighs inhaling the musky aroma of her pussy while kissing every part of her shapely thighs. She was going crazy and beating my backside with her arched feet. She wrapped her legs around my neck ,urging me on. I put a finger up her pussy ,lubricated it in her juices and suddenly shoved it up her ass hole. I caught hold of her dainty waist and rolled over, pulling her on top of my body so that we were now in a 69 position and then I put the tip of my dripping manhood into her mouth while caressing my ass.

Her taste was fresh on my lips. I also teased her ass-hole now with the tip of my tongue. As soon as my tongue touched it she stiffened but relaxed after sometime. I now started licking her from her clitoris along the vertical gash to her buttocks .She moaned with pleasure and took me deep into her mouth. Her inner thighs were hot and sticky and had a strong female odor. I sucked on her tender, sweet clitoris. I opened her cunt lips and stuck my tongue in her pink hole, which was shiny and moist and tender . I ate her out for a few minutes as she pressed her ass into my face. I lapped up the hot juices coming out of her tawt. I alternately sucked on her clitoris and tongue fucked her cunt. After some time she screamed and groaned into a heavy climax and her pussy continued to throb for quite some time. She was experiencing multiple climaxes one after another. I rolled her over again and sat between her legs. Then I took one sofa cushion and placed it under her buttocks and spread her legs wide. Then I placed the tip of my throbbing erect cock at the entrance of her love hole and began to push. She was tight all right but her prior climaxes had lubricated her passage and cock inched its way to wards the destination. She felt pain and was crying a little. I asked her whether she was virgin. She nodded negatively. Then with a single push I entered the entire length of my cock inside her cunt. She cried out in pain and pleaded me not to make her pregnant. I remained still for a little and started to maul her jutting boobs with both my hands. Then I took my cock out slowly and again with a sudden push entered her fully. I repeated this several times and every time at the initial entry of the cock head she cried out in pain. I held both her legs with my hands and changed their orientation while fucking her with deep thursts. Sometimes I took both of them over my shoulders and sometimes I pulled one on my shoulder and pinning down the other under my thigh. This way I changed her from posture to posture while fucking her continuously. She became almost mad with pleasure. I also turned her over and fucked her from the back.

Many a times I held back my climax by stopping my movement temporarily and squeezing my penis muscles inwards and stopping the ejaculation. I continued fucking her for quite some time by holding back my ejaculation and then starting over with renewed energy. Then in order to end the session I pumped her for the last time with all my strength and vigor and ejaculated on her belly. I massaged her belly and her breasts with my semen and then lied embracing her for some time. Venu had left our apartment for good and he never came back, at least, publicly. His father told us he has packed his things and left for his native land. A few months passed after that and meanwhile I had several sessions with Nisha. We made love on the rooftop, in the shower and I even sneaked into Mrs. Maitra’s flat at the middle of the night (Nisha opened the door for me) and fucked her nightlong in the adjacent bedroom. Mrs. Maitra took sleeping pills before going to bed and she sensed nothing about it. In fact nobody in our premises knew anything of the affair. But there was something I had not sensed either. Suddenly one day Nisha too disappeared. We came to know later that she had fled with the Guard Man’s son and they eventually got married.

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