Seducing Sasha

I am very grateful to zoneforsex as it expands my ability to fantasize. Infact it is the only Adult-site I visit as I too believe in Variety. Seducing Sasha This site provides great variety and good scope for imagination. One fine day my grocer told me that his customer needed a plumber and an electrician as they had problems with shower and geyser. I had fixed some of his gadgets as he was an old acquaintance. Though I am Engineer, I get simple satisfaction when I fix problems. I collected the address and went there in the evening. An old lady opened the door followed by her daughter. I told that I had been sent by her grocer. But the old lady protested that I didn’t look like a plumber. I said that I knew the job and she could as well trust her grocer.

She let me in and her daughter led me to the shower. I reconditioned the stopper and it stopped dripping. Then the geyser was too slow in eating. I adjusted the thermostat and that was it. I was packing my tools when the daughter called her mother to show that all was working well. I gave them my card and told them to call me if there was any problem. The old lady called her daughter aside and they discussed something. The daughter then reluctantly said that her mother wanted me to fix their rattling fan and service their gas stove too. I obliged them and was about to leave when the young woman held out her bag and offered me the fee. I pushed it away and said that I did the little job at the request of my friendly grocer. She said that she really felt relieved as I had saved them a lot of time and effort and wouldn’t let me go. At last her Mom invited me to lunch on Sunday.

I was still in my bed when then telephone rang. A sweet voice greeted me and introduced herself as Sasha and reminded my services and the lunch programme. I promised her that I will be coming by 1 PM. I tinkled the bell and Sasha opened the door with a warm smile. She was wearing a yellow colored thin chiffon saree and looked gorgeous. I went in, eased in the cushions and switched on the TV. I enquired about her mother. She said that her mother had gone to her elder sister’s house. I suggested that she could have called me when her mother was in too and could have postponed today’s programme. She replied that as she was feeling bored and decided to go on. She the went in and brought two tall glasses of strawberry milk shake. Her scent of Jasmine was good enough to cheer my spirits. Now the strawberry milk shake was again tickling my sensitive nose. I wonder if it acted as a mood seductive. As we watched those lively dolphins performing acrobatics in and out of sea, she said that she was an accountant and her hobby was cooking and was in search of guest ‘victim’ and laughed mischievously. I found her to be quite easy going and straight forward.

She then went to cook and I watched TV. The appetizing aroma from the kitchen signaled that lunch was almost ready. We ate together and it was a long time after that I was licking my fingers. As she cut fruits, we shared some jokes. She said that she wouldn’t mind spicy ones and demanded a few. I said that I had found a few riddles more interesting than jokes. They were all not simple and if she was willing, we could play a game.

1. What is so common between Aishwarya Rai and an old model wall clock?
She pondered for a while and answered that both are aesthetically appealing. I said that (a) both made tick-tock tick-tock
when they move. (b) both have ‘the pendulum sway’.

Next was her chance. She put up this riddle ->
2. A trekking party reached the base of the hill range they wanted to explore. As it was late in the night the got only 3 single rooms. They were 3 gals and 3 guys. They obliged to share as under -> first room- 2 girls, second room- 2 boys, third room- a boy and a girl with a pillow between them. The boy in the last room requested the girl to wake him up at 5 AM as they wanted to start early. Next morning he woke up to find Sun shining in his face. He asked the girl why she didn’t wake him up earlier? What suggestive reply does the girl give?
I answered “When you couldn’t cross a pillow the whole night, how can you cross over the khandala range?”
I then threw her a third riddle in which a girl wins over her challenger. If she could not solve that she should allow me to kiss her. I said that there was no compulsion and she could back off any time. She picked up the challenge.
3. A silly guy tries to woo a girl. When she does not respond he calls her up and alleges that she must be having a horizontal one. Being smart, she does not accept his remark. How does she prove that indeed she has a normal vertical one without exposing herself? Cross-check your answers with mine at This was an absolute stunner for her. I gave her the answers. Her cheeks turned rosy as she sat
thinking about the next step. Her lips were trembling as I reached up and smooched her juicy and symmetrical lips.

Though she had a perfect Height to Asset ratio, I had no deep thoughts when I came to Sasha’s home and I rose up to leave. She requested me to stay. She picked up the dish and went in. I too picked the rest and dropped them into the sink. She was lost thinking something and was startled by the sound. I could see that her mind was in conflict. So I grabbed her from behind. She was surprised and struggled a bit till I held her tighter. I kissed her crown, her neck, her ear and nibbled at her earlobes. She put her arms behind and held me by hair. We did the classic Titanic kiss. I watched her breathing getting heavier. I nudged her hips with my knee for sometime. I cupped those heaving breasts gently at first. I gradually increased the pressure and kneaded them like a dough and she began to moan Unnh.. Aaah.. I began grinding my groin over her firm and round butts. Her moans got louder as her groin too became wet I moved my hand down to her navel, circled it teasingly, caressed her love mound and moved up and down her deep seat. I had unzipped and let my fly out and within a flash, I pulled up her clothes upto her waist. My dick had grown full and was exploring her behind.

She contracted her hips as if to block my deep probing. Her ass-cheeks enclosed my dick almost completely and caused an explosive surge of blood into my organ. Ooohh….. What a feel it gave me.. !! If this was the feeling I got from her ass-contracting, then how would it be when her cunt clasps my probe fully? Ummm.. I continued my steady coordindated assault on all her sensitive zones. I felt her legs trembling and she pleaded to let her go as she could bear it no longer. I stepped back and let her go.
As told by Sasha —————-
I hastened out of the kitchen. He followed me and said that he was lucky to be her guest ‘Victim’ and he would like to say something before leaving. He whispered in my ears,”You are so good that I would lick your cunt every now and then – forever”. This threw me off balance(gals read it in your native tongue and see how you feel) and recovered myself to find him tugging at my saree end. He was quick and I lost my saree. As I turned aside, he put his left hand on my back and with the other hand behind my knees lifted me up in his arms. I felt helpless as he carried me to bed. He laid me down and brushed my lips with his. With his tongue he forced my lips open and explored my mouth. He then smooched my neck and freed my breasts from their cage.

He held one of the nipples and twisted them both ways. He circled the other one with the tip of his tongue. I began to moan and wiggle in the bed. He pressed and rotated my left breast with his right hand and to my left one, he put up his mouth to suck them. He bit them intermittently which made me want more. He turned me around pulled down my pettic- and panty as I assisted him by lifting up my pelvis. He dug his teeth into my buttocks till I cried to stop. I turned on my back and he began exploring the unseen. He pulled at my bush with his teeth and kissed my cunt with such a passion that I caught his head in my thighs. He opened the pink lotus buds with his tongue and pressed deep. He moved up till the clitoris, rubbing both my love lips. He circled the clitoris and slid down maintaining a firm pressure. He continued this steadily as I caught my breath and was groaning. He had set my entire jungle on fire with his flaming tongue. I clutched his head, pressed them hard against my burning groin and lifted my pelvis up. His mouth was fully wet and was gasping for air. I began to thrust myself up shamelessly, shouting as I was building pressure. I clutched his hair hard as I reached my high summit with a grunt. When I let him go, he moved up on me and pressed with his prick at the entrance till the glans made a cozy fit into my virgin cunt. He gave a thrust which made me cry with pain. He was fully in and started to move to and fro . My volcano and it was fuming. I was getting good action but he seemed to prolong the end. He directed me to contract my cunt muscles on his backstroke, just when only his glans was left within me. He said it puts extra pressure on his ridge and drives him mad. He began to enjoy the squeeze and pumped vigorously. When I asked him how he knew these things, He said that he learnt it from one of the sexperts. As I built up, I held him tight and let out a scream as he jetted out a warm spray into my hitherto hidden cavern. He kissed me and said that my ass was so well raised that it eliminated the need for a pillow. He didn’t let me sleep till late in the night. You are welcome to share sexual knowledge/comment at

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